Love is in the air!

Valentine’s Day is a time-honored day dedicated to love, one that has been celebrated since medieval times with comfits, poetry and of course, flowers. However, it was not always as easy to procure objects to prove one’s adoration for another as it is now. Today, we have the good fortune to be met with the pink or red cards declaring one’s affection and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate at your local grocer, as well as boutique flower shops that craft the most beautiful bouquets.

Personally, it’s the latter I enjoy most. I’ve always appreciated walking into a florist and breathing in that fresh, clean scent of newly cut flowers, their blossoms of carnation, rose, tulip and so many more, all mingling into a sweet background.

Flowers were not always cultivated as they are now. In medieval days, one used what could be found in their gardens or what grew in the countryside. These would be bound up into a lovely nosegay to be presented to a lady love. In Europe, flowers were popular but not always easy to grow in the cold climate. And so, a hothouse with many glass windows was invented, first by the Dutch and then adopted by the English.

These hothouses weren’t like the greenhouses you might think of today, which are entirely comprised of walls and a roof of either large panes of glass or plastic. These were large buildings with many rows of multi-paned windows along the walls to let in ample sunlight. So even in cooler climates, the inside would remain temperate for plants to flourish.

I can only imagine how glorious it must have been for people to walk into those first hothouses. They would experience the joy of smelling all those flowers at once—heady rose and lavender, the delicate perfume of tulips and carnations, the underlying earthiness of rich soil. All those scents would have been enhanced with the warm, humid air inside. These hothouses were usually made with alcoves and benches built within so the owner could savor the immersion of such floral fragrances at their leisure.

If you’ve ever heard of orangeries, these were hothouses designed specifically for citrus plants, which would otherwise not grow in colder weather. The brisk climates made oranges a delicacy and might do well for a Valentine’s Day treat.

Not only were oranges and perfectly cultivated flowers rare, depending on what was grown in a hothouse, but they were also extraordinarily costly. This was due to the fees incurred in creating the hothouse building itself and caring for the plants. The Window Tax, which was first introduced in 1696, also contributed. A tax was charged annually for each window in a building. Because of these hefty fees, hothouse flowers were generally only available to the very rich.

In addition to being very expensive, one had to be attentive to the type of flower sent, as the meanings behind the bundled bouquets were taken very seriously. For example, you would not want to send a yellow Chrysanthemum, which implied a slighted love, or a purple hyacinth, which meant sorrow. A red rose implied love, but a crimson rose was to be sent for mourning. You see how this could get terribly muddled.Flower Shop Scent by Aroma Retail

Fortunately, today aesthetics carry more weight with bouquets than their flower meanings, and they are affordable enough to be at your local grocery store. No matter where you purchase them, the best part of a lovely bouquet to declare your love is that wonderful, clean floral perfume.

If you or your loved one enjoy flower shops as much as I do, you can not only grab a fresh bouquet but also bring home the wonderful scent of that shop! The Flower Shop Fragrance from Aroma Retail perfectly blends the gentle notes of tulip and carnation with the sweetness of rose and the cleanness of lavender and eucalyptus for the dewy, refreshing aroma in your own home.

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day!




Rejuvenate and Relax With Scent Machines By Aroma Retail!

A scent is compelling only if it has a powerful diffusion system. You can obtain the most from your scent with high-performance scenting machines designed to fit your goals. Aroma Retail designs and delivers scenting machines that are a transition of ideas into your real-life experience.

The cold air aroma diffusion systems by Aroma Retail are sure to provide its customers with a safe, clean space, which is vital for homes and for commercial spaces. We introduce innovative scent machines to offer you an immediate solution.

Benefits of Scenting Machines

With our wide range of aroma diffusing systems aim to provide you with a fresh and pleasant aroma for your space, and a seamless and relaxing experience for homes and workplaces of any shape and size.

Scenting Machines By Aroma Retail

Scent Machine Professional       Scent Machine Home Unit 101       Scent Machine Travel

Here are our exclusive scent machines to provide your home and business with a pleasant aroma:

Home Unit 101: The Scent Machine - Home Unit 101 is the best to cover your 2,000 square-foot home with consistent fragrance. You can add Aroma Retail fragrance oils of your choice in this diffuser with uniquely designed diffusion technology.

Professional: The Scent Machine - Professional by Aroma Retail is perfect for larger spaces, covering your 15,000 square feet area with a pleasant fragrance. It can be connected to your ventilation system or can work free-standing as a diffuser. The Professional system is designed to include delicate settings for smaller spaces and powerful settings for larger areas.

