An Aroma Diffuser Really Will Transform Your Home

An Aroma Diffuser Really Will Transform Your Home

Allow me to fill you in on all the ways my aroma diffuser has changed my life. This isn't an exaggeration, it's simply fact. You've definitely seen them on your Instagram feed—those teardrop-shaped devices spouting ribbons of mist. I've become borderline dependent on mine, with its gentle hum and warm, glow-y light and that first whiff of blended essential oils as they waft through my room. I sleep better, the air is less dry, and the sound of the subtle drip works far better than any white noise machine ever has. Aroma diffusers are safer than a candle, and longer lasting, too. Not to mention, they actually look good, and mine consistently makes my room smell like the fields of lavender in Provence.

All this to say, an aroma diffuser is great to keep anywhere: in your bedroom, office, living room, de facto yoga studio, etc. It will aid in cleansing the air and shifting your mood, says certified aromatherapist Naomi Edwards. "Other benefits include calming anxiety; promoting deep, restful sleep; and even supporting respiratory health to open up the airways when congestion has taken over," she says. It all depends on the scent, and the real fun comes from making your own blend of essential oils. I feel like an amateur chemist mixing six drops of lavender with eight of eucalyptus, and maybe a dash of frankincense if I'm feeling spicy. According to Edwards, "lavender is a natural sedative and relieves symptoms of stress, anxiety and insomnia, while eucalyptus is great for cleansing the air of pathogens, and it supports respiratory health." If you're looking for something more uplifting and awakening, citrus oils such as lemon or grapefruit will do the trick. But, says Edwards, "it's important to do your research on the oil brands that you're using. Look into their ethics and the process of what goes into their bottles from start to finish," to make sure that they're not adding synthetics.

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