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Congratulations on committing to healthy living, but what is that smell? Aroma Retail has a variety of home scenting solutions to freshen up your home gym with the curated selection of unique home scents from Aroma Retail. There’s no need to smell like a warrior as you blast through your New Year’s fitness goals. Fresh, clean, spicy, meditative, what combination of fragrances will you choose?

Convenient Solutions To A Simple Problem

The environment you work out in can be more you and less "ew" when you choose the right fragrance as a backdrop. Feel great instead of gross from the moment you walk in until you're finished with that last rep. Great music isn’t the only way to keep you going as you work to lose weight, build muscle, and increase flexibility. Our home scenting solutions can be a great workout partner as well.

Our selection of Home scenting solutions are all available in a variety of convenient diffusion options:
Aroma 101 & Professional Diffusion Machines
Reed Diffuser Sets
Hand-Poured, Soy Candles
Room Fragrance Sprays

Fresh Scents For Yoga & Meditation

Do you need a little more zip or zen? Reinvigorate those downward dogs or clear the air so you can clear your mind. Our selection of crisp or calming fragrances are here to help. Breathe in a little bamboo, citrus, jasmine, lemongrass, apple, vibrant greens, ginger, mint, or eucalyptus.

London Marriott Grosvenor Square’s The Leaf Spring
Melrose Hotel’s White Tea & Bamboo Leaves
Harrahs’ Mandarin Zest
Langham Hotels’ Ginger Flower
Eucalyptus Forest
Lavender Garden
Zen Temple

Revitalizing Scents For Cardio

Focus and energy can be just the thing you need to help you set a new record or make it through that last lap. Shred it on the treadmill, reach new heights during your HIIT circuit, or step it up on your cycle. Find those reserves of power you need supported by stimulating citrus, mint, rosemary, jasmine, ginger, and (of course) coffee.

Nobu Hotel’s Lemon Ginger
Wynn’s Asian Lily
Langham Hotels’ Ginger Flower
Park Hyatt Aviara’s Kai Jasmine
Marriott’s Attune
Luxor’s Asian Garden
Cosmopolitan’s Desert Breeze

Hot Scents For Muscle Building

Add a little more warmth and spice to those hours of heavy lifting. Find your center, ground your energies, and access your strength with scents like cedarwood, cinnamon, clove, sweet basil, vanilla, teakwood, cardamom, patchouli, and leather.

Tobacco Shop
Caesars Palace’s The Empire
Cromwell’s Allure NoireCromwell’s Allure Noire
Edition Hotels’ Black Tea & Fig
Four Winds Casinos’ Cedar Seduction
Four Seasons Whistler’s Cedar Seduction
MGM Signature’s Volupta
Valley View Casino’s Exotic Moods

Get Moving With A Great New Fragrance

Make sure the only funk in your gym is coming from your playlist. At Aroma Retail, we can help. Scent the whole house with our Aroma 101 Diffusion Machine. Keep a set of our reed diffusers or candles in just your workout space. Throw a room spray or three in your gym bag.

Our home scenting solutions make it so easy to mix, match, diffuse, and enjoy the benefits of the home scent of your choice. Order fragrances to match your workout style or many workout styles today.

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