Travel: The Scent Machine - Travel is lovely to carry with luxurious fragrances when you travel around the world. While you are on the move, our Travel system will run with a rechargeable battery. Whether you are in your hotel room, car, or bedroom, our travel diffuser will create a space full of wonderful fragrance.

We ensure that our aroma diffusion systems are defect-free and in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) mandated standards and California Air Resources Board (CARB).

By installing unique and exclusive scent machines by Aroma Retail in your home or workspace, you will always walk into a fragrant and stress-free environment.


It’s a new year, and you’re ready for a new and improved you—or at least that’s the boat I’m in. I spent way too much time indoors last year, ate way too many baked goods, and Netflix binged my way through way too many shows. 2020 has left me feeling a little lackluster, and I need to rev up my motivation to get back to feeling like me again.

Whatever resolution path you plan to stroll down, Aroma Retail’s Mood Collection has got your back.

Being in the house all day while wearing stretchy pants and having loaves of freshly baked bread at my disposal have landed “wellness” at the top of my list. If you’re also in need of a lift to your determination to hit an online workout group or to download a new diet monitoring app, the Wellness Fragrance is your secret weapon with notes of clean citrus and ready-made willpower. So breathe deep, get motivated and conquer those wellness goals!

I always feel a little distracted after the holidays with what I like to refer to as “holiday whiplash” from my attention constantly shifting from one activity to another. Cards, cooking, shopping, wrapping, planning, decorating - even listing all these things is enough to make my head spin. The first step toward successful goals for any resolution is a focus. The citrusy and earthy notes of the Focus Fragrance can help stimulate your brain back to the laser-focus you need.

Last year, stress was the name of the game, and it’s time for a change! Put your feet up and unwind in your comfort zone with the powdery, floral notes of the Comfort Fragrance. Let its soothing scent lull you back into a place of chill.

There are many artistic souls out there with aspirations to write a book, finish a screenplay, take up a new craft or hobby, or start painting. Or maybe you’re facing another quarter of distance learning and want to charge up the curriculum with artistic fun. Whatever your imaginative pull is for 2021, the delicate perfume of wildflowers and sea salt will get your creative juices going.

Are you feeling sluggish after the holidays? You’re not alone. Time off from work, cookies, Hallmark Christmas movies—it is so easy to slide into the cozy routine of relaxation and delicious culinary delights. But with January comes a need for improvement and the invigorating scent of cedarwood, eucalyptus and the additional uplifting aromas of the Energy Fragrance will get you back on track.

Is meditation on your 2021 resolution list? If so, we have the perfect thing for finding inner peace and centering yourself. Take a deep breath and revel in the serene scents of ginger and balsam in the Meditation Fragrance to encourage more mindful awareness.

Aroma Retail's Mood Collection

What's Your New Year's Resolution?

The best way to face anything new is with confidence and 2021 is no exception. Strike your power pose, breathe in the bold aroma of berry and musk of the Confidence Fragrance and get ready to take on the new year one bold stride at a time.

The post-holiday funk is a real thing. Something about the hype of the holidays coming to an end, that empty spot where the Christmas tree and all those decorations used to be and the realization that you can no longer have pecan pie for breakfast can be a real downer. Turn that frown upside down with the Happiness Fragrance and let the gentle, warm notes of hazelnut and sandalwood ease your blues away.

Whatever is on your resolution list, Aroma Retail’s Mood Collection will have you on the right track for success. This is your year!


A new you emerges from the ashes of 2020, smelling garden-fresh like Caesars Palace The Empire. Rose petals sift over you, soft where they brush against your skin and leaving the air perfumed with their heady scent. That smell is one of victory, of knowing you have the fortitude to face whatever life throws your way.

You stroll over the stone walkway edged with marble statues. You are among greatness in this new year, with a chance to accomplish anything you set your heart to. Water from a fountain sprinkles over a pool, and the blue sky opens wide overhead, limitless with possibilities for what the new year can bring.

The previous year is left behind you, and everything in front of you is ripe with aspirations that bloom with the same beauty as the roses framing either side of your path. You breathe in the luscious perfume and let it rev up your motivation until victory is pulsing in your veins as surely as it is all around you. It starts in your chest like a war drum in thumping beats and spirals out into your limbs with a heat that makes your muscles burn for action.

