Holiday Scents - 8 Last-Minute Holiday Decor Ideas

Things get crazy around the holidays, but with these eight last-minute holiday scents and decor ideas from Aroma Retail, you don’t have to. Be ready for whatever the season throws at you. We’re here to help.

Don’t Forget About Christmas Curb Appeal.

Your front door and yard are the first things both expected and unexpected holiday guests will see as they pull up. We all feel excited whether outside Christmas decor consists of just a wreath, some house lights, or an extravagant showing complete with inflatable Santa. The hard part is upkeep.

From the day after Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve, you want to keep things on point and festively prepared. So, make sure to choose decorations that are easy to dust, straighten, or keep lit and alive the whole season long. At Aroma Retail, we like hands-off options.

Our Aroma Unit 101 Diffusion Machine gives you the ease of ongoing holiday scents ambiance inside that you’re going for on the outside this Christmas. Need something for a smaller space? Our Room Sprays are so convenient and easy to keep on hand for that quick spritz before answering the door.

That First Impression, It Won’t Be The Tree.

The minute you open your doors to carolers, in-laws, children, or other guests, the scent of your home sets the mood. Make sure your first impression is a welcoming one. Why trim the tree and hang the stockings and neglect that entryway fragrance?

Our Professional Scenting Machine with Air Switch Kit add-on will keep the essence of Christmas flowing throughout your air, ready when you need it to be.

The Great Pumpkin
Four Seasons Whistler’s Cedar Seduction
Monte Carlo’s Pomegranate & Sage
Candy Cane Christmas
Happy Holidays

Don’t Bake? You Can Still Add A Little Spice To Every Scene.

Christmas cookies, cakes, pies, and those cheerfully striped candy canes are such a big part of Christmas. The scent of baking things immediately puts us at ease and adds that “homey” feeling to a place. The thing is, not all of us bake, and even if we do, who has the time to keep something coming ever fresh from the oven?

Take the stress out of being the ideal hostess with the perfect Aroma Retail Holiday Scents candle in the yummy fragrances you crave.

Silverton’s Hot Apple Pie
Pastry Shop
Warm Bread Bakery
Coffee Shop by Aroma Retail

A Little Christmas In Every Room

Make sure every room in the house says “Christmas” with set-it-and-forget-it reed diffusers. They delight overnight guests, the friend fixing mascara in the powder room, or yourself as you hideaway in your room for a breather away from the bustle of family frivolity. Christmas scents can be set up ahead of time and refilled once the holidays are over.

Set The Scene For Santa

The cookies are baked. The gifts are wrapped. The stories are read. Why not set the scene for Santa with a scent he is sure to love? Let the kids or grandkids spritz a Christmas-ey scent around the room before bed. Getting their spaces reindeer ready is sure to become a beloved family tradition. Something they’ll remember for years to come.

A Fun Ambience For Christmas Morning Festivities

Switch up your holiday scents Christmas morning. We have so many for you to choose from. This makes this special day of family and giving even more memorable.

A Warm Feeling Atmosphere

Just because you don’t have a fireplace, or even if you do, it doesn’t mean you can’t warm up the feeling of the room without lighting the logs or turning up the heat. Light an elegant candle or two from Aroma Retail. It’s such a simple way to surround your visitors with sweet, spicy scents and a flickering glow.

The Finishing Touch For Any Holiday Decor

At Aroma Retail, we hope these ideas help you put hassle-free finishing touches on your Christmas decor this winter. We invite you to place your order today as you prepare for sugar and spice and everything nice this holiday season.

Make Your Holidays Happier and More Memorable with Happy Holidays from Aroma Retail

The Holidays are upon us and everyone knows that the holiday season brings about a wondrous sense of joy, comfort, joy, and love. One of the best ways to enhance the season is with a seasonal fragrance like Happy Holidays from Aroma Retail. A familiar Christmas fragrance will keep those treasured memories of the season alive for years to come every time you smell it.

It's commonly known that scent has the power to enrich and rekindle capture an entire experience, creating a fast track journey to a flood of memories. Aroma Retail knows that much of the magic of the holiday season lies within those treasured memories, which are rapidly activated by a distinctive smell, like Christmas Trees and Holiday Baking.

Bringing a Christmas fragrance to your home, business, or space brings people to specific happy places of their lives, enabling them to relive and re-experience the joyous seasonal times.

One of our best selling seasonal fragrance oils, that embodies Christmas, is our Happy Holidays fragrance. A complex blend that will make any space smell like a Christmas dream home. With top notes of Cassis, Grapefruit, and Eucalyptus; mid notes of Black Plum, Cinnamon, and Clove Bud; and base notes of White Musk, Dark Amber, and Pine, making it the perfect scent for the Christmas season.

