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Aroma Retail customer reviews!

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas – but thanks to Aroma Retail, my place will now always smell like ARIA Resort & Casino. I’ve officially lost my mind…           Philip B

Hey let me know how I can give you guys a referral or super rating! The scent is awesome! I want to help spread the word! We stay every September in the MGM which is why I fell in love with the scent! Thanks so much for the great service! Scent was so good in my new system- I’m to order another one ! So good!!! Thanks           Armando L

Bought your home diffuser with SLS fragrance, and I love it! Put it near a vent, and my home smells incredible! Mark S

I received the Home Unit 101 on Friday, and my wife and I love having our living room smell like the MGM Signature.           Lou D

We love our new fragrance machines! I am currently on your website to re-order the fragrance bottles for the machine. Thanks,           Meg N

Thanks so much for the quick response. The customer service has been outstanding and before I could check my e-mail the new order was here!!! I can’t thank you enough for expediting this order! We hooked up the new diffuser yesterday and it is wonderful! You have new customers for life!!! THANK YOU!! Sincerely,           Eva H

I still love it…reminds me of London and my memorable trip. I’m so glad that I found you to assist me.           Pat S

Great company. I love my new 2000 sq ft diffuser but I think the wife wants to try the Cosmopolitan scent           Beau D

I just love the scent in my home! Thank you again for everything. Hope you have a great weekend.           Jennifer D

Just a quick email to say thank you. Order has arrived safe and well… really well packaged and the scents are right 🙂 Will no doubt be in touch once I run out – the downstairs of my house smells of flamingo and upstairs the luxor lol x           Natasha H

Christina, That’s the scent! We have been searching for it for a while now. We are excited to order some for the house. Thanks again for your help and all of the samples. Happy customers. 🙂 Cheers,           Bryan H

It’s the Bellagio scent. So refreshing in our musty, windowless building!           Jenna D

Cristina, I have received the units and set the first one up. I love the fantastic job that it does dispersing the scent. Thanks,           David S

A few months ago I purchased your diffuser and I absolutely love it.           Vanessa O

I appreciate the assistance, Cristina. I’ve been looking to get my hands on a scent similar to Coconut Spice for the 18 years that I’ve been going to Mandalay Bay, and now I will have the real thing. Very excited! Thank you,           Amy K

Thank you VERY much again for your generosity, & GREAT customer service, Take Care & Thank you,           Tommy “G”

My wife and I have been going to the Bellagio for years and could never figure out what the scent was or how to get it. I ordered the reeds for my office at work and now the diffuser for home.           Larry S

Thanks again for taking such care of me. Great Customer Service!!! Best regards,           Brett B

I bought the diffusers and the room/linen spray from the Aria, and they’re wonderful!! It shipped very quickly and was packaged perfectly. Highly recommend!           Mara A

Cristina, you are AWESOME! Thank you for your assistance!           Sheryl

Oh my gosh, Cristina! Thank you so very much! I thought for sure that you wouldn’t be able to help me but I really really appreciate it! I am so excited to get the Caesar’s scent!           Diane

Christina, I received the blotter today! Smells just like the mgm. I am ordering the machine tonight. I really hope if possible you can ship tomorrow! Thanks again for you continuous feedback. This commitment of customer service is what all companies need!! Thanks again           Thomas M

You nailed it!! I love the samples you sent!!! I knew what the Aria’s Asian Garden fragrance smelled like,as I have the scented sticks from there. Probably Flamingo’s White Cashmere is my favorite, then Cromwell’s Allure Noir, and then Aria’s Asian Garden. Thank you so much for sending those samples. I plan to order the Home Unit 101 Aroma Diffusion Machine just as soon as my last cartridge is done, which I changed yesterday. Looking forward to trying your fragrance oils. Thank you again for your assistance!           Ann N

Thank you again for your prompt attention to our issue, Cristina. Regards,           Dominick N

Christina thank you for this case, I received everything in a box packaged securely. I really appreciate all you have done to make me pleased!           Michael K

Thanks you guys are great!           Tom B

Very helpful! Again – thanks so much for the great advice!           Lou D

Cristina, You’re awesome. If you aren’t one of the owners, I hope you get treated like the valuable asset you are. I already got the UPS notice.           Beau D

Perfect. Cristina read my order comments, and to my surprise my order showed up the way I asked.           Sagud D

We visit Vegas a few times a year and always wondered how to find the fragrances that match our favorite hotels… Aroma Retail has a great way to replicate that for your home. We love the MGM Signature candles and hope they get a Vdara scent in the future!           Cheryl-Anne P

I can’t wait to purchase your products. I’m beyond excited! Cory S

OH MY GOSH!!!! This is fantastic! Thank you!!!           Nikki M


We formulate our custom fragrance solutions to be compliant with standards mandated by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), CARB (California Air Resources Board), and IFRA (International Fragrance Association). Our fragrances contain no phthalates, and no high VOC (volatile organic compounds).