Creativity Scent- The Mood Collection

Creativity Scent - The Mood Collection - Fuel your imagination with Creativity, the illuminating new home scent from the Aroma Retail Mood Fragrances Collection. Art, music, writing, learning - what excites your mind and feeds your spirit. With our Creativity fragrance, you can set the mood for making, exploring a whole new skill set, or channeling your talents into that upcoming homeschool unit. The possibilities are limitless with the right aroma on your side.

Colorful, Emotional & Intriguing

Creativity Scent - The Mood Collection is like nothing you’ve experienced before. This truly unique fragrance blend is perfect for stirring up the senses and invigorating those creative flows. If you feel like you’ve tried it all when it comes to home diffusion solutions and are searching for a scent that is anything but typical, we invite you to bring Creativity home.

Sea Salt, Coconut Water, Wild Flowers, Jasmine, Lilac, Heliotrope, Sheer Vanilla, Woods, and Clean Musk come together beautifully to motivate and stimulate you. What are you waiting for? Kick that writer’s block and procrastination to the curb with Creativity.

Unleash The Inspiration

With less opportunity to mingle and more opportunities for mindful exploration, it’s no wonder so many of us are craving something new in our day-to-day. Whether you’re putting together a mood board for your new home office space, picking up those crochet hooks, or giving homemade bread a go, set the scene for success with a home fragrance that supports your endeavors.

Encourage Learning

Students of all ages are trading school for homeschool to optimize health, but how can we optimize our learning environments? Whether it’s a desktop, laptop, dining table, or any other designated at-home education destination, you can make any room into a better classroom when you add a little ambiance with Creativity - the perfect aromatic accent to enhance and encourage learning.

Make Unforgettable Memories

Unforgettable memories often begin with extraordinary fragrances. Scent binds the here and now pleasantly and powerfully into the mind. If you find yourself looking for fun, new ways to make staying in as memorable as your family outings before social distancing, include a fun, new fragrance, like Creativity, as your backdrop.

From Studio To On-The-Go

Light an elegant hand-poured soy wax candle before your next piano practice session. Give the car a good spritz before taking off to hunt for your next photography subject. Keep a convenient reed diffuser in your home studio, so you can step into a space ready to ignite a little more right-brain activity. Creativity, along with our entire Mood Collection, is available in the diffusion solution of your choice.

If your creative endeavors keep you on the move, why not consider our highly portable Rechargeable Scent Machine - Travel? It utilizes the same high-quality oils as our popular Scent Machine - Home Unit 101, in a smaller take-anywhere package. Now you can bring a little creativity with you wherever you go.

Need A Little Inspiration? Order Creativity - The Mood Collection!

Whether you’re full of ideas and vision, or just want to be, give our Creativity Scent - The Mood Collection a try. Order this home scent to support and enhance your current passion, revitalize home learning spaces, or to keep you going try after try, as you master a new skill. Place your order today 🙂

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Energy Scent - The Mood Collection - As the season changes and one of the busiest times of the year approaches, who couldn’t use a little more energy? At Aroma Retail, we are here to help with a great big boost of motivation - Energy. Energy is just the fragrance for when you’re looking for a high-spirited home scent.

A Bright, Fresh Pick-Me-Up

Introducing, Energy Scent - The Mood Collection, a shining star of a fragrance. Refreshing and revitalizing, it gets your attention right away and keeps you going whether your day is destined to be full of housework, homework, or a whole host of deadlines. Energy has you covered.

So, what goes into this vibrant blend? An impressive selection of invigorating influences.

Awakening Top Notes - Dewy Melon, Eucalyptus, Sea Salt, & Dewy Greens
Springy Mid Notes - Aquatic Florals, Freesia, Waterlily & Peony
Sustaining Base Notes - Driftwood, Cedarwood & Sheer Musk

Fresh Fuel For Your Autumn Fancies

Like a cheerleader rooting for you all day long, from the bedroom to the boardroom, this home fragrance is the boost you’ve been looking for. Get a jump on the day, your fitness routine, or your holiday shopping with Energy. Sometimes all it takes to get the job done with a smile is the right scent to bolster you up. Energy does just that, wherever you choose to diffuse.

