Home Office Scenting Vibe Like A Boss

Enjoy Home Office Scenting and work from home in-style with an invigorating scent from Aroma Retail. With fewer opportunities to check-in with co-workers and customers, it can be tempting to check out entirely and get less done than you need and want. If you’ve found yourself working from home more and more this spring, we want to help you find ways to keep the productivity up and the boredom down by upgrading those home office vibes.

Dress To Impress

When we work from home, we can often get away with a video conference in pajama bottoms and our favorite slippers, but nobody wants cozy to translate into lazy. Neglecting your work usually just means more work in the long run. It’s essential to create an environment for yourself that enhances your inspiration and encourages your dedication.

Choose a dedicated space, if you don’t have an actual room that you can use for an office at home. Then make sure everything, from your chair to your wall decor, and maybe even your office supplies are items that you look forward to spending time around. Make sure they are things that make you happy.

Tap Into The Power Of Scent

Amazingly, there are many scents that can work to motivate us from the inside out. Home office scenting can wake you up, elevate your mood, and even boost your productivity. Look for peppermint, eucalyptus, and citrusy smells. The answer can even be as simple as a fragrance that reminds you of your favorite coffee shop or book store.

Book Store
Coffee Shop
Eucalyptus Forest
Luxury Spa

Treating Yourself - Always A Great Investment

Think about it. Motivational wall art, a pretty planner or calendar, a few spring blossoms of your desktop, and a candle, reed diffuser, or room spray that totally transforms the space. With  Home office scenting you can customize your home office from floor to ceiling. So, why wouldn’t you make it into a place you can’t wait to spend more time in?

Don’t Forget To Wind Down & Recharge

At the end of a full workday, it’s just as important to find the time and place to apply the breaks your to-do list and just be done. Fatigue is the enemy to productivity, especially at home, where we’re always in our comfort zones. Why not diffuse a little Lavender Garden or Pastry Shop and let yourself recharge surrounded by lavender, vanilla, and a world of cozy.

When A Day Off Doesn’t Mean Time Off

At Aroma Retail, we understand that right now, a lot of us are getting the day off from the office, but not from our home offices. Working from home can be more of a pleasure with the right backdrop. Let us help you create the ambiance you’re going for with great home fragrances from our luxury Places Fragrances collection. You may even find a few you’ll want to bring back with you when it’s time to trade your bedroom for the break room and video conferences with water cooler chats once again. Subscribe to our YouTube channel CLICK HERE

Scenting For Homeschooling - If the spring school season is finding you at the center of your child’s learning environment, then why not encourage a more productive homeschool day with scent from Aroma Retail? From the moment they decide to get out of bed to the closing of that last homeschooling lesson, you want the day to go well. Make more family time a pleasure.

Calming The Chaos

At first, when you’re transitioning from sending kids off for a busy educational day to keeping them at home, everything can seem overwhelming. Children often feel better with a routine, and finding your ideal routine takes time. Sometimes a peaceful, effective learning environment starts with the little things.
A Clean, Dedicated Place For Learning
Organized Homeschool Supplies
Scheduled Breaks, Meals & Outdoor Time
A Wall Calendar With Everyone’s Daily Schedule Spelled Out

Education Is Everywhere

Maybe your biggest challenge with bringing or supporting learning at home is thinking of yourself as your child’s only teacher. Thanks to so many online resources and established homeschooling communities, you never have to feel alone. Your virtual teaching support group may be just waiting to meet you on your favorite social media platform.
Teaching is even easier with younger children who need to learn both basic skills and self-care skills. Every room in the households a rich selection of teaching opportunities for the parent on the lookout.

Scenting For Homeschooling

Besides routine, space, resources, and supplies, what makes for an excellent home learning environment? How about scent? You can energize kids, calm them down, or even just up the cozy-family ambiance by selecting and switching up your home fragrances. From room to room, or at different times a day, you can provide a variety of scents or one overall “smell of home” for your young learning.
Look for convenient candles, reed diffusers, diffusion machines, and room sprays that work with your family and lifestyle to influence mood and productivity.

Energize & Focus

Start the day, restart after a break, or re-energize during the mid-day slump.

Relax & Wind Down

Get little ones ready for nap time, or everyone prepared for plenty of healthy sleep after a long school day.

One Less Thing To Worry About

If you want to try scenting for homeschooling support tool, why not do it in the most hands-off way possible? You want solutions, after all, not more problems. We carry the powerful Aroma Unit 101 with whole-home scenting capabilities. Set it up, program it, and get ready to reap the benefits of the right fragrances for you and your family.

