Scenting for Thanksgiving

When you include luxury home fragrances from Aroma Retail in your entertainment planning, you start with the best and can only go up from there.

This year may find fewer faces around your table, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve the coziest, homiest day of thanks you can offer.

Thanks For Providence & Provision

It's the time of year to reflect on the cornucopia of blessings we enjoy from January to November. Whether you are setting a small table for two or trying to create ambiance for the residence of a senior living facility, get everyone in a thankful mood for the bounty to come with our feast-worthy fragrances.

Is there anything more warming and nostalgic than warm things baking? Lure kids and friendsgiving guests alike to your Thanksgiving table without having to turn the oven on yet again, or at all if you happen to be ordering in. Just choose a home scent that practically does the baking for you.

Scenting for Thanksgiving Fragrance Choices

Pastry Shop
Warm Bread Baker
Hot Apple Pie

Thanks For Family & Friends

After tummies are full and everyone is grinning, it's time to share memories, nap, and relax - especially for the host or hostess. Scent the scene around a cozy card table with Wine Vineyard, bursting with the scents of Napa Valley. Or, serve coffee with dessert and Coffee Shop to up everyone's laid-back comfort levels.

Socially Distanced Thanksgiving Treats

Don't let faraway loved ones put a damper on your day. Send them sentiments that a video call just can't deliver with a Thanksgiving gift reminiscent of the festivities planned at your house. Mom's famous apple pie might not make it through the mail. So, how about a Mix & Match Gift Set, including a scentsational array of turkey day delights instead.

A hand-poured, soy wax candle, fine mist room spray, and elegant reed diffuser come beautifully packages with the message of your choice. It's a Thanksgiving medley your vegan sister, butter-on-everything uncle, and gluten-free cousin can share and enjoy alike. Now, that's a recipe for success.

Order Instant Thanksgiving Vibes

Order your Thanksgiving scenting selection and gifts for all the people you wish you were planning a place setting for. We have a selection that just can't be matched when it comes to quality or range. You are sure to find something for everyone and a scent for every part of your holiday celebration at Aroma Retail. Be prepared, order today!


This year has been difficult for certain. However, with Thanksgiving soon upon us (as well as the end of the year finally in sight), it’s the perfect time to look past the hardships of 2020 and toward the good we have in our lives. To make it even more fun, I’m going full Aroma Retail on this and basing my thankful list around Aroma Retail's Hot Apple Pie and other Thanksgiving scents!

This year, I’m grateful for:

I hope you’ve also been able to find a little extra joy in your lives with the amazing fragrance lineup from Aroma Retail throughout this last year. What are some things you’re grateful for? Feel free to share!

Everyone stay safe and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Holiday Fragrancing Thanksgiving

Send your guests home with more than leftovers this Thanksgiving. Whether you’re hosting friends or family this Thanksgiving, at Aroma Retail, we want to help you leave a lasting impression on those you love. Memories live on long after the potatoes and pie have filled bellies and brought smiles to faces. Set the scene and send them home with the best home scents. That’s our specialty.

Your Home’s Signature Scent

The way your house smells immediately influences every guest that walks through your door. You can create an ambiance of luxury, laid-back affection, or even cozy comfort just by choosing the right fragrance oils to diffuse this fall. Take our fragrance test and discover your signature scent or go for something a little more seasonal. We have no shortage of options for you.

Frangrances For The Hostess With The Mostess

Where do you start when you’re looking for something as unique as your home, your family, and your guests? Why settle for a one-size-fits-all scent when you are anything but ordinary? Here are just a few of our recommendations for creating the perfect atmosphere for your autumn festivities. Pair them with our Home Unit 101 Aroma Diffusion Machine for both convenience and coverage.

Ritz Carlton’s Waterfall

Are you looking for freshness, fruit, deep florals, and natural warmth? Then, it’s easy to see why Waterfall is the signature scent for the Ritz Carlton luxury hotel chain.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Fresh Greens, Apple & Melon
Mid Notes: Jasmine, Rose & Cyclamen
Base Notes: Musk & Sandalwood

Marriott’s Attune

If rich and complex are more your style, you can’t go wrong with Marriott’s Attune. This is the scent of a world-class welcome.

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Orange, Fresh Greens, Apple, Bergamot, Pineapple & Cassis
Mid Notes: Jasmine & Rose
Base Notes: Musk, Oakmoss, Sweet Vanilla & Cedarwood

Westin’s White Tea

Fill your home with a light, clean feeling with Westin’s White Tea. With an atmosphere like this, don’t blame us when you’re guests RSVP for next year too.

Top Notes: Silver Needle Point Tea, Frosted Bergamot & White Tea Blooms
Mid Notes: Ginger Lily, White Tea Leave Petals & Pekoe Tea
Base Notes: Mate Musk, Mahogany Wood & Teakwood

The Great Pumpkin

A luxurious, natural blend that elevates pumpkin into a whole new class. The Great Pumpkin by Aroma Retail is the scent for all of us who have been waiting for our favorite fall melon to grow up a little.

Top Notes: Pumpkin & Smoked Chestnuts,
Mid Notes: Cinnamon Bark, Orange & Winter Jasmine
Base Notes: Cedar, Amber & Sandalwood

Trick Or Treat

Be the warm and welcoming destination kids and adults alike can’t wait to get to this fall. Trick Or Treat by Aroma Retail is all about surprise and delight, warm and sweet.

Top Notes: Orange, Lemon, Lime, Melon, Rhubarb, Wine, Cassis, Peach & Mango
Mid Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Violet & Orange Flower
Base Notes: Sugar

Gifts Your Guests Will Never Forget

In addition to enriching your home’s aesthetic in the most memorable way, fragrance oils make perfect farewell gifts. Put together a pretty gift basket with sweets and a scent that will remind them of your time together. Our scented candles, room sprays, and reed diffusers are all designed with both elegance and quality in mind.

Make Entertaining Easy With A Little Las Vegas Luxury

We know how to entertain here in Las Vegas. We love helping you curate your personal spaces with the best holiday fragrancing Thanksgiving. From luxe resorts to lovely places and seasonal options, your new favorite is waiting for you. Make this Thanksgiving truly unforgettable. Shop Aroma Retail and find fragrances to enrich every season today.

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