Fragrant Father’s Day Gifts from Aroma Retail

Find the best fragrant Father’s Day gifts at Aroma Retail. When it comes to all types of dads, scent just makes sense. Explore our selection of great home fragrances for the guys you love and then give or diffuse your picks to set the scene for celebration.

For The Coffee Loving Dad

Whether the father you’re celebrating likes drive-thru coffee on the way to the office, owns his own high-end espresso machine and a variety of artisanal blends, or starts the day with the same old cup of Folgers, he’ll love the scent of Coffee Shop from our Places fragrance collection. Coffee beans, sweet honey, milk, caramel, salt, vanilla, and sugar create the perfect cozy mood any time of day.

Dad can use Coffee Shop to wind down after a long day and still get a great night’s sleep.

For The Contemplative Dad

Maybe your father figure is into fitness or mental fitness through regular yoga, tai chi, qigong, or meditation practice. Accentuate and elevate his home gym or studio with another Places collection favorite, Zen Temple. Invigorate and honor flowing moves and inner reflection with clean, refreshing fresh greens, fir needle, exotic woods, oakmoss,, and geranium finished by cedarwood, patchouli, and amber.

For The Book Loving Dad

You might not be able to give dad a library this year, but you can bring home the scent of his favorite book shop. Our Book Store fragrance is masculine sophistication distilled to be the perfect companion to a hardback book, comfy recliner, and glass of wine. Paper pulp, leather, spices, florals, and woodsy scents mix and mingle in a scent that might almost be as enchanting as his favorite read.

Transform That Man Cave

Instantly transport your dad, spouse, significant other, boss, or friend from their man cave to an old fashioned gentleman’s club or speakeasy with our exclusive scent - Tobacco Shop. There’s no smokiness in this luxury fragrance. Instead, you get the richness and depth of tobacco leaves and flowers, leather, and complimentary woodsy amber. Hints of muguet and bergamot add to the complexity of this amazing scent.

Cromwell’s Allure Noire takes the warmth of tobacco leaves and leather to a even more exotic place alongside cognac and spices like black cardamom, pepper, and nutmeg. This fantastic blend is rooted in warm exotic woods, amber, and vanilla and complimented by bergamot, lavandin, and geranium.

Make Father’s Day Memories With Scent

These unique home fragrances are just the beginning of our home scenting options that are sure to impress dad this year. Choose a new signature scent for his office, relaxing space, or workshop, and you can be sure he’ll think of you and your care whenever he enters.

Fragrant Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Love & Use

But will dad actually use your Father’s Day scent? Sure! Make it easy to take the car from a game of pickup with the guys to escorting business clients to dinner with room sprays. Keep the game room ready for his weekly poker or pool group with our simple to set up reed diffuser. Or, make his study even cozier with a candle or two.

If dad works from home, you can make sure the home office always stays client ready with our Aroma 101 Diffusion Machine.

When You Just Can’t Choose

You can make the decision even simpler and give dad options with our Mix & Match Gift Set. He’ll get our popular 9 oz soy wax candle, 4 oz fine mist room spray, and 7 oz bottle of diffusion oil with a set of reeds. Choose three different dad-friendly scents or make all three gifts the same scent. We send it to you already packaged in a green mesh gift bag.

Order Your Fragrant Father’s Day Gifts Today

Don’t wait and get stuck buying just anything for the dads in your life this year. Our fragrance selection makes pairing the perfect scent with the ideal diffusion solution for your father, easy. Place your order with Aroma Retail today.

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