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March 22nd, 2019
Home Scenting with Aroma Retail

Home scenting is a critical element in the design of a home, but scent is an accessory that’s often overlooked. However choosing a home fragrance is just as important as your choice in decor, lighting, and artwork. Scenting adds a sensory depth of character to your house – transforming the ambiance into an inviting and relaxing escape, making your house a home. Our range of resort and signature fragrances offer solutions for homes and apartments of all shapes and sizes.

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In the past years, home care fragrance products have been adjusting to consumer demands and have seen a variety of changes in dispensing technology and smells. From simple Plug-In aerosol air fresheners with simple fragrances to new digital fragrance technologies.  Aroma Retail’s Aroma Diffusion Machine Home Unit 101 and new Scent Machine – Professional are the best options for your home. The Aroma Diffusion Machine Home Unit 101 offers whole-home coverage in a 2,000 square-foot house or apartment with an open floor plan, perfect for basements, game rooms, or workshops.  The Scent Machine – Professional For very large spaces as a free-standing diffuser or connected to your ventilation system, get whole-home coverage in up to 15,000 square feet. Both allow you to use the same fragrance oils and diffusion technology that the pros use in hotels, hospitals, stores, offices.

As the only sense directly linked to emotions and memories from childhood, the sense of smell is perhaps the single most important facet of a home’s aesthetic; bringing together all the design elements to create a complete experience for everyone who enters your home, and Aroma Retail’s scent machines are the best options for scenting your home.

About Aroma Retail
Aroma Retail’s scenting solutions and unique fragrance library allow anyone to enhance their own luxurious environment and create memorable experiences just like the professionals do, through a simple no-nonsense online retail model.  Scent Like a Pro

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