You don’t want to walk on that path anymore. You want to sprint toward everything you ever knew you could attain. And at the end, waiting up on a pedestal, is a golden laurel wreath, a symbol of triumph just as the roses have become one of victory. It is your destiny in this new year.

Your body glides with the ease of a warrior. Your breathing is even despite your exertions, relishing the clean, sweet fragrance in the air that leads you toward the pedestal. No one stands in your way as you reach for the glint of gold, warm from the sun against your fingers, as you claim it and affix it to your head. All around you, cheers rise, rife with celebration and joy.

The victory you have won is shared by all, indicative of an optimistic year in which we all can succeed. You’re handed a bouquet of the very flowers that guided your way to this achievement, a bundle of roses—some tightly budded, others in full bloom, each one richly aromatic. People crowd around you, wanting to be close, wanting to part of your victory, because this year will not only be better for you but everyone. It’s a clean slate where anything can be written.

The floral notes of the roses mingle with other scents in the garden: jasmine, lily of the valley, orange, cedarwood, a hint of amber. All of these come together to create the sheer perfection of Caesars Palace The Empire Scent. It is as symbolic as the laurel wreath on your head and the statues in the garden. It is the smell of hope and a promising start.

Go forth into 2021 with the confidence of a good year, and don’t just carpe diem, carpe annum—after all, why have a day when you seize an entire year?



Meditation Scent - The Mood Collection: Calm your mind and focus your intentions with the new Meditation fragrance from the Mood collection at Aroma Retail. Make setting aside time for yourself pleasure with home scents created to support your mindful practices.

Whether you're starting a new habit or just looking for ways to prioritize your health, creating a peaceful environment that relaxes all the senses may just be the positive reinforcement you need to get started and keep going.

An Enlightening Home Fragrance

Getting is a Zen state of mind that takes more than just finding a quiet place. If you've ever participated in a guided meditation, you were probably asked to focus in on a tranquil place that made you feel happy and relaxed. The guide alternately brought your attention to lapping waves or crunching leaves beneath your feet and reminded you to breathe.

Our new home fragrance, Meditation, grabs your attention with Bergamot, Ginger, Cardamom, and Coconut. Relaxes you with Blue Iris, Lavender, Violet, Leaves, and Cedar. Grounds you with Sandalwood, Balsam, Amber, and Cashmere Musk.

It's like a guided meditation partner helping you focus on the here and now for a more open mind and deeper inner connection.

Why Meditate?

Scenting your home, office, car, and even yourself is so personal and pleasurable. The important connections between your memories and the aromas around you can be a powerful tool in creating and sticking to healthier habits. But what's so great about meditation?

According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, and only recently are we able to see the many benefits of this complementary mind-body medicine scientifically.

A Deep State Of Calm & Relaxation
A Clearer, Tranquil Mind
Better Focus
Newer Perspectives On Stressful Situations
Stress Management
Deeper Self Awareness
Reduced Negative Emotions
Increased Imagination & Creativity
Increased Patience & Tolerance
Chronic Pain & Blood Pressure Management
Better Sleep

Scenting Your Meditation Space For Success

So, taking the time to align your chakras is about more than just clearing your mind of the jumble of thoughts and information it is bombarded with each day. It's a mind, body, and emotional health tool with many benefits. Give yourself the best chance of success in your new mindfulness practice with Meditation, an ambient scent with inner benefits.

Mental Checks, On The Go

As you grow more and more used to the thoughts, breaths, and movements that help you calm your inner noise, you can learn to transport yourself back to those peaceful places, and the right scent can help. Our meditation fragrance can go anywhere you need it.

If you know a stressful trip is coming up, bring along a travel diffuser. Spritz your car with our fine mist room spray before you leave for a big interview or on your way to pick up an important client.

From candles for your prayer closet to reed diffusers for the home office to whole-home diffusion machines that can reach every inch of your yoga studio, we have a solution to support you.

Share That Peaceful Feeling

The world can seem so chaotic. According to Harvard Medicine, the art of meditating can actually push back against unhealthy fight or flight responses that contribute to mental, emotional, and physical illness. Bring a little more calm to the people you care about with the gift of Meditation - a luxury home fragrance designed to promote these feelings of peace.

Order Meditation Scent Today

Don't miss out on your chance to experience all the scents in our Mood fragrance collection. Place your order for Meditation from Aroma retail today. We look forward to providing you with diffusion solutions that support the lifestyle you're looking for.


