Most Common Aroma Machine Programming Mistakes

Get the full benefit out of your home fragrance oils and avoid the most common aroma machine programming mistakes with a few simple tips from Aroma Retail. Fragrance oil diffusers are convenient ways to infuse your home with ambiance and personality. Let’s make sure you start on the right foot with yours.

Our Aroma Machines

At Aroma Retail, we offer multiple diffuser machine options to make sure that you get the scenting power you want for the space you have. Our Aroma Unit 101 will infuse up to 2,000 square feet with your chosen fragrance. The Professional Scenting Machine is your larger space solution, reaching up to 15,000 square feet.

Avoiding Easy-To-Make Mistakes

We can imagine how frustrating it would be to excitedly purchase an Aroma Unit 101 Diffusion Machine and not smell the home scent you are expecting at the times you expect.

Fortunately, there are three common, easy-to-address reasons your machine isn’t turning on as expected.

During set up or adjustments, remember your machine’s clock settings should be based on the 24-hour cycle. For example, if it is 4:30 pm, then the diffuser’s clock should read 16:30.
When choosing which times to program in, make sure the Event Times for your machine are set to start earlier and end later than the present time. For example, if it is 16:30, the Event "on" time must be earlier (like 09:00), and the Event "off" time must be later (like 18:00).
An Event that is programmed to go around the clock will cause the machine not to run at all. You would have to set two events instead, one with a range between 12:01 am, and 11:59 am and the other between 12:00 pm and 11:59 pm (12:01 - 23:59). For example, if the Event "on" time is set for 22:00 and the Event "off" time is set for 08:00, your machine will not run. To set the machine to run from 10 pm to 8 am, you would have to use two events as follows: Event 1 = 22:00 to 23:59; Event 2 = 00:01 to 08:00.

Is It Time For A Refill?

Make sure to keep refill oils on hand and oranges ready to switch out as your moods and seasons change. We carry both 4 oz and 27 oz fragrance oils to match the Aroma Retail machine capacity you have chosen. This also makes keeping up with our new releases extremely convenient.

Consider Constant, Consistent Fragrance

As you can see, the most common problems associated with diffusion machines have to do with simple mistakes in initial time programming. Once you get that down, you open up a whole world of aroma applications.

You don’t have to remember to light that candle before company arrives or about moving those diffusers out of a visiting toddler’s reach. Your fragrance solution is out of sight and out of mind.

Order Your Aroma Machine Today

Experience the ease of creating more comfortable, welcoming spaces with the help of our popular fragrance diffusion machines. Order yours today from Aroma Retail and select from our extensive selection of home fragrance oils. We look forward to helping you effortlessly make your house smell more like home to you.

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