Mix and Match Gift Sets Available For a Limited Time.

We Are Happy to Announce Our New Mix and Match Gift Sets Available For a Limited Time.

Planning on another candy and flowers Valentine's Day Gift?  Why not give a gift that lasts the entire month?  The gift of a home that smells wonderful and memorable. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, our new Mix and Match Gift Sets includes a Candle, Room Spray and Reed Diffuser with the opportunity to mix and match fragrances.   Available only for limited time, this Gift Set comes wrapped in a green mesh gift bag with drawstring and we include a card with your a personalized message.

This Gift Set includes a Candle, Room Spray and Reed Diffuser with the opportunity to mix and match fragrances.Due to the fact that all of our products are hand made to order,  there are no product substitutions on gift sets. The Reed Diffuser is a 7-ounce square glass bottle with a replaceable cork and includes a set of reeds. The Candle is hand poured soy blend in a 9-ounce straight glass tumbler with an aluminum lid. The Room Spray is a 4-ounce frosted glass bottle with a chrome fine-mist spray pump.

Make Your Valentine's Day Smell Wonderful With an Aroma Retail Gift Set!

Absolutely No Product Substitutions on Gift Sets!

Let Aroma Retail help you make the most of what remains of the chilly winter months with vibrant, energizing quality fragrancing solutions for your home. With a broad selection of luxury oils and convenient scenting solutions for every room in the house, we make letting a little more light in a breeze.

Where Did The Sun Go?

After the fun of the holidays, cold days and long nights can make the winter season seem to drag. The early moonrise turns from a novelty to an inconvenience and makes us all feel a little more drained earlier in the day. That doesn’t have to be the case. Stepping into your front room can reinvigorate you when you choose the right quality fragrancing solution.

Switching Things Up With Scent

At aroma retail, we carry fragrance oils perfect for any season, including winter’s end. A light, bright, clean, fresh scent might be just the room enhancer you’re looking for on those cloudy, windy days or nights. Just because the weather is a little gloomy, it doesn’t mean you have to be.

Spread A Little Cheer Around

Tired of waking up when it’s still dark out? Think of it as an excuse to light a pretty, fragrant candle. Switch the brown scenery outside for a forest of green and growing things or bright and citrusy things. It’s so simple when you have the right scents on hand. Imagine surrounding yourself with fresh greens, apple, ginger lily, peppermint, eucalyptus, fir, cedar, citrus, and so much more.

From Our Resort Fragrance Collection:

Ritz Carlton’s Waterfall
Westin’s White Tea
Warwick Hotels’ Fresh White Tea
Nobu Hotel’s Lemon Ginger
Four Seasons Whistler’s Cedar Seduction
Aria at City Center’s Pink Grapefruit

From Our Seasonal Fragrance Collection:
Candy Cane Christmas
Winter Woods

From Our Places Fragrance Collection:

Eucalyptus Forest

A Little More Upbeat At Home, Work Or Play

Surround your tub with flickering hand-poured, soy wax candles. Scatter reed diffusers through the house. Keep a room spray by the entryway. Or, make things easy on yourself and set our Aroma Unit 101 to do the diffusing for you during the hours when you’re home and awake. There are so many quality fragrancing solutions to keep your home smelling merry and bright.

Need a last-minute gift or a way to uplift and focus at work? Keep a selection of our smaller diffusion options on hand. Our candles, reed diffusers, and home sprays all look and smell great wherever they find a home.

Why not stock up on fragrance oil refills and one of our convenient diffusion machines for the home or office? Each of the aromas in our online collection accompanies a clear description and is available in the diffusion option of your choice.

Ready To Gleam & Glow Despite The Snow?

Place your order with us at Aroma Retail for quality fragrancing solution and infuse a little more brilliance into even the darkest winter days with luxury home scents today. Keep the gray outside where it belongs. Your favorite spaces can always feel lively and bright when you shop with us.

