Malodor Control With Aroma Retail

Malodor Control

Is it something wonderful just come out of the oven, that makes them hungry? Is it a fresh and clean scent that makes them feel happy and safe? I hope it’s not something that spoiled in the kitchen garbage, an old gym bag or another “gift” from your beloved pets. No one wants their home to stink, that’s for sure that is why Malodor control is so important

How to Find the Best Scent for your Home

Fragrance Select

The top 40 most popular fragrances used at world-class resorts are listed on our Fragrance Page, along with filters that allow you to select your custom scent based on your preferences, finding the best scent for your home.

The Power of Scent - The Sense of Smell

No other sense is so firmly linked to memory and emotion than our sense of smell. With its strong physiological link between the olfactory and limbic system and around 1,000 genes that encode distinct scents – compared to vision that only has four – our sense of smell is highly discriminating and adept at distinguishing and recognizing smells, even though we may struggle to articulate them…

That New Book Smell

The smell of a new book - the smell of the paper and ink stimulates our senses. There's this somewhat distinct flavoring scent that emanates from freshly printed books.

Scenting Like a Pro - Aroma Diffuser

Our Home Unit 101 Aroma Diffusion Machine uses the same technology that the big commercial scenting machines do; it diffuses atomized fragrance oil directly into the air just like the commercial Aroma Diffusers.