Madeline Martin Joins Aroma Retail Team

Madeline Martin USA TODAY Bestselling Author Joins the AromaRetail Team

Hi, I'm Madeline Martin and I’ve recently started writing articles for Aroma Retail and thought it would be a good idea to write a bit about myself by way of introduction. For starters, I’m no stranger to writing. I was always jotting down little ideas here and there as a child. Now that I’m an adult, I’m a USA Today Bestselling Author of historical romance and breaking out into historical fiction world with my upcoming WWII novel, The Last Bookshop in London.

I’m grateful every day for the opportunity to be a full-time author. It allows me to spend extra time with my two girls when they need me, to have the flexible schedule required of a mom of very busy children, and the chance to take on some fun passion projects — like writing articles for Aroma Retail.

My FamilyConfession: I loooove good smells. I always have. Whether they’re on me, other people, or in the air, I have always been what I like to refer to as a “smell good person” who gravitates toward the best scents. That’s actually how I stumbled upon Aroma Retail.

I was at a writing conference in Colorado, and several other authors and I had a little corner of tables and chairs near the elevator where we would always meet up. Every time we sat there, we caught the most wonderful scents of apple and pear. I couldn’t get over how much I loved it.

Occasionally, we would hear a little hiss, and I figured whatever it was had to do with that fabulous smell. I peered under the table and found a scent machine. I immediately wrote down the name and pulled up the website.

That’s how I came to find Aroma Retail. At the time, we were in the process of selling our house and knowing many other people are “smell good people” too, I purchased the Scent Machine - Home Unit 101. We had so many compliments on how wonderful our house smelled. We transferred the system to our new home, where we still enjoy the wonderful aromas through the year that Aroma Retail has to offer. We love them all!

Over the years of purchasing fillers for my fabulous little machine, I got to know Cristina, who is just the sweetest ever! Through a series of e-mails, we came to discuss marketing and newsletters. One day, she asked if I’d be interested in writing articles for them. Being a “smell good person”, how could I possibly say no?

So, here I am, from a writing conference peering under a table in a skirt and heels to inhaling Aroma Retail magic and creating articles for all of you to enjoy.

It’s so wonderful to meet all of you and to be part of the amazing Aroma Retail family.

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