Aroma Retails PLACES Fragrance Collection

There are PLACES we love to smell! No question about it. The fresh bread bakery smell that literally drags you in for a baguette; the intoxicating aroma of fresh cut flowers that greets you when entering a flower shop; or the delicious scents of a luxurious spa. We love those smells, we recognize them, we want to smell them over and over. And I want to share them with you. As promised, our PLACES collection is now available for sale on our website. I am so excited to share them with you, and walk you through our 12 hand-picked fragrances representing our PLACES Fragrance Collection, that I hope will enhance your everyday olfactory experience and make your life happier 🙂

We got the Bookstore which offers you a sophisticated experience of paper pulp and leather from an old-school library, with notes of thyme, mild floral citrus and spices, paper, leather, amber, and woods. This complex blend also includes notes of basil, saffron, violet, jasmine, rose, amber, musk, cedarwood, patchouli, and vanilla. You will feel like walking the aisles of the magical Hogwarts library and ruffling through the pages of old books. You would also love our Coffee Shop with its warm and cozy blend of coffee bean, vanilla honey, milk and of course, caramel. I'll take a Venti Caramel Machiatto! Yes, please!

I also want you to smell the Tobacco Shop. No, no! Don't dismiss that one 🙂 It is not the scent of burned cigarettes, of cigarettes' smoke. This is an exhilarating mix of tobacco leaves, leather, complemented with woody amber and hints of muguet and bergamot. It is a flashback to a vintage sitting area in a club in old London, where leather, musk, tobacco, and cognac fill the air with sophistication. Ladies, I believe you would love this one!!! I DO 🙂 And if this one isn't for you, you need to take an olfactory trip into the wine country and enjoy a full spectrum of a Napa Valley Winery, from the aged grapes and full body of a sweet red wine, to the green and brown grape leaves, dry vines, rich soil, and light blossoms. That is our Wine Vineyard deliciousness 🙂

Lastly, stroll through our Eucalyptus Forest, where the unique calming and clean scent of eucalyptus mixes with the woods and leaves of a southern forest including fir, rosewood, patchouli, and cedarwood, or enjoy the essence of natural seclusion in our bubbling Meadow full of wild grasses and woods, with soothing hints of floral and light citrus. Or keep going towards the ocean and fill your soul with the scent of a wild, summer Seashore, where fresh salt air of the sea meets coastal vegetation of wild greens with light floral and citrusy notes, along with a hint of un-ripened coconut. And speaking of soul, you need to empower your mind and soul in our Zen Temple, where the meditative blend celebrating the human spirit and a lifestyle of love and honor, mixes perfectly with cleansing notes of fresh greens, fir needle, exotic woods, oakmoss, and geranium.

So enjoy our new PLACES Fragrance Collection and make your life a little better. They make me happy, so I hope they will make you happy too 🙂

Have you ever smelled something so amazing that you can't get enough? Some people love the smell of freshly baked bread, while others prefer rain or scented candles. Our PLACES Collection will help you to recall the good memories and bring those scents home to you. Read the article- 25 Places Around The World That Actually Smell Incredibly Good CLICK HERE

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What does your home smell like right now? What is the first impression people get when they walk in the door…

Is it something wonderful just come out of the oven, that makes them hungry? Is it a fresh and clean scent that makes them feel happy and safe? I hope it’s not something that spoiled in the kitchen garbage, an old gym bag or another “gift” from your beloved pets. No one wants their home to stink, that’s for sure that is why Malodor control is so important. At the same time, we also don’t want to constantly be spraying, changing plugins, or using harmful aerosols to maintain how our home smells. Our sense of smell is run by the same part of the brain, in the limbic system, that controls our emotions. This is why smells are so good at making us happy or sad.

smelly laundry

Let’s be happy! Have a home that smells great, all the time.