Happiness Scent - The Mood Collection: Start each day off on the right foot or chase the moody blues away from your home with Happiness, from the Aroma Retail Mood Collection. The news, work, school, isolation, the quarantine fifteen… there are so many reasons to feel down and out when you’re spending so much time in. We’re here to help with some great cheer-up tips.
Tips For Finding More Joy In Life

Many of us feel like happiness is just over the horizon. After you finish the next project, finish school, get that promotion, find that relationship, achieve that pay grade, etc. Stop putting some of the best days of your life off. Find joy today regardless of your surrounding or circumstances.

Get up earlier for more time and a fresh start.
Get more exercise. Movement is therapeutic for body and mind.
Eat. Letting your blood sugar drop can affect your mood.
Get the rest you need - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, creatively, socially, and your senses.
Trade negative self talk for positive affirmations.
Start a gratitude journal.
Trade toxic relationships for a good vibe tribe.
Start a hobby or set time aside for doing something you love.
Create a happy space for mediation or relaxation.
Creating Your Happy Place

Do you have a “you” space in your home? A place to read, write, or even just rest guilt-free? Even rooms dedicated to study, work, or exercise can encourage joyful living when you accent them with cheer up touches.
Home Decor That Uplifts & Encourages

A silly welcome mat, a mood board over your desk, fresh flowers on the table - there are so many little ways to make you stop and remember to smile. One area of the home you may not think about right away is your home scent. Fragrance is the backdrop to everything we do. Why not put the aroma-mood connection to work for you?
What Does Happiness Smell Like?

If happy, heartfelt laughter had a scent, Happiness would be it. This beautiful addition to our Mood Collection of luxury home fragrance is like joy distilled, so you can add it wherever you need a boost.

Creamy Vanilla
Coconut Milk
White Flowers
Light Musk
Who Couldn’t Use A Few More Smiles?

From high-quality diffusion machines to candles to reed diffusers to room sprays, we carry diffusion solutions for spaces of all sizes. So, gifting a little more happiness is incredibly simple. We even offer Mix & Match Gift Sets to make making someone's day that much more elegant and easy.
Order Happiness Today

Support your joy goals with Happiness Scent from Aroma Retail. We can’t wait for you to experience everything our Mood Collection of fine home scents has to offer you. Place your order today.


Focus Scent - The Mood Collection; Whether it’s current event craziness or a never-ending to-do list, distractions are everywhere, especially (it seems) when you need to get a job done. Create a no-nonsense space dedicated to productivity and a can-do attitude with Focus from the Aroma Retail Mood Collection.
Attention-Stealing Habits & Emotions

Anxiety, ADD, ADHD, boredom, poor boundaries, chaotic environments, poor time management - there are so many feelings and habits that get in the way of concentration and productivity. We’ve probably all had those days where there’s so much to do that you end up hiding away and not doing any of it.
A Stay On Task Scent

Odds are, that occasional self-care or mental health days do have to come to an end eventually. This leaves you with piles of things to do. Don’t get stressed, get centered and stay there with the right environment, including the perfect supportive fragrance - Focus Scent - The Mood Collection

Invigorating Top Notes Of Grapefruit, Citrus Water, Fresh Greens & Sea Salt
Refreshing Mid Notes Of Lavender, Fir Needles, Rosewater & Waterlily
Grounding Base Motes Of Woods, Amber, Oakmoss, Tonka Bean & Musk
Focus-Friendly Spaces

Get the entire house busy, up to 2,000 square feet, with our whole-home diffuser - the Unit 101 Scent Machine. Keep a reed diffuser or Scent Machine Travel in the home gym or office. Spritz bedrooms with our fine mist room sprays before cleanup time or keep a natural, soy-wax candle in your meditation studio.

Studying for a test, putting together a presentation, working on a new skill, housework, and homework. They all require a good amount of concentration.

Homeschool Areas
Work & Home Offices
Home Gyms
Creative Studios
Empower Your Days With Our Mood Collection

Focus Scent, along with all of our mood-enhancing fragrances, is available in each of the products in our luxury scent diffusion range. So you have options for every taste and space. So, you can curate a scenting collection to support how you want to feel and where through the power of ambiance and aroma.
Need A Little More Focus?

Take control and increase your concentration. Put the breaks on procrastination and chase away those daydreams. Order Focus - The Mood Collection from Aroma Retail today.

Halloween is one of my family’s favorite holidays, and of course, trick or treat is a large part of that. I’ve taken our memories over the years and plucked a few from my childhood to put together a little Halloween story of a night of trick-or-treating to help us all recall those happy memories. Breathe in the sweet, delicious scent of Trick or Treat by Aroma Retail, an enormous inspiration in this fun piece, and enjoy.