Happy Holidays and our Seasonal fragrances can be purchased at the Aroma Retail online store www.aromaretail.com

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Fragrance Science  has finally allowed us tofind the fragrance that matches you with Aroma Retail’s 4oz Fragrance Oil Refills. Whether it’s fruity, floral, woodsy, or musk, we all have a scent profile that speaks to us. Far beyond the selection available at your local skincare shop or big box store, we have uniquely formulated fragrance oils specially designed to work optimally with your Home Unit 101 Aroma Diffusion Machine, fragrance science.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

What’s really in your current home spray, reed diffuser, scented candle, plug-in, or wax melt? You want to know that the smells enveloping you and your family each day are safe. Our fragrance oil refills are compliant with standards set by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), CARB (California Air Resources Board), and IFRA (International Fragrance Association). Now that’s a breath of fresh air.

Professional Fragrance Science At Your Fingertips

Time, effort, and plenty of science goes into choosing the perfect scent for a luxury spa or world-famous resort’s lobby. How many times have we all walked into a place and wished we could bring the fantastic smell of that place into our own spaces? Now, you don’t have to visit the Vegas strip, Cali, or even London, England to experience your favorite fragrances again and again.

Home Can Be Your Happy Place

Running your hand along the spines of book after book, the warm scent of espresso, the clean, calming surroundings at your favorite facial or massage spot. Is there a place you can’t wait to get to as the office clock counts down on a Friday afternoon? You don’t have to wait until the weekend. Bring your favorite destination home with Aroma Retail’s Fragrance Oils:

A Place Where Memories Are Made

Be that place kids love coming home to, or returning to with their own families as the years go by. Set the scene for a holiday feast or a gathering of girlfriends. Who doesn’t love hearing “gosh, your house always smells so good”? Our collection of home fragrance oils includes plenty of cozy, yummy, comforting scents that are just right for memory-making occasions.

Scent Your Sanctuary

It’s hard enough to find time for personal reflection or meditation without the smell of this morning’s breakfast, the dog, or that load of laundry you forgot in the washer creeping in. Upgrade your Feng Shui, Spark More Joy, be more Zen. Diffuser Fragrance Oils bring the peace of the outdoors in. Whether you own a yoga studio or need a space that encourages a few healing breaths each day, home scents are a great solution.

Living Your Best Smelling Life

It’s amazing how the right scent can take you places mentally and affect you emotionally. Choose Aroma Retail’s 4oz Fragrance Oil Refills and Home Unit 101 Aroma Diffusion Machine to open the door to a world of fragrance experiences. Use the findings of Fragrance Science and take our innovative fragrance test to find your signature home fragrance oil options today.

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I just got one of the most thoughtful gifts ever, a pair of pants!  I know; it sounds silly, but bear with me.  A couple of months ago, I was playing tennis with a good friend when I fell and ripped my favorite pants.  I was distraught,  I LOVED those pants!  So imagine my surprise and elation when I received my first early Christmas present: my new pair of my favorite pants.

The most thoughtful gifts you could give someone is something that shows how well you know him or her.  Google it, and you will find lists and lists of what people say are the best gift they ever received; you will find that most thoughtful gifts have one thing in common: they are special because someone “remembered.”

Here is where I think we might fit into your search for the perfect gift.  A gift that will bring back memories of shared good experiences.  Our motto is "Have you been to a resort where you loved the smell and wished you could make your place smell like that?  We offer gifts that will be a constant reminder of those good times. Thoughtful gifts.  Fragrances that will make their homes smell as amazing as a 5-star resort and make it smell great all the time.

We offer several solutions for all needs and situations including the most efficient aroma diffusion machine on the market for whole-home scenting.

If they like to have something that smells nice on their desk, our reed diffusers are beautiful and long-lasting.Set of 3 Reed Diffusers

…or maybe it is just a pair of pants (which you could spray with our Room Sprays... just kidding but why not). Whatever the case, from all of us at Aroma Retail we hope you have a Merry Christmas full of wonderful, thoughtful gifts.

Thank You,


Picking the best Christmas scent, or the best Thanksgiving scent, or the best holiday scent in general, was not easy.  We went about it by focusing on the two things that make the holidays so special: the environment and the food.

For the holiday environment, we went with these two fragrances:

Happy Holidays, which has everything you smell in that main Christmas gathering space, from the tree, to the treats, to the cozy blankets.

Winter Woods, which is what you smell when you're on the front porch of a cabin in the mountain forest during the holidays. 

For the holiday food, we went with these two fragrances:

Hot Apple Pie, which has everything you smell when a fresh-baked holiday treat comes out of the oven, and fills the space with mouthwatering scents.

Pomegranate and Sage, which celebrates the sweet and spicy scents of an active holiday kitchen. 

Read more about why we love holiday scents here 

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