Spritz it in the car before your big day or set your Scent Machine - Travel diffuser to keep Energy flowing. Why not make sure you always have enough Energy on hand with our oil refills or refill subscription? We make getting the right scent, right where you want it so easily 🙂

A Little More Get Up & Go

Do you know someone who could use a little more pick me up? These days, we probably all do. Shorter days and cooler weather can really bring some of us down, especially when we’ve already spent so much of our spring and summer days indoors. Brighten someone’s day with the gift of Energy - The Mood Collection.

Just To Say, I’m Thinking Of You
Surprise A Busy Friend
Encourage Your Struggling Student
Brighten Up A Cloudy Day
Revitalize Your Home Gym
Customize Your Home Office
Diffuse Vibrance & Vigor

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone special, we have the right diffusion solution for everyone on your list. Get your family moving by lighting some candles in the kitchen. Encourage your favorite stay-at-home student by setting up reed diffusers in their at-home classroom.

There’s no end to the creative ways to share this bright, beautiful fragrance.

Our elegant Mix & Match Gift Set bundles the Energy scent in a candle, room spray, and reed diffuser, all in an attractive, mesh gift bag. So, your recipient gets variety and versatility. Let us know, and we can include a card with your personal message.

Experience Energy - The Mood Collection Today

We can’t wait for you to experience and share this exciting, new home fragrance. Chase those winter blues away. Place your order for Energy Scent from The Mood Collection today!

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A Collection of Fragrances to Set the Mood You Desire!

Aroma Retail, a leader in luxury home fragrancing, well-known for their collection of signature luxury resort scents for the home, have released their most ambitious fragrance line to date, the Mood Collection. "This collection seeks to use fragrances as an essential part of setting the perfect mood," said Aroma Retail’s founder, Cristina Reding. "Whether you are looking for a moment of quiet contemplation, or looking to motivate your workout, the right scent is essential! I am so happy with our mood collection, and I know we have created a fabulous, on-brand selection of scents that we can be proud of and that our customers will love."

Scientific studies by International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. have been working on measuring both the subjective and physiological effects of aromas and fragrances on emotions. They developed a method called Mood Mapping™ which reliably measures the mood associations of aromas. Mood Mapping™ provides a choice of eight mood categories that have been an inspiration for Aroma Retail’s Mood Collection:

Made with a high-grade organic and hypoallergenic fragrance oil, Aroma Retail products represent a perfectly balanced combination of scent consistency and capacity. The Mood Collection is available for purchase online at aromaretail.com. The eight Mood scents are available in all Aroma Retail products.



Scenting While You Travel in Style!

Scenting Your Car, Hotel, and Anywhere You Travel.

Scenting While You Travel - Recently I took a weekend getaway from my normal routine. I don’t always travel well because I don't like long drives and hotels. I needed something to make the long drives and hotels more tolerable. I discovered scenting while you travel has many benefits! We have over 300 different kinds of odor receptors in our nose, and they can identify and remember about 10,000 different scents. Scent is a primal sense that can help us avoid dangers like a gas leak or spoiled food, and it also gives us pleasure, like smelling your favorite flower, morning coffee or the scent of your favorite person. But, how do I do it while traveling?

The Answer is the Scent Machine - Travel

Scenting while you travel is a great idea, but how do you do it? I used Aroma Retail’s Scent Machine - Travel which runs on its own rechargeable battery and is ideal for use in traveling.  It is small enough to fit in a standard cup holder and strong enough to scent your hotel room. I used Nobu’s Lemon Ginger and it made the car and hotel room smell wonderful.  It's amazing how much of a difference it makes smelling something that sparks a rush of positive memories.  It changes your mood almost instantly and makes long drives and unfamiliar places seem friendlier and more welcoming. It certainly worked for me!

Scenting Science

It was the mid-2000’s when researchers truly began to understand how the sense of smell actually works. Scientists Linda B. Buck and Richard Axel won the Nobel Prize for their work decoding the sense of smell. They discovered that, aside from the nose, odor receptors are also present in your liver, heart, lungs and even your skin, and that they may even help our various organs and muscles heal.