It’s Halloween, and you’ve waited all year for this moment, this night of disguises and sugar-filled indulgences. The sun sets slower this night than any other until at long last, it’s finally time to go!

You forgo the round pumpkin containers with their weak plastic string handles. Experience has taught you those are insufficient for the hoard of treasures your neighbors will bestow upon you on this glorious night. Anticipation floods your veins as you scurry into the night like the demon you’re dressed as. This is beyond the time you are allowed outside. There is something wonderfully taboo about being given the freedom to run about unfettered so near the witching hour.

You join your friends, and the excitement in crisp, cool air electrifies with intensity at your shared goal: a mass consumption of candy from Trick or Treat.

The first house has its light off, so you bypass it. Not only is the light on at the next house, but glowing ghouls and goblins dance in the darkness as if they too are excited for the changing of the season. You hold out your cloth bag and joyously shout, “Trick-or-Treat!”

This is where the magic happens. Candy in small, brightly colored packages descend by the fistful from a massive bucket of bounty, directly into your bag. Waxy red twiddlers, the autumnal gradient tones of candy corn and golden wrappers of chocolate that catch the bits of light—these all fill your bag in a mix of crinkling wrappers and the solid knock of thinly wrapped lollipops cracking against one another.

And the smell… Sweet confection, fruity flavors of skittles and gummy worms, velvety chocolate that will melt in your mouth, a prickle of sugary citrus that will tease the back of your tongue. You can’t help yourself and immediately unwrap an orange Tootsie Pop and thrust it into the cheek of your mouth while you continue with your plunder.

On and on, the night goes from the house with adult beverages for the grown-ups to the home that once passed out full-sized candy bars. They only did it once, years ago, but you never stop hoping for a repeated show of such generosity. Through it all, your bag gets heavier. An inventory runs in your mind, tracking the tally of your favorite candy, calculating the ration of “parent tax” from that stash, and all the while wondering how much you’ll be able to get away with eating.

Finally, you get home and dump out your bag to revel in your riches. The ambrosia scent of mingled candy floats around you in notes of sugary citrus and melon.

You reach on the top and pluck out a pack of gummy LifeSavers, ripping the top off the plastic wrap. The aroma of the married fruitiness of it all is so strong now that it pinches the back of your jaw and makes your mouth water. After all, this was why you walked the length of three neighborhoods.

In a gluttonous move that you’ll never regret, you toss your head back and dump the contents of the pack into your mouth. There’s an explosion of cherry, lime, lemon and orange, all sticky-sweet and heavenly. Ahh, the sensory overload of Halloween!

And this is just your first bag.

Enjoy your Halloween, everyone—and surround yourself in Aroma Retail’s Trick or Treat scent and experience the joy of Halloween all month long!

By Madeline Martin - I’ve recently started writing articles for Aroma Retail and thought it would be a good idea to write a bit about myself by way of introduction. For starters, I’m no stranger to writing. I was always jotting down little ideas here and there as a child. Now that I’m an adult, I’m a USA Today Bestselling Author of historical romance and breaking out into historical fiction world with my upcoming WWII novel, The Last Bookshop in London.

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Confidence Scent - The Mood Collection. Take the world head-on from the moment you wake up in the morning with Confidence, the new home fragrance from the Mood Collection by Aroma Retail. The aromas you surround yourself with can turn your life around. They help set the scene that surrounds you from sun up to sundown. We invite you to experience our bold, new confidence-boosting scent.

The Self-Love Scentsation

Tackling a new skill, presenting a new idea, and crushing life goals all take hard work and the knowledge that you’re worth it. Some people are able to turn heads or demand respect just by the way they carry themselves as they walk into a room. Could that be you, or is this already you, but you’re always on the hunt to find a home scent that expresses the strength and style that drives your life?

Try our unique, unapologetic Confidence - The Mood Collection blend.

Tropical Raspberry, Strawberry & Peach
Lily, Rose, Cyclamen, & Coconut Water
Creamy Vanilla, Sweet Sugar, Woods & Sheer Musk

Better Mornings, One Breath At A Time

A breath may seem like a little thing when taken on its own, but runners, meditation and yoga practitioners, swimmers, and more understand the big difference this natural reflex can make. Make the most of the scent-mind connection to build or support your confidence one breath at a time.