We’re Here To Help

At Aroma Retail, we want to help your family stress less and enjoy being together more as long as you choose to homeschool. Get early learners in gear, avoid summer brain drain, have a plan in place for any type of unexpected school closure. We can support you with a fantastic selection of home fragrances to set the scene.


Home Safe Home - Staying at home should be a joy, unfortunately, with the recent COVID -19 Outbreak it has become mandatory in some places. With everyone concerned about the outbreak and the impact the virus may have on our daily lives, Aroma Retail wants you to know we are taking precautions to do our part in mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Our employees are practicing meticulous hygiene and are monitored closely, with paid sick leave as an option if they or their family members are experiencing any symptoms. Our products are not shipped from China; they are assembled and shipped from our facility right here in Las Vegas.  We have increased the frequency of surface and equipment cleaning from once per day to multiple times per day.

Aroma Retail will remain open, and we are confident that our facilities and practices are safe.  We will keep working and shipping, and do not expect any delays in our own commitments and throughout our supply chain.  We have checked with each of our suppliers throughout the country and they share our commitment and confidence.

We are following the Department of Health and Human Services guidelines for businesses. Many of our staff are working remotely, and our warehouse staff is working rotating shifts.  We are monitoring the situation and taking guidance from the NCDHHS, NVDHHS, Center for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization as more information becomes available.  We are grateful for your business and remain committed as always to you, your family, and your community's health.  We sincerely hope everyone is able to resume their normal lives soon.

Home Safe Home!
In times like this, it is more important than ever to make your home as welcoming and relaxing as possible. Our Fragrance Oils are the highest grade of purity, with no synthetic toxics for volatile organic compounds, fragrance oils are by nature bacteriostatic, this means it isn’t possible for bacteria or viral materials to grow inside of them or carry them, and as such they are an inhospitable environment for viruses and bacteria so they can be used without worry.
Stay safe, our friends, and enjoy your wonderful-smelling home. Home Safe Home



On the hunt for a present that will last longer than that holiday ham or list of New Years’ resolutions? Aroma Diffusers from Aroma Retail are the Christmas gift that keeps on giving all year long. Make walking in the door a pleasure from month to month and season to season, whether it’s with a favorite signature scent or something new from our ever-evolving collection.

Our Aroma Diffusion Machine Options

For a no-hassle way to make larger homes smell great for weeks at a time, our Aroma 101 Diffusion Machine and Professional Diffusion Machine can’t be beat. We even offer an air-switch kit to ensure a steady scent experience. Spoil your in-laws, the newlyweds in your life, or even yourself with fuss-free fragrance.

Other Ways To Keep The Scent Coming

Maybe you’re an apartment dweller or shopping for kids heading back to college in the spring. That doesn’t mean having the perfect home fragrance on hand can’t be easy. Our reed diffusers, candles, and room sprays are all available in sets. So, you can put together the perfect home scenting kit for all of your favorite folks.

Reed diffusers are great for bathrooms and guest rooms. Candles provide an instant dose of cozy, classy fragrance to any living area. Room sprays are perfect for freshening up the man cave or keeping by the front door, anywhere you might need a little spritz with an amazing impact.

Convenient Refills

If you find a fragrance you can’t get enough of, make sure to stock up. That’s right, we carry both 4 oz and 27 oz sizes of all of our home scents. So, you can gift that diffusion machine with enough add-on fragrances to last your recipient the whole year. Whenever someone compliments them on how good their home smells, they’re sure to think of you and your thoughtful gift.

Fantastic Fragrances All Year Long

The hardest and easiest part about giving home fragrance diffusers from Aroma Retail will be choosing your scents. We have an amazing collection of options that range from Seasonal to the ambiance of everyone’s Favorite Places to straight from the lobby or spa of famous Las Vegas Resorts.

Pomegranate & Sage
Candy Cane Christmas
Happy Holidays
Book Store
Flower Shop
Tobacco Shop
Four Seasons Whistler’s Cedar Seduction
MGM Signature’s Volupta
Marriott’s Attune

This is just a small sampling of all we have to offer. Take our online fragrance test or read through the informative descriptions of the scents that speak to you. We invite you to have fun exploring our exclusive collection and shoot any questions you may have our way.

Order Your Aroma Diffusers Today

Make your holiday gifting this year truly memorable with home fragrance diffusers from Aroma Retail. We can’t wait to help you spread the Christmas cheer around your home and theirs. Place your order today, and don’t forget a few extras for unexpected gifting opportunities. After all, a great home scent is the present everyone loves to experience, share, and receive.


