Floral Home Scents - A Bouquet That Will Last

If you are ready to upgrade your home with a little spring brightness this February, we can help with floral home scents from Aroma Retail. Flowers are colorful and beautiful, but hard to keep alive in even the prettiest pot or vase. It’s not the seasons for garden planting or viewing just yet, so how can you get and give a bouquet that will last? We suggest a high-quality home fragrance.

Floral Scentsations

There a reason we like shopping for and sending flowers. Aside from the colors and variety, we love the smell. The first thing many of us do when handed a bunch of flowers is bend down to take a whiff. First dates, weddings, graduations, and anniversaries are all so full of flowers. People and petals just seem to go together. The scent of these gorgeous plants is what really keeps us smiling. Home fragrance products can contain a variety of lovely florals.

Freesia - Sweet, Revitalizing, Refreshing
Rose - Elegant, Gentle, Peaceful, Relaxing
Jasmine - Sweet, Fresh, Uplifting
Violet - Light, Clean, Comforting
Cyclamen - Sweet, Light, Calming
Lily of the Valley - Fresh, Strong, Uplifting
Geranium - Strong, Spicy, Balancing

So Much More Than Roses

At Aroma Retail, we carry a wide variety of Floral Home Scents highlighting different levels of flowers in their top notes, mid notes, and base notes. Whether you enjoy just florals, a mixture of florals and citrus, or more woodsy or spicy scents with just a touch of brightness, we have an option for you in our Resort Fragrance collection.

Langham Hotels’ Ginger Flower
Marriott’s Attune
Linq’s Linq A
Wynn’s Asian Lily
Edition Hotels’ Black Tea & Fig
Caesars Palace’s The Empire
Ritz Carlton’s Waterfall
Bellagio’s Blue Ice
Harrahs’ Mandarin Zest
Cromwell’s Allure Noire
Flower Shop

A unique combination of watery greens, rose, lavender, carnation, and tulip, Flower Shop is a rich, luxurious experience. This popular selection from our Favorite Places collection will give you that beautiful bouquet fragrance without the inevitable wilt and droop of real flowers.

No Watering Required

Trade the crinkle plastic wrapping, drips of water, and little packets of plant food for classy, sassy floral scents from Aroma Retail. Encourage romance or brighten up someone’s day with our elegantly floral-scented home fragrance gifts. Bonus: You won’t have to worry about brushing or crushing your present on the way.

Home Unit 101 Aroma Diffusion Machine - Refill Subscriptions Available
All-Natural Hand-Poured Soy Glass Candles
Reed Diffuser Sets - 3, 7-Oz Square Glass Bottles
Fine Mist Room Sprays - 5, 4-Oz Frosted Glass Bottles
Mix & Match Gift Sets
Gift Certificate & Sample Blotters

Order Today

Browse our collection of Resort Fragrances, Places Fragrances, and Seasonal Fragrances for the perfect Floral Home Scents gift this February. Upgrade your own home decor or surprise someone you love with a “bouquet” that won’t fade away in a matter of days. Order home scents in the diffusion option of your choice from Aroma Retail today.

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