Focus Scent - The Mood Collection

Focus Scent - The Mood Collection; Whether it’s current event craziness or a never-ending to-do list, distractions are everywhere, especially (it seems) when you need to get a job done. Create a no-nonsense space dedicated to productivity and a can-do attitude with Focus from the Aroma Retail Mood Collection.
Attention-Stealing Habits & Emotions

Anxiety, ADD, ADHD, boredom, poor boundaries, chaotic environments, poor time management - there are so many feelings and habits that get in the way of concentration and productivity. We’ve probably all had those days where there’s so much to do that you end up hiding away and not doing any of it.
A Stay On Task Scent

Odds are, that occasional self-care or mental health days do have to come to an end eventually. This leaves you with piles of things to do. Don’t get stressed, get centered and stay there with the right environment, including the perfect supportive fragrance - Focus Scent - The Mood Collection

Invigorating Top Notes Of Grapefruit, Citrus Water, Fresh Greens & Sea Salt
Refreshing Mid Notes Of Lavender, Fir Needles, Rosewater & Waterlily
Grounding Base Motes Of Woods, Amber, Oakmoss, Tonka Bean & Musk
Focus-Friendly Spaces

Get the entire house busy, up to 2,000 square feet, with our whole-home diffuser - the Unit 101 Scent Machine. Keep a reed diffuser or Scent Machine Travel in the home gym or office. Spritz bedrooms with our fine mist room sprays before cleanup time or keep a natural, soy-wax candle in your meditation studio.

Studying for a test, putting together a presentation, working on a new skill, housework, and homework. They all require a good amount of concentration.

Homeschool Areas
Work & Home Offices
Home Gyms
Creative Studios
Empower Your Days With Our Mood Collection

Focus Scent, along with all of our mood-enhancing fragrances, is available in each of the products in our luxury scent diffusion range. So you have options for every taste and space. So, you can curate a scenting collection to support how you want to feel and where through the power of ambiance and aroma.
Need A Little More Focus?

Take control and increase your concentration. Put the breaks on procrastination and chase away those daydreams. Order Focus - The Mood Collection from Aroma Retail today.

A Collection of Fragrances to Set the Mood You Desire!

Aroma Retail, a leader in luxury home fragrancing, well-known for their collection of signature luxury resort scents for the home, have released their most ambitious fragrance line to date, the Mood Collection. "This collection seeks to use fragrances as an essential part of setting the perfect mood," said Aroma Retail’s founder, Cristina Reding. "Whether you are looking for a moment of quiet contemplation, or looking to motivate your workout, the right scent is essential! I am so happy with our mood collection, and I know we have created a fabulous, on-brand selection of scents that we can be proud of and that our customers will love."

Scientific studies by International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. have been working on measuring both the subjective and physiological effects of aromas and fragrances on emotions. They developed a method called Mood Mapping™ which reliably measures the mood associations of aromas. Mood Mapping™ provides a choice of eight mood categories that have been an inspiration for Aroma Retail’s Mood Collection:

Made with a high-grade organic and hypoallergenic fragrance oil, Aroma Retail products represent a perfectly balanced combination of scent consistency and capacity. The Mood Collection is available for purchase online at aromaretail.com. The eight Mood scents are available in all Aroma Retail products.



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