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Here are the three most common reasons the Home Unit won’t come on:

The clock must be set based on the 24-hour cycle. For example, if it is 4:30pm, then the clock should read 16:30.

The Event times for the machine to run should be programmed to run at the present time. For example, if it is 16:30, the Event “on” time must be earlier (like 0:900) and the Event “off” time must be later (like 18:00).

An Event is programmed to go around the clock, which causes the machine not to run at all. For example, if the Event “on” time is set for 22:00 and the Event “off” time is set for 08:00, then the machine will not run. To set the machine to run from 10pm to 8am, you would have to use two events as follows: Event 1 = 22:00 to 23:59; Event 2 = 00:01 to 08:00.

Yes, our fragrance oils are specifically formulated for optimum performance in our machines, but should work fine in other diffusers.

Probably. Our fragrance oils are formulated specifically for optimum performance in our machines, and visa versa. Other fragrance oils should work okay in our machine as long as they are not diluted with water, but we cannot vouch for how efficient the diffusion will be.

you can order sample blotters here: https://aromaretail.com/shop/uncategorized/sample-blotter/ Need help selecting? You can take the Fragrance Test here: https://aromaretail.com/fragrance-oil/

We are held to very high, strict standards when it comes to ingredients. Therefore, we do not put any accelerants in our candles. Most mass marketed candles use accelerants for a more potent smell, but most accelerants contain toxic chemicals that would preclude us from being able to say that we comply with CA Prop 65 and IFRA public diffusion standards.

If your living space or office is around 2,000 square foot of fairly open space, the Home Unit 101 works great! If your space is 2,500 square foot or larger, we recommend getting the Scent Machine – Professional, put on a lower setting.

We are strictly online and do not have a retail store.

Yes! We use the same fragrance oils that are used in the resorts. In order for a fragrance oil to be diffused in public areas without the public’s consent, they have to comply with CA Prop 65 and IFRA standards, which are the highest in the industry and require no synthetic toxins or volatile organic compounds (VOC) to include pollen/allergens, which are often still in lower grade essential oils.

3 to 5 weeks depending on the setting you use on your unit.

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