New Year’s Resolution - Buy A Home Diffuser

A home diffuser from Aroma Retail is a convenient, powerful way to make sure that your house always smells fantastic. Always be ready to welcome guests. Look forward to walking in the door after a long day. See how this simple, consistent, reliable home fragrance solution can make a difference in your life this year.

The Problem With Resolutions

So, why are New Year’s resolutions so hard to stick too? We invest so much time and money in the same hopes for better health, new hobbies, and closer families. Sometimes the best goals are the simple ones. Resolve to create a space that supports all of your dreams this year with a home diffuser like the Home Unit 101.

Ensure Scenting Success

Speaking of simple, a great diffusion machine should be easy to place, set, and refill so you can save time and just enjoy your investment. The fragrance oils available for your machine should also be high quality and plentiful in variety. You don’t want to be limited by a generic or arbitrary selection of fragrances.

Our Diffusion Machine Options

We carry two popular home scent diffusion machines. The Aroma Unit 101 is perfect for spaces up to 2,000 square feet. Our Professional Scenting Machine extends this capability to up to 15,000 square feet. So, you can rest easy knowing that your favorite fragrances will flow through every square inch of your home.

More Benefits, Less Hassle

Depending on your choice of diffusion machine and settings, you can count on enjoying continuous home scent from six weeks to a year. Set your diffusor up freestanding or mount it our of the way on a wall. We even offer a convenient air-switch kit so you can connect your machine to your home’s ventilation system.

Selection, Selection, Selection!

When you choose a home diffuser from Aroma Retail, you’ll never run short on fragrance options. Choose from our luxury Resort Collection, favorite Places Collection, and Seasonal Scents. We are always adding something new and unique. This makes it easy to find an aroma that’s truly you and then switch things up seasonally or as you desire. The hard part is usually choosing just a few.

Luxury Resort Vibes:

Aria At City Center’s Asian Garden
Cosmopolitan’s Desert Breeze
Edition Hotels’ Black Tea & Fig
Linq’s Linq A
Marriott’s Attune
Silverton’s Hot Apple Pie

All Of Your Favorite Places:

Book Store
Coffee Shop
Luxury Spa
Tobacco Shop
Wine Vineyard
Popular Scents Of The Season:

Candy Cane Christmas
The Great Pumpkin
Happy Holidays
Pomegranate & Sage
Trick Or Treat
Winter Woods

Order A Diffusion Machine You’ll Love

Welcome, invigorate, comfort, and impress everyone who walks in your door. It’s as easy as choosing the right diffusion machine and fragrance oil from our collection. It’s not too late. Let us help you make a New Year's resolution you can keep this year. Make my space smell great! Order a home diffuser solution you can rely on from Aroma Retail, and you can check “create great ambiance” right off your to-do list.

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