Diffuse our Confidence blend for yourself or to encourage self-love, self-worth, and self-esteem throughout your household or workplace. Today’s forays into homeschool and home office amid the coronavirus epidemic are great opportunities for encouraging excellence, starting with your choice of home scent.

More Assertive Afternoons

Whether you're managing employees, wrangling a growing family, or trying to make a habit out of doing more of the things you love, midday is a typical time for work slumps and energy dips. Keep your head held high and your can-do attitude at optimal levels by utilizing the tool of high-quality home fragrance. Where will you diffuse Confidence?

The Home Office
The Homeschool Room

A Model Home

Your Work Or Study Desk
A Dressing Room Or Vanity Area
In The Car
On A Business Trip

Keep The Confidence Flowing

At Aroma Retail, we offer a luxury home-scenting experience in a variety of long-lasting diffusion solutions. You can customize the flow of Confidence in your favorite spaces - big or small, and even on-the-go.

Natural, Soy-Wax Candles
Portable Fine Mist Room Sprays - For A Little Instant Gratification
Whole-Home Aroma 101 Diffusion Machines
Rechargeable, Mobile Scenting Machines
Reed Diffuser Sets

If someone special to you is getting ready for a job interview, big debut, presentation, or other occasion and could use a little more trust, pride, and belief in their abilities, we invite you to gift Confidence. Confidence - The Mood Collection fragrance is available in our Mix & Match Gift Set for a limited time.

Order This Feel Good Fragrance

Get a head start on holiday shopping or stock up for a more uplifting ambiance in your home. Place your order for the Confidence scent from Aroma Retail today!

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Creativity Scent - The Mood Collection - Fuel your imagination with Creativity, the illuminating new home scent from the Aroma Retail Mood Fragrances Collection. Art, music, writing, learning - what excites your mind and feeds your spirit. With our Creativity fragrance, you can set the mood for making, exploring a whole new skill set, or channeling your talents into that upcoming homeschool unit. The possibilities are limitless with the right aroma on your side.

Colorful, Emotional & Intriguing

Creativity Scent - The Mood Collection is like nothing you’ve experienced before. This truly unique fragrance blend is perfect for stirring up the senses and invigorating those creative flows. If you feel like you’ve tried it all when it comes to home diffusion solutions and are searching for a scent that is anything but typical, we invite you to bring Creativity home.

Sea Salt, Coconut Water, Wild Flowers, Jasmine, Lilac, Heliotrope, Sheer Vanilla, Woods, and Clean Musk come together beautifully to motivate and stimulate you. What are you waiting for? Kick that writer’s block and procrastination to the curb with Creativity.

Unleash The Inspiration

With less opportunity to mingle and more opportunities for mindful exploration, it’s no wonder so many of us are craving something new in our day-to-day. Whether you’re putting together a mood board for your new home office space, picking up those crochet hooks, or giving homemade bread a go, set the scene for success with a home fragrance that supports your endeavors.

Encourage Learning

Students of all ages are trading school for homeschool to optimize health, but how can we optimize our learning environments? Whether it’s a desktop, laptop, dining table, or any other designated at-home education destination, you can make any room into a better classroom when you add a little ambiance with Creativity - the perfect aromatic accent to enhance and encourage learning.

Make Unforgettable Memories

Unforgettable memories often begin with extraordinary fragrances. Scent binds the here and now pleasantly and powerfully into the mind. If you find yourself looking for fun, new ways to make staying in as memorable as your family outings before social distancing, include a fun, new fragrance, like Creativity, as your backdrop.

From Studio To On-The-Go

Light an elegant hand-poured soy wax candle before your next piano practice session. Give the car a good spritz before taking off to hunt for your next photography subject. Keep a convenient reed diffuser in your home studio, so you can step into a space ready to ignite a little more right-brain activity. Creativity, along with our entire Mood Collection, is available in the diffusion solution of your choice.

If your creative endeavors keep you on the move, why not consider our highly portable Rechargeable Scent Machine - Travel? It utilizes the same high-quality oils as our popular Scent Machine - Home Unit 101, in a smaller take-anywhere package. Now you can bring a little creativity with you wherever you go.

Need A Little Inspiration? Order Creativity - The Mood Collection!

Whether you’re full of ideas and vision, or just want to be, give our Creativity Scent - The Mood Collection a try. Order this home scent to support and enhance your current passion, revitalize home learning spaces, or to keep you going try after try, as you master a new skill. Place your order today 🙂

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