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Aroma Retail customer reviews!

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas – but thanks to Aroma Retail, my place will now always smell like ARIA Resort & Casino. I’ve officially lost my mind…           Philip B

Hey let me know how I can give you guys a referral or super rating! The scent is awesome! I want to help spread the word! We stay every September in the MGM which is why I fell in love with the scent! Thanks so much for the great service! Scent was so good in my new system- I’m to order another one ! So good!!! Thanks           Armando L

Bought your home diffuser with SLS fragrance, and I love it! Put it near a vent, and my home smells incredible! Mark S

I received the Home Unit 101 on Friday, and my wife and I love having our living room smell like the MGM Signature.           Lou D

We love our new fragrance machines! I am currently on your website to re-order the fragrance bottles for the machine. Thanks,           Meg N

Thanks so much for the quick response. The customer service has been outstanding and before I could check my e-mail the new order was here!!! I can’t thank you enough for expediting this order! We hooked up the new diffuser yesterday and it is wonderful! You have new customers for life!!! THANK YOU!! Sincerely,           Eva H

I still love it…reminds me of London and my memorable trip. I’m so glad that I found you to assist me.           Pat S

Great company. I love my new 2000 sq ft diffuser but I think the wife wants to try the Cosmopolitan scent           Beau D

I just love the scent in my home! Thank you again for everything. Hope you have a great weekend.           Jennifer D

Just a quick email to say thank you. Order has arrived safe and well… really well packaged and the scents are right 🙂 Will no doubt be in touch once I run out – the downstairs of my house smells of flamingo and upstairs the luxor lol x           Natasha H

Christina, That’s the scent! We have been searching for it for a while now. We are excited to order some for the house. Thanks again for your help and all of the samples. Happy customers. 🙂 Cheers,           Bryan H

It’s the Bellagio scent. So refreshing in our musty, windowless building!           Jenna D

Cristina, I have received the units and set the first one up. I love the fantastic job that it does dispersing the scent. Thanks,           David S

A few months ago I purchased your diffuser and I absolutely love it.           Vanessa O

I appreciate the assistance, Cristina. I’ve been looking to get my hands on a scent similar to Coconut Spice for the 18 years that I’ve been going to Mandalay Bay, and now I will have the real thing. Very excited! Thank you,           Amy K

Thank you VERY much again for your generosity, & GREAT customer service, Take Care & Thank you,           Tommy “G”

My wife and I have been going to the Bellagio for years and could never figure out what the scent was or how to get it. I ordered the reeds for my office at work and now the diffuser for home.           Larry S

Thanks again for taking such care of me. Great Customer Service!!! Best regards,           Brett B

I bought the diffusers and the room/linen spray from the Aria, and they’re wonderful!! It shipped very quickly and was packaged perfectly. Highly recommend!           Mara A

Cristina, you are AWESOME! Thank you for your assistance!           Sheryl

Oh my gosh, Cristina! Thank you so very much! I thought for sure that you wouldn’t be able to help me but I really really appreciate it! I am so excited to get the Caesar’s scent!           Diane

Christina, I received the blotter today! Smells just like the mgm. I am ordering the machine tonight. I really hope if possible you can ship tomorrow! Thanks again for you continuous feedback. This commitment of customer service is what all companies need!! Thanks again           Thomas M

You nailed it!! I love the samples you sent!!! I knew what the Aria’s Asian Garden fragrance smelled like,as I have the scented sticks from there. Probably Flamingo’s White Cashmere is my favorite, then Cromwell’s Allure Noir, and then Aria’s Asian Garden. Thank you so much for sending those samples. I plan to order the Home Unit 101 Aroma Diffusion Machine just as soon as my last cartridge is done, which I changed yesterday. Looking forward to trying your fragrance oils. Thank you again for your assistance!           Ann N

Thank you again for your prompt attention to our issue, Cristina. Regards,           Dominick N

Christina thank you for this case, I received everything in a box packaged securely. I really appreciate all you have done to make me pleased!           Michael K

Thanks you guys are great!           Tom B

Very helpful! Again – thanks so much for the great advice!           Lou D

Cristina, You’re awesome. If you aren’t one of the owners, I hope you get treated like the valuable asset you are. I already got the UPS notice.           Beau D

Perfect. Cristina read my order comments, and to my surprise my order showed up the way I asked.           Sagud D

We visit Vegas a few times a year and always wondered how to find the fragrances that match our favorite hotels… Aroma Retail has a great way to replicate that for your home. We love the MGM Signature candles and hope they get a Vdara scent in the future!           Cheryl-Anne P

I can’t wait to purchase your products. I’m beyond excited! Cory S

OH MY GOSH!!!! This is fantastic! Thank you!!!           Nikki M