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Flower Shop by Aroma Retail

Flower Shop is a rich luxurious flower shop, complete with everything including the watery fresh greens, rose, lavender, carnation, tulip, and even the soil

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Aqua-Tots Mango Coconut

A tantalizing blend of Orange, juicy Pineapple and tropical Jasmine with sweet Coconut and Musk with top notes of Orange, Pineapple; mid notes of Coconut, Jasmine, Lavender; and base notes of Coconut, Musk.

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Westin’s White Tea

Westin's White Tea is light and clean with top notes of Silver Needle Point Tea, Frosted Bergamot, White Tea Blooms; mid notes of Ginger Lily, White Tea Leave Petals, Pekoe Tea; and base notes of Mate Musk, Mahogany Wood, Teakwood.

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Lavender Garden by Aroma Retail

Lavender garden is a complex gathering of everything you would expect to see and smell, with notes of Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lime, and Orange, with middle notes of Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, and Violet, anchored to nature with base notes of Musk, Cedarwood, and Amber.

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Tobacco Shop by Aroma Retail

A flashback to the vintage gentlemen’s tobacco shop with juicy pre-dried tobacco leaves, tobacco flowers, and leather, complimented with woody amber and just a hint of muguet and bergamot.  This scent does NOT smell like cigarette smoke!

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Cromwell’s Allure Noire

Cromwell's Allure Noire - A Seductive and sensual fragrance with hints of tobacco leaves, cognac and warm leather enhanced by a heart of black cardamom, pepper and nutmeg; supported by exotic woods, amber and vanilla. Sheer florals in harmony with bergamot, lavandin and geranium add to the rich complexity of this unique creation.

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