Obviously, scenting while you travel can enhance mood and rekindle positive memories and emotions, so why not indulge on your next trip? Check out Aroma Retail’s Scent Machine - Travel and a complete list of fragrances and take them with you on your next road trip. Safe travels!

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At Aroma Retail, we are beyond thrilled to announce our September fragrance of the month, Edition Hotels’ Black Tea & Fig. Luxurious, clean, and warm; you’ll want to accent all of your favorite places and spaces with this exclusive home scent from our Resort Fragrances collection. Keep reading to find out why this rich, glamorous home scent deserves a place in your autumn scent line up.

A Truly Stunning Scent-Sation

Edition Hotels are known throughout the US, Europe, the Asia Pacific, and the Middle East for boutique-style exclusivity and high-end opulence. Just as these aren’t your everyday resorts, our Black Tea & Fig fragrance is a scent that's truly extraordinary. It’s the kind of scent you diffuse when you’re ready to spoil yourself with a night of pampering or entertain a dinner party full of exceptional guests.

A Beautiful Blend

What makes this home scent so special? Edition Hotels’ Black Tea & Fig features, of course, Black Tea and Fig with notes of spicy Nutmeg, Jasmine, Violet, Neroli, Rose, and Cyclamen, all grounded by a rich base of Vanilla, Tonka, Musk, and Amber. This exclusive blend of fragrances harmonizes in a way that automatically elevates any space it is diffused in.

Where & When To Diffuse

Diffuse Edition Hotels’ Black Tea and Fig anywhere you want. If you are in the mood to feel both elegant and welcoming, this is your scent. Your bedroom, your entryway, living areas, dining, and entertaining areas are all great candidates for this unique home fragrance. When you have put effort into personalizing a room or home to suit your style and tastes, don’t forget the most impressive and memorable accent: an unforgettable home scent.

Almost Too Good To Give Away

Edition Hotels’ Black Tea and Fig is a great gift idea for the person who seems to have everything. This scent is available in all of our high-quality diffusion options, including the Home Unit 101 - whole-home diffusion machine, hand-poured soy wax candle sets, our natural reed diffuser sets, and fine mist room spray sets. You can also mix-and-match your choice of glassware options and scents in our mix-and-match gift sets.

There’s no reason to go empty-handed just because you have a hard-to-shop-for recipient in mind. Edition Hotels’ Black Tea & Fig is sure to delight even the most discerning friend, family member, or co-worker. But if that's not the one, we carry almost 70 different, exclusive home fragrances to choose from, offering something for everyone. What special occasion are you shopping for?

Hostess Gifts
Boss Appreciation
Cheer-Up Gifts
Thank You Gifts
Just Because

Order Edition Hotels’ Black Tea & Fig Today

Are you interested in learning more about Edition Hotels’ Black Tea & Fig? The best way is to order a sample blotter of this exclusive home fragrance. You can also order a fragrance oil refill with the diffusion solution that’s right for you. Already love this fragrance? Stock up for holiday entertaining and the gift-giving seasons. At Aroma Retail, we look forward to your order and hope you enjoy our pick for the September fragrance of the month.

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Scent Machine - Professional Set Up.

The Scent Machine – Professional is the best solution for full coverage in any space with optional ventilation connections included with every machine. When deciding between the Scent Machine – Home Unit 101 and this one, keep in mind that this Scent Machine can be set to be even lower than the Home Unit 101 but will have a much larger capacity in case you need intense coverage.

The rate of fragrance oil usage will vary depending on your settings. 27 ounces of fragrance oil could last up to a year in a small space at very low settings, or you could need to use a bottle per month in those larger spaces with heavy intensity. You can also program it like you would a thermostat, where it runs at different intensities and at different times of the day to further conserve oil.

For any space, including very large spaces, as a free-standing diffuser or connected to your ventilation system, get whole-home coverage in up to 15,000 square feet with settings going from very low and delicate for smaller spaces to high volume intensity for larger spaces. Use the same fragrance oils and diffusion technology that the pros use in hotels, hospitals, stores, offices!

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Having Trouble Concentrating?