Zen Temple, Hot Apple Pie, Luxury Spa, Flower Shop. What impression does your home make every time you open that front door? It can seem impossible to get the homey smell you’re going for into every nook and cranny. That’s where our Scent Machine - Home Unit 101 comes in. We can’t wait for you to experience the whole-home fragrance difference. You’ll wonder where this little machine with such big results has been all your life.

Where Other Home Scent Solutions Fall Short

Room sprays, candles, reed diffusers, wax melts, and even scented oil plug-ins. You’ve tried them all right? The problem is, a candle in the guest room can only be enjoyed in that specific room. As bigger homes and vaulted ceilings become the norm, you have more space for different smells to mingle. It might seem like your home never quite smells fresh.

Don’t settle for a one-room solution when what you need is a whole home scent solution. Why spend your valuable time replacing plug-ins, cleaning out wax melt warmers, replacing bulbs, or finding a safe place for that lighter? We have a better, more convenient answer to making your home smell good.

Consistent Results. Small Profile.

Forget troubleshooting and trial and error. The Scent Machine - Home Unit 101 is the best way to fragrance any home up to 2,000 square feet. You get consistent diffusion of your favorite home scents all in a convenient package:

Home, Work & Play

Home Unit 101 Aroma Diffusion MachinesWhether it’s the playroom, the home office, the finished basement or a dedicated man cave, we all have a room we’d rather not spend much time in. Maybe they smell, or maybe they just don’t have a very inviting vibe. Let our Scent Machine - Home Unit 101 change that stinky game room into just another room in the place you love to call home.


Additional Spaces & Bigger Homes

Some of us have homes larger than 2,000 square feet or separate living, work or recreation spaces. Extending the coverage area of your favorite scent is so easy. Just add another lightweight, low-profile, easy-to-use Aroma Diffusion Machine. This is especially convenient if you work from home and see clients there.

An additional Scent Machine - Home Unit 101 can make bringing a piece of home to the office just as simple. Imagine greeting customers or waiting room guests with the same fragrances you enjoy at home.

So Many Options

But how can I bring that Luxury Spa or Coffee Shop smell home? We carry home fragrance oils for the Scent Machine - Home Unit 101 to suit a wide range of discerning tastes. Best of all, with this powerful, professional-grade atomizer, your favorite scents are diffused throughout your entire house for up to 6 weeks without needing replacement.

Home Unit 101 Aroma Diffusion Home Fragrance That Doesn’t Fall Short

At Aroma Retail, we make the same fragrance tech used by spas, hotels, boutiques, and more available to you through the Scent Machine - Home Unit 101. From that sweet French pastry shop you visited on your honeymoon to a relaxing day at the hotel spa to holiday scents ready for months of memory-making, we have a fragrance you’ll love.

Organic and Hypoallergenic Scents

Safe fragrance oils that do not have toxins or volatile compounds that trigger allergic reactions are both Organic and Hypoallergenic.  A lot of Essential Oils are Organic, but still, have allergens. Aroma Retail’s high-quality fragrance oils, formulated specifically for aroma diffusion, are not only organic but are also hypoallergenic because the volatile organic compounds that trigger allergic reactions are distilled out while maintaining the integrity of the fragrance molecules that we actually smell.  Let’s break down what Organic and Hypoallergenic mean so that we can have a better understanding of this. 

Understanding Organic - No synthetics

Organic materials are defined in modern chemistry as carbon-based compounds, originally derived from living organisms (not synthetic) but now include some specific lab-synthesized versions as well. Most are combinations of a few of the lightest elements, particularly hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen.  In simplest terms, Organic means that the material is relating to, or derived from living organisms.

Understanding Hypoallergenic - Fewer Allergens

Hypoallergenic means designed to reduce or minimize the possibility of an allergic response, as by containing relatively few or no potentially irritating substances, including volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

Aroma Retail's Products - Fragrance Oils

Aroma Retail's products are Fragrance Oils, not Essential Oils. Essential Oils are a concentrated hydrophobic liquid that still contains volatile chemical compounds from plants. Essential oils are also known as volatile oils, ethereal oils, aetherolea, or simply as the oil of the plant from which they were extracted, such as oil of clove. Our Fragrance Oils (also known as Aroma Oils) are blended aroma compounds with natural essential oil derivatives with the allergens distilled out.  These oils are also blended with a natural and neutral carrier oil to increase the usable volume and project the Aroma extracted, such as oil of clove. Fragrance Oils or Aroma Oils are blended aroma compound or natural essential oil derivative that is coupled with a carrier oil to enhance and project the Aroma making them Organic and Hypoallergenic Scents.


