Easter Baskets and Traditions
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Easter Baskets and Traditions

Easter is coming and that means family time, Easter baskets, and egg hunts! With Spring newly upon us, there is nothing better than spending a sunny morning outside in your Easter best, breathing in the clean, fresh aroma of dewy grass, and sweet blooming flowers as you dash about seeking spots of colored eggs among the foliage. Keep scrolling for more on Easter baskets and traditions!

Many parents assemble baskets of gifts for their kids every year – not only for egg gathering, but also just for treats. 60% of college kids who don’t live at home still receive baskets shipped to them by their parents. Of the almost $21B spent on Easter in America, $3B of that is all about candy, which chocolate being the most popular treat. In fact, Easter is second only to Halloween in being the biggest candy selling holiday in America.

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Eat Rabbit Ears or Rabbit Feet First?

Some of our favorite Easter candy has been around for a while with chocolate eggs dating back to the 19th century. Jellybeans became associated with Easter in the 1930s with their lovely multi-colored, egg-shaped design, but the confection itself has been around since ancient times and was previously known as Turkish Delight. Peeps (the candy corn of the Easter world) didn’t come about until the 1950s. The chocolate Easter bunny became an instant success when it debuted in Pennsylvania in 1890 with a 5-foot-tall chocolate bunny that drew attention to the new treat. Do you eat your rabbit ears or rabbit feet first? If so, you’re among the 78% of people in America who do the same (myself included).

But where did the idea of the bunny and eggs come from? It followed German immigrants to America back in the 1700s. The night before Easter, children made small nests for the bunny who would deposit colored eggs within to find the next morning. But the bunny accidentally dropped some along the way, so the kids would run out in the fresh spring grass to search for brightly colored eggs that may have been overlooked and egg hunting was born!

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A Timeless Tradition

Egg decorating has been happening since ancient times with ostrich eggs and since the 13th century specifically for Easter. Designs could be made into the egg prior to dying by gently scratching the shell and dyes were generally created with natural ingredients, like flowers, tree bark, berries, and onion skin. While that sounds very organic, I confess, I’m partial to the vinegar-scented pools of vibrant colors we use today.

But egg hunting isn’t the only thing you can do with those pretty eggs. Egg rolling is also a thing. It’s exactly what it sounds like in that you take a decorated hardboiled egg and roll it down a hill in a race against other people with their eggs. This is hugely popular in Britain where it originated but has also become an annual tradition at the White House. Every year since 1878, children gather on the lawn of the White House and push their decorated eggs.

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While outdoor egg hunts and other Easter activities are so much fun, indoor ones can be way more convenient, especially with inclement weather. But with our Meadow Fragrance, you can bring the verdant freshness of a spring meadow to your home. The kids can dash about the living room while you sit back with a cup of coffee and the comforting scents of wildwood, grass and the delicate notes of wildflowers.

This Easter – whether you’re indoors or outdoors celebrating and whether you start your chocolate bunny by the ears or the tail first – we hope you enjoy this special day! Happy Easter!

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