Scenting for focus and a clearer mind might be as close to hand as your favorite home fragrance. At Aroma Retail, we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of home scents like eucalyptus. After all, if making your home smell great can also help you concentrate better and feel good overall, wouldn’t you want to know?

Energize Your Life

When is the last time you woke up ready to take on the day? Stop hitting the snooze button or setting multiple alarms just to start your day! Eucalyptus is an amazing energy booster. Set your diffusion machine to start scenting your home around wake-up time, keep a reed diffuser in the bathroom where you get ready, or light a candle before you hop in the shower.

Starting off fatigued and sluggish is no way to give your mind the best chance at a productive, creative, mindful day. The scent of eucalyptus can help put you in the mindset for success.

Clear Your Mind

You may have heard of using eucalyptus to help clear up the sinuses during allergy and cold season. Did you also know that eucalyptus based fragrances can clear your mind, stimulating, and improving your ability to focus? If you find yourself daydreaming at work or the kids have a hard time concentrating on homework and school, try diffusing a home scent that features eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus Scenting for Focus

If you’re worried about using eucalyptus to scent your home because you’ve heard it smells medicinal, we want you to know that the right fragrance makes all the difference. Eucalyptus leaves naturally give off a scent commonly described as minty with a touch of honey, very clean and fresh. Our unique take on this beneficial fragrance is Eucalyptus Forest.

Eucalyptus Forest combines the unique, calming scent of eucalyptus with fir, rosewood, patchouli, and cedarwood, along with hints of lime and spearmint for a pleasant and useful experience.

We Make Scenting For Better Cognition Easy

You’re going to want a little Eucalyptus Forest anywhere you need to think clearly and pay attention consistently. We make it easy to make this happen with scent diffusion solutions for living, working, and studying spaces of all sizes. Eucalyptus Forest is available in each one of the following diffusion solutions.

While you’re shopping for yourself, we invite you to consider this unique, brain-boosting scent for your homeschool area, favorite teacher, or studious college student as well.
The Scent Machine - Home Unit 101 - For whole-home coverage up to 2,000 square feet.
Reed Diffusers - Great for bedrooms, bathrooms, and the home office.
Soy Wax Candle Sets - Combine the focusing power of eucalyptus with a calming candle flame.
Room Sprays - A little on-demand room enhancement anywhere you need it.

Put Eucalyptus To Work For You

Instead of another cup of coffee, why not try a Scenting for Focus home fragrance featuring cognition powerhouse - eucalyptus. Our extensive selection of luxury home scents and range of beautiful, high-quality diffusion options make trying out the benefits of aromatherapy even more enjoyable. Place your order with Aroma Retail today and get focused!

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Homeschool Scents For Back To School

It is Back to School again and the air is filled with anticipation and angst. Usually, this is a happy time when students are excited to meet new friends or reconnect with old friends and share summer stories. Parents also breathe easier as their babies go back to their classrooms. But this year is different. Many schools will welcome their students through a virtual experience, and many parents and families will deal for the first time with new parenting tasks – homeschooling and virtual learning. At Aroma Retail we can help you set up the best at-home learning environment. SO, get the best start possible with homeschool scents that will keep learners calm, positive, motivated, and focused.

The Invigorating Scent Of Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a great aroma for stimulating the mind, improving focus, and boosting energy. Stress is a primary factor affecting concentration, creativity, and retention of information. Starting your school day with the bright, clean fragrance of eucalyptus is a great way to wake everyone up and to keep them concentrating as the day goes on. Give our Eucalyptus Forest scent a chance to create a safe and refreshing environment with stimulating notes of eucalyptus and peppermint to increase alertness.

Book Store - A Homeschoolers' BFF

One of our Places Collection favorites, Book Store, might just be the perfect home fragrance for homeschoolers going back to school. Learning something new can be stressful. Trying to learn at home or remotely, on the computer, makes kids much more susceptible to distractions. Encouraging concentration and focus through a calm and positive environment is key to a successful learning experience. Let us show you how our Book Store scent can help reduce stress and increase mental clarity and ability to focus.