When we smell fragrances sensing fragrance molecules, which are unique combinations of atoms that make each fragrance molecule unique.  Most allergic reactions to scents are caused by plant pollen, which is a powdery substance with functions similar to a reproductive cell to create and grow other plants.  Many pure Essential Oils contain pollen; our fragrance oils do not. Our fragrance oils extract the fragrance molecules from the natural ingredients and leave out all the allergens. Sometimes you might feel an allergic reaction to a scent with no allergens because you "remember" being allergic to that scent; however, no physical allergy is triggered.

At Aroma Retail we sell products that are good for you, good for the environment and good for your pets. Our products use safe ingredients, which means eliminating allergens and artificial dyes, animal products, parabens, and any other potentially toxic chemicals.  Our product standards are driven by our Core Values and In line with that philosophy, we only natural organic ingredients in our fragrances. The outcome? Clean, fresh and safe scents that are both Organic and Hypoallergenic.  Our blend of ingredients that make up each of our signature scents abide by our strict quality control standards and are CA Proposition 65 compliant and pet safe.

About Aroma Retail

Aroma Retail’s scenting solutions and unique fragrance library allow anyone to enhance their own luxurious environment and create memorable experiences just like the professionals do, through a simple no-nonsense online retail model.  Scent Like a Pro

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What does your home smell like right now? What is the first impression people get when they walk in the door…

Is it something wonderful just come out of the oven, that makes them hungry? Is it a fresh and clean scent that makes them feel happy and safe? I hope it’s not something that spoiled in the kitchen garbage, an old gym bag or another “gift” from your beloved pets. No one wants their home to stink, that’s for sure that is why Malodor control is so important. At the same time, we also don’t want to constantly be spraying, changing plugins, or using harmful aerosols to maintain how our home smells. Our sense of smell is run by the same part of the brain, in the limbic system, that controls our emotions. This is why smells are so good at making us happy or sad.

smelly laundry

Let’s be happy! Have a home that smells great, all the time.

World-class resorts use signature fragrances in their lobbies and other public areas to give a great first impression and elevate the moods of their guests and for malodor control. It is easy to make your whole home smell great and do it like the pros do, with fragrances that have proven themselves at resorts that are known for their signature scent. To scent like a pro, we just need to answer a few questions to understand what we’re looking to achieve. First, why do world-class resorts use scenting rather than relying on keeping a completely clean environment that has no smell at all? Here are some reasons that we have heard from resort property managers and marketing professionals:

First impressions are everything, and how we smell is a huge part of how our brand is perceived.

Resorts want to project a very clean environment, even though they host a lot of guests. Clean rugs, furniture, whatever… every guest brings in their own scent and they don’t want to leave the overall smell of the environment to chance. At the same time, they also don’t want the resort to smelling like cleaning products. People remember a resort for how they smell; Most get compliments at the front desk all the time with guests asking how they can get something for their home. Everyone seems to be in a better mood when it smells great. Which fragrances should we use, and how do resorts select theirs? Why don’t they just use the standard fragrances offered by big companies like Glade and Febreze?

Home Smell Fresh

Special places deserve a special scent. Here is what resorts consider when they select a fragrance as their signature scent:

  1. What type of impression are we making with your design, décor, and brand elements? The scent should match.
  2. How do we want our guests and employees to feel? Different fragrance ingredients promote different moods, like optimism or safety, and the right blend of fragrance ingredients can cover a wide spectrum of mood enhancement. I’ll share some information to help you select your perfect mood blend.
  3. What are our fragrance preferences? Do we prefer citrusy over floral, or woody over fruity? It was your preferences that drove your design and décor, so this is a very important consideration. More to follow on this as well.

What is the easiest way to make my whole home smell great, and how do the resorts do it?

