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April 4th, 2019
Happy Place

So, our story started on the kitchen counter. Yeah, I know, many say that but for us it really did. It was a cold week in January of 2017 in Las Vegas when we receive the first “How to make candles” kit and I made my first ever, hand poured scented candle. We made our first candles for large commercial customers like Park Hyatt Aviara and Four Seasons, who needed little customer giveaways and products scented in their signature fragrance for their gift shops. And the rest is history…

But don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it 😊

Aroma Retail began with a vision my husband had to bring the amazing scents world-class resorts use to the consumer. We wanted to make sure everyone can enjoy the amazing benefits of essential oil fragrances aromatherapy and environmental scenting, and we knew Aroma Retail can be the company to make that happen. We also wanted to allow our customers to acquire their preferred fragrances and products in a retail fashion, without the burden of a long-term agreement or contract. We wanted to offer easy to use products, that anyone can install, use or operate. And we did just that.

Throughout that first year, we worked from a downstairs guestroom, with the bed leaned against the wall, and our supplies stuffed in night tables. The closet of that room was our “storage facility”, the hallway the “annex”. The garage was our “warehouse”, and eventually, a self-storage room became our “backstock large warehouse”. The poor bathroom downstairs became our “cleaning facility”, and the dresser changed from being “the manufacturing table” to “the packing/shipping station” depending on what we were doing at that moment.

We also had our own “shipping facility”, that’s right! It was the local UPS mailbox place 😊 , but we were so happy and excited that we gave everything big names.

After a year, as we absolutely outgrew our guestroom, we moved our “manufacturing facility” to my dad’s condo which provided us with a little more space, and heavy supervision (and help) from my dad and George, the cat, our union rep. There were some awesome moments during that time, as we learned more and more about our business, our products, and our customers. We created new products, we improved our existing ones (in our highly specialized R & D department – AKA dad’s dining room table), we expanded our fragrance library, and manage to make a lot more places and homes smell delicious 😊

The Smelly Van came into our lives during our second year and it made us all soooo happy. We really beat up our poor car before that, lugging all our supplies, materials and orders around town. She, the car, was not very happy ☹ The Smelly Van is also my husband’s baby, who envisioned the design, name and promotional opportunities that come with a moving advertisement…

Smelly van

As year two came to an end, we finally overgrew my dad’s condo and finally moved into our first, proper commercial space. Or I should actually call it “the manufacturing facility” or “the factory”. And that is where the magic happens today. It is only folding tables, shelves, and some new and old furniture pieces, but to us is THE FACTORY my husband always dreamt of owning and operating. Our story ends here in Our Happy place!