Thyme - stimulating, promotes a sense of alertness.
Amber - eases anxiety, calms the mind.
Basil - energizes, uplifts the mind, increases alertness.
Saffron - relieves stress.
Violet - alleviates stress, exhaustion, and fatigue.
Jasmine - enhances self-confidence and optimism and boosts energy levels.
Rose - calms, lifts spirits, promotes feelings of hope and happiness.
Musk - relieves stress, calms, and balances emotions.
Cedarwood- calming & grounding, promotes vitality, relieves stress & tension, boosts concentration, and focus.
Patchouli - grounding, mood-boosting, drives away anxiety.
Vanilla - calming and relaxing, reduces stress and anxiety.

Did you know that thyme was thought to ward off nightmares in the Middle Ages? Any parent trying to teach a middle schooler long division or guide their high schooler through physics at home might want to keep this in mind. As you can see, our Book Store fragrance is bursting with focus-enhancing, mood-boosting, feel-good ingredients to optimize your back to school transition this year, making it one of our best homeschool scents.

Homeschool Scents For Your “At-home Classroom”

Where will your kids be learning this year? Maybe you are a teacher looking forward to a new year of online parent-teacher conferences and video teaching sessions. Maybe you are a stay at home mom or dad that will facilitate your kids’ schooling this year. Whether your teaching and learning environment will happen around a dining room table, spread across the living room sofas, or at a desk in a small room or home office, we have a scenting solution for you.

Social House’ Bright Sunshine is a complex blend of effervescent happiness and confidence. Your kids will be energized and confident when smelling uplifting citrus notes supported by stimulating herbs, on a base of calming woods and vanilla.

A calm and safe-place feeling is also provided by Melrose’s White Tea & Bamboo Leaves. This herbal blend combined with light citrus is the perfect combination for you or your kids that find it difficult to stay on task.

Self-efficacy and confidence are critical non-cognitive skills that support learning and creativity in children. The uplifting effect of lemon and mint combined with fresh incense and ginger will provide memory stimulation and help increase mental alertness in your at-home learners. Nobu’s Lemon Ginger scent is a great aroma to support optimism and make your kids feel in control of their learning.

Lastly, surround your kids and their at-home classroom in a refreshing blend of crisp bergamot and stimulating florals delivered by Ritz Carlton’s Waterfall scent. Your children’s at-home workspace will become a creative and inspiring place where their imagination can run wild and their ability to focus will be supported.

Eucalyptus Forest, Book Store, and all of our homeschool scents are available as candles, reed diffusers, room sprays, and for our popular Scenting Machine - Home Unit 101.

Hand-Poured Soy Wax Candles
Scent Machine - Home Unit 101
Reed Diffusers
Fine Mist Room Sprays

Order Homeschool Home Scents Today

Are you ready to pick up Eucalyptus Forest and Book Store for the best start to Back to School homeschool scents this year? Place your order today! At Aroma Retail, we look forward to supporting a positive school year for you and your family, no matter where the learning happens. Because it just makes Homeschool Scents 🙂

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Why the Scent Machine - Home Unit 101 is Right For You

When you’ve finally found your signature home scent, you want to make sure it reaches every square inch of your house. The Scent Machine - Home Unit 101 is just the fragrance diffuser to get you consistent, lasting, far-reaching results. Let us show you some of the many benefits of this ultra-convenient diffusion option from Aroma Retail.

Whole-Home Coverage

Our home fragrance diffusion machine atomizes fragrance oil throughout your place and covers up to 2,000 square feet of open floor plan. Whether you’re in the kitchen, the bathroom, or the bedroom, you can enjoy your favorite Aroma Retail scents.

These results are especially wonderful in open floor plan settings. If you want to extend coverage for larger homes or to areas like guest rooms, your finished basement or your home studio, just add an additional unit. Or, keep a unit upstairs and one downstairs to effortlessly vary your home’s scent in different family areas.

Sleek & Quiet

This diffuser is not only powerful, it’s also quiet and low-profile. No wonder resorts, hospitals, professional offices, and boutiques use the same scenting technology you’ll find in the Scent Machine - Home Unit 101. You can wall mount your diffusion machine or set it up freestanding. Measuring just 6-1/2” x 7-7/8” x 4-3/4”, you can fit it easily on a cabinet, counter-top, side table, or shelf.