Resorts primarily use aroma diffusion machines to atomize their fragrance into the air for air scenting and malodor control. Sometimes the larger commercial machines will be attached to the ventilation systems, but only when the ventilation system is large enough to properly carry the fragrance and the system’s fan is always running. Most lobbies will have wall-mounted scenting machines at the entrances and gathering areas. An average-sized home will smell great with one good aroma diffusion machine in the main open area of the home. Research has shown how important scenting is, and it goes beyond just smelling nice. Here are some fun facts and stats:

Through the centuries, societies and cultures have tried to eliminate bad odors from their environment. From the burning of odorant woods and herbs through incense, fragrant oils and pomades to our modern aerosol technology like the Home Unit 101

It seems that most malodors relate to certain smells that, at some time in human evolution, had signaled imminent danger: such are the odors of smoke, carnivorous animals, decaying flesh, spoiled food and even the smell of our own species. In modern times, these objectionable odors come from many and diverse sources. Just to mention a few, let’s cite industries of all sorts, rendering plants, garbage dumps and, even closer to home, household and body odors which make the need for malodor control necessary.

About Aroma Retail
Aroma Retail’s scenting solutions and unique fragrance library allow anyone to enhance their own luxurious environment and create memorable experiences just like the professionals do, through a simple no-nonsense online retail model.  Scent Like a Pro

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Home scenting is a critical element in the design of a home, but scent is an accessory that’s often overlooked. However choosing a home fragrance is just as important as your choice in decor, lighting, and artwork. Scenting adds a sensory depth of character to your house – transforming the ambiance into an inviting and relaxing escape, making your house a home. Our range of resort and signature fragrances offer solutions for homes and apartments of all shapes and sizes.

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In the past years, home care fragrance products have been adjusting to consumer demands and have seen a variety of changes in dispensing technology and smells. From simple Plug-In aerosol air fresheners with simple fragrances to new digital fragrance technologies.  Aroma Retail's Aroma Diffusion Machine Home Unit 101 and new Professional Scenting Machine are the best options for your home. The Aroma Diffusion Machine Home Unit 101 offers whole-home coverage in a 2,000 square-foot house or apartment with an open floor plan, perfect for basements, game rooms, or workshops.  The Professional Scenting Machine For very large spaces as a free-standing diffuser or connected to your ventilation system, get whole-home coverage in up to 15,000 square feet. Both allow you to use the same fragrance oils and diffusion technology that the pros use in hotels, hospitals, stores, offices.

As the only sense directly linked to emotions and memories from childhood, the sense of smell is perhaps the single most important facet of a home’s aesthetic; bringing together all the design elements to create a complete experience for everyone who enters your home, and Aroma Retail's scent machines are the best options for scenting your home.

About Aroma Retail
Aroma Retail’s scenting solutions and unique fragrance library allow anyone to enhance their own luxurious environment and create memorable experiences just like the professionals do, through a simple no-nonsense online retail model.  Scent Like a Pro

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How Can You Find the Best Scent for your Home? Follow These Simple Instructions...

best scent for your homeThe top 40 most popular fragrances used at world-class resorts are listed on our Fragrance Page, along with filters that allow you to select your custom scent based on your preferences, finding the best scent for your home.


You can sort these fragrances based on the following criteria:

So, if you select Top 10 Most Popular, Citrusy and Woody for the Most Prominent Ingredients, Clean & Safe for the MosBellagio Hotel Scentt Desired Mood, Fall Season, and Used in Spas, You would get Bellagio’s Blue Ice as a result for the best scent for your home.

Bellagio’s Blue Ice is a Mediterranean blend of Cucumber, sweet Melon, Rose and Lily of the Valley ending with Blonde Woods with top notes of Grapefruit, Green Apple, Cucumber, Melon, Ozone; mid notes of Damascena Rose, Lily of the Valley; and base notes of Blond Woods, Musk.

Perfect for a smooth Fall fragrance to create a clean and safe mood.

Which one is your special scent? Visit our Home Page and find your home fragrance and harvest the power of scent.

By Andy Myers for research-live.com


No other sense is so firmly linked to memory and emotion than our sense of smell. With its strong physiological link between the olfactory and limbic system and around 1,000 genes that encode distinct scents – compared to vision that only has four – our sense of smell is highly discriminating and adept at distinguishing and recognizing smells, even though we may struggle to articulate them…

…And maybe that is part of the problem: bricks and mortar retail stores are still dominated by vision, sound, and touch. What about smell?

It is clear from both academic literature and our research that smell has an impact on us, but that impact is unconscious: when people are asked what they think, they struggle to give any deep level of introspection into the experience, beyond whether they like it or not.

Does this mean scent alone will enhance an experience? Should retailers spray a couple of bottles of perfume around each day and that will do the trick? Or is it more complicated, more nuanced? As you may expect it is the latter, so put the perfume down for a moment and read on…

Full Article CLICK HERE

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