1,000 People Have Taken the Fragrance Test, and the Results are Interesting

Since launching the Fragrance Test a matter of days ago, we have some interesting results to share.

The Fragrance Test was designed to be the industry’s first interactive tool for selecting an environmental scent, and now 1,000 people have taken the fragrance test so it is time to look at what the data is telling us…

Out of the five major categories of fragrance, Herbal / Woody is the most popular, with 793 out of 1,000 respondents marking it as “Like” or “Like Very Much” on our Fragrance Test.

The results for Floral surprised us. It came in lowest of the five categories. Flowers smell awesome—that is hard to argue; but I can see where our more discerning customers are looking for those unique and complex fragrance blends.

Here’s how each of the categories did:

Floral came in 5th place with 600 likes.

Resins / Musk came in 4th place with 628 likes.

Edible / Seasonal came in 3rd place with 667 likes.

Citrusy / Fruity came in 2nd place with 758 likes.

Herbal / Woody took first place with 793 likes.

Some final notes:

Social House ScentThe most common Fragrance Test entry was that we “Like” or “Like Very Much” all five of the categories. 182 of the 1,000 respondents avoided clicking “Dislike Very Much” or “Dislike” on any of the categories. The most common result for this type of entry was Social House’s Bright Sunshine.

The second most common Fragrance Test entry was all of the above, with the exception of the Floral category. 147 of the 1,000 respondents only clicked “Dislike Very Much” or “Dislike” on the Floral category. The most common result for this type of entry was Monte Carlo’s Pomegranate & Sage.

Station Casino's ScentIn case you were wondering… 18 out of 1,000 respondents clicked “Dislike Very Much” or “Dislike” on every category. In other words, these 18 claimed to not like any category of scent. There’s still a common answer for that one, and it is Station Casinos’ Pacific Breeze. Station Casinos’ Pacific Breeze has no prominent ingredients, and just sort of smells like fresh air. Find me someone who does not like fresh air!

Take the Fragrance Test and find your ideal scent here: https://aromaretail.com/fragrance-test/

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