The Scent Machine - Home Unit 101 is also easy to move around at less than two pounds. So, you can keep it out of the reach of little hands or paws, but easily access it for refills and adjustments.

But what about the noise? No worries there either. At 35 dB, this diffusion machine is whisper quiet.

Super User Friendly

At Aroma Retail, we make setting up and switching fragrances a breeze. The diffuser is easy to program, adjust, refill, and use overall. We also provide you with a detailed and illustrated step-by-step user’s guide and online how-to video to get you off to a great start.

So Many Fragrances To Choose From

We carry a wide variety of 70 different fragrance oils for you to choose from, and each is designed to be 100% compatible with your Scent Machine - Home Unit 101. Depending on your desired diffuser settings, 4 ounces of oil can last you between 4 and 6 weeks.

Choose from luxury resort-inspired home fragrances, seasonal scents, or aromas that will remind you of your favorite places. Because we pair this diffusion machine with high-quality fragrance oils instead of the cartridges used by many of our competitors, you can count on more powerful coverage that lasts consistently until the final drop.

Order Your Home Unit 101

Why settle or waste money on solutions that don’t last or have the reach you’re looking for? Home fragrance is like perfume for your home. It sets the mood and reflects your lifestyle and personality. Now, that’s something to invest in. Order your Scent Machine - Home Unit 101 from Aroma Retail today.

Aroma Retail Affiliates

Great news from your friends at Aroma Retail! The Aroma Retail Affiliates program website teamaromaretail.com is now live. Find out more about how sharing the high-quality home fragrances you love can benefit you and how to make the most of this fantastic opportunity. We look forward to supporting and rewarding you 🙂

Insider Tips & Tricks For Success

We’ve put together plenty of amazing tips and tricks to give Aroma Retail Affiliates the best chance for success. Whether you are an experienced influencer already, or you’re just getting started and are looking for the right opportunity, we want to help.

Our new affiliate website is your free-access pass to insider tips and tricks to get you off on the right foot or compliment your current outreach strategies. Take our exciting inventory and fuss-free sales and put them to work for you, by learning how to add a little more oomph to your content and reach more potential customers.

Personalize & Optimize Your Outreach

With scenting solutions perfect for spaces as varied as cars, desks, dorms, apartments, and homes up to 15,000 square feet, there’s something for everyone in our inventory. We have an ever-changing selection that will suit any target audience, which means plenty of opportunities for you to tailor and personalize your marketing.

Learn how to optimize everything from blog posts to socials, so you get more interested eyes on your favorite shared picks from Aroma Retail. Once you get started, you’ll see how easy it can be to turn fans, followers, and subscribers into customers.

A Solution For Every Audience

What is your niche? Can candles, reed diffusers, and room sprays really fit in with what you already do? Absolutely! Fitness gurus - you can show how you freshen up the home gym, and also share how you zen-out your meditation space. Wander-lusters - you can bring home memories of the latest luxury resort you visited, and mommy bloggers - you can up your homemaker-cred with fabulous fragrances for family time and for entertaining.

When you choose to become one of Aroma Retail Affiliates, outreach can become even more profitable, which makes what you do even more enjoyable. The affiliate website gives you access to banners, fliers, and even social media posts. So you can use what we provide or use our ideas as a jumping-off point.

Not Signed Up? It’s Free To Join!

If you’re not already one of our Aroma Retail affiliates, but you love our products, there’s no good reason not to sign up. Program membership is completely free. Simply fill out the form on our website.

Upon approval, you’ll receive a unique affiliate link and coupon code to share with your friends and family, blog audience, or email campaigns. Just share it on your website, social media outlets, or through email.

Once your orders start coming in, you will receive a 10% commission on your net sales paid conveniently through PayPal.

Sign Up Or Log In Today

What are you waiting for? Sign up or log in to the Aroma Retail affiliate program today, and find inspiration and supportive information on the new affiliate website! We can’t wait for your first sale and beyond 🙂

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