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August 7th, 2018
Green Bamboo

Enjoy Our Newest Fragrance: Mandarin Oriental’s Green Bamboo

Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Miami Beach is an iconic luxury hotel ideally located on the Beach, in Miami Beach Florida. A hotel with this type of reputation would need a scent that lives up to that standard. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Scent Green Bamboo opens the senses, there is something magical about the smell of a fresh bamboo garden. I love the Mandarin Oriental hotel scent because it is fresh and clean smelling with a complex blend of notes including bamboo, bergamot, cucumber, melons, and light touch of floral.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s Green Bamboo fragrance is the perfect scent for a fresh clean feel if you are looking for something different from the more citrus and floral alternatives.

Green Bamboo from the MandarinOriental

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