World-class resorts use signature fragrances in their lobbies and other public areas to give a great first impression and elevate the moods of their guests and for malodor control. It is easy to make your whole home smell great and do it like the pros do, with fragrances that have proven themselves at resorts that are known for their signature scent. To scent like a pro, we just need to answer a few questions to understand what we’re looking to achieve. First, why do world-class resorts use scenting rather than relying on keeping a completely clean environment that has no smell at all? Here are some reasons that we have heard from resort property managers and marketing professionals:

First impressions are everything, and how we smell is a huge part of how our brand is perceived.

Resorts want to project a very clean environment, even though they host a lot of guests. Clean rugs, furniture, whatever… every guest brings in their own scent and they don’t want to leave the overall smell of the environment to chance. At the same time, they also don’t want the resort to smelling like cleaning products. People remember a resort for how they smell; Most get compliments at the front desk all the time with guests asking how they can get something for their home. Everyone seems to be in a better mood when it smells great. Which fragrances should we use, and how do resorts select theirs? Why don’t they just use the standard fragrances offered by big companies like Glade and Febreze?

Home Smell Fresh

Special places deserve a special scent. Here is what resorts consider when they select a fragrance as their signature scent:

  1. What type of impression are we making with your design, décor, and brand elements? The scent should match.
  2. How do we want our guests and employees to feel? Different fragrance ingredients promote different moods, like optimism or safety, and the right blend of fragrance ingredients can cover a wide spectrum of mood enhancement. I’ll share some information to help you select your perfect mood blend.
  3. What are our fragrance preferences? Do we prefer citrusy over floral, or woody over fruity? It was your preferences that drove your design and décor, so this is a very important consideration. More to follow on this as well.

What is the easiest way to make my whole home smell great, and how do the resorts do it?

Resorts primarily use aroma diffusion machines to atomize their fragrance into the air for air scenting and malodor control. Sometimes the larger commercial machines will be attached to the ventilation systems, but only when the ventilation system is large enough to properly carry the fragrance and the system’s fan is always running. Most lobbies will have wall-mounted scenting machines at the entrances and gathering areas. An average-sized home will smell great with one good aroma diffusion machine in the main open area of the home. Research has shown how important scenting is, and it goes beyond just smelling nice. Here are some fun facts and stats:

Through the centuries, societies and cultures have tried to eliminate bad odors from their environment. From the burning of odorant woods and herbs through incense, fragrant oils and pomades to our modern aerosol technology like the Home Unit 101

It seems that most malodors relate to certain smells that, at some time in human evolution, had signaled imminent danger: such are the odors of smoke, carnivorous animals, decaying flesh, spoiled food and even the smell of our own species. In modern times, these objectionable odors come from many and diverse sources. Just to mention a few, let’s cite industries of all sorts, rendering plants, garbage dumps and, even closer to home, household and body odors which make the need for malodor control necessary.

About Aroma Retail
Aroma Retail’s scenting solutions and unique fragrance library allow anyone to enhance their own luxurious environment and create memorable experiences just like the professionals do, through a simple no-nonsense online retail model.  Scent Like a Pro

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Spring is in the Air and the April Fragrance of the Month is Langham Hotel's Ginger Flower

April is in full swing, and spring seems to have finally arrived everywhere. Langham Hotel's Ginger Flower is our fragrance choice for the month of April. With its inspiring and fresh airy notes of Ginger, Citrus, Green Petals, Freesia, and Rose,  Langham's Ginger Flower infuses the air with new energy, freshness, and renewed optimism.  Slightly musky, with top notes of Aldehydes and Amber, Langham's Ginger Flower is the perfect aroma for the season.

So open the windows, get outside if you must, but if you are inside turn on your Aroma Diffuser Machine and let Spring come inside!

About Aroma Retail
Aroma Retail’s scenting solutions and unique fragrance library allow anyone to enhance their own luxurious environment and create memorable experiences just like the professionals do, through a simple no-nonsense online retail model.  Scent Like a Pro

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