Tropical Summer Scents from Aroma Retail

Close your eyes and sail away to your own private beach with sultry Tropical Summer Scents from Aroma Retail. Get your home, vacation home, or Airbnb ready for summer with a vacation of the senses. We have just the fragrance and diffusion solution to delight you, your family, or your guests all season long.

Sunny Days & Sandy Destinations

What does a long barefoot walk on warm white sands surrounded by a lush, tropical paradise smell like? Probably Margaritaville’s Sun & Sand. This luxury resort fragrance combines juicy fruit blossoms, heady florals, warm amber, and driftwood into the perfect sunny day at the beach.

Fruity Drinks & Exotic Summer Siestas

Whether you prefer a poolside cabana at the all-inclusive resort, the beach house, or a fluffy towel in the sand with plenty of ice-cold brews to go round, can you really call it a vacation without coconut? Any space can seem a little more tropical when you include a touch of this favorite island-centric fruit.

Choose complex sophistication over sickly sweet when you select a coconut-accented scent from our Resort Fragrances collection.

Golden Nugget’s Coconut Breeze
Mandalay Bay’s Coconut Spice
Mirage’s Mirage Coconut
Mirage’s Tropical Coco

The Cool, Crisp Sea Air

There’s nothing like seductive, salty breezes to transport you to the seaside, beachside, or the deck of your favorite cruise ship. Take a leaf from the professional fragrance book of some of the most exciting getaways in the nation. Or, check out our own unique beachside blend. Clear your mind and upgrade your space with any one of these fresh tropical summer scents.

Cosmopolitan’s Desert Breeze - Top Notes: Salty Sea Air, Pomelo & Mandarin. Mid Notes: Tiare Flower, Orange Blossom & Jasmine. Base Notes: Solar Amber, Sandalwood & Vanilla Musk.
Marriott Times Square’s Oceanic Breeze - Top Notes: Fresh Air Accord, Crisp Calone & Sicilian Bergamot. Mid Notes: Hedione, Sea Lily & Sheer Cassis. Base Notes: Ocean Musk, Driftwood & Clear Musk.

Seashore - Fresh Salt Air, Coastal Vegetation, Light Florals, Citrusy Notes & A Hint Of Un-Ripened Coconut. Peach, Orange, Lime, Violet, Cyclamen, Jasmine, Musk & Vanilla.

Tropical Summer Scents for Your Home’s Resort Collection

Skip the passport renewals and airport lines and make your home, your room, or your office into your next resort destination with the perfect tropical scents for summer. Scent your whole house or choose a bright sunny spot for a little blissful daily basking. You bring the paper drink umbrellas. We’ll deliver the ambiance.

Scent Your Whole Home with the Scent Machine - Home Unit 101
Uplift A Single Room - Hand-Poured, Soy Wax Candles
Brighten Up Your Work Space - Natural Reed Diffusers
The Tropics On The Go - Fine Mist Room Sprays

Order Up The Tropics, Today

Fun in the sun that doesn’t rely on the weather, anything spandex, savings, or accumulated vacation time? You bet! Your next getaway is just a few clicks away. Browse through our luxury fragrance collections and order the tropical scent that speaks to you and your ideal summer day at the beach. Then, place your order today and get away with having to pack a thing!

Find the best fragrant Father’s Day gifts at Aroma Retail. When it comes to all types of dads, scent just makes sense. Explore our selection of great home fragrances for the guys you love and then give or diffuse your picks to set the scene for celebration.

For The Coffee Loving Dad

Whether the father you’re celebrating likes drive-thru coffee on the way to the office, owns his own high-end espresso machine and a variety of artisanal blends, or starts the day with the same old cup of Folgers, he’ll love the scent of Coffee Shop from our Places fragrance collection. Coffee beans, sweet honey, milk, caramel, salt, vanilla, and sugar create the perfect cozy mood any time of day.

Dad can use Coffee Shop to wind down after a long day and still get a great night’s sleep.

For The Contemplative Dad

Maybe your father figure is into fitness or mental fitness through regular yoga, tai chi, qigong, or meditation practice. Accentuate and elevate his home gym or studio with another Places collection favorite, Zen Temple. Invigorate and honor flowing moves and inner reflection with clean, refreshing fresh greens, fir needle, exotic woods, oakmoss,, and geranium finished by cedarwood, patchouli, and amber.

For The Book Loving Dad

You might not be able to give dad a library this year, but you can bring home the scent of his favorite book shop. Our Book Store fragrance is masculine sophistication distilled to be the perfect companion to a hardback book, comfy recliner, and glass of wine. Paper pulp, leather, spices, florals, and woodsy scents mix and mingle in a scent that might almost be as enchanting as his favorite read.

Transform That Man Cave

Instantly transport your dad, spouse, significant other, boss, or friend from their man cave to an old fashioned gentleman’s club or speakeasy with our exclusive scent - Tobacco Shop. There’s no smokiness in this luxury fragrance. Instead, you get the richness and depth of tobacco leaves and flowers, leather, and complimentary woodsy amber. Hints of muguet and bergamot add to the complexity of this amazing scent.

Cromwell’s Allure Noire takes the warmth of tobacco leaves and leather to a even more exotic place alongside cognac and spices like black cardamom, pepper, and nutmeg. This fantastic blend is rooted in warm exotic woods, amber, and vanilla and complimented by bergamot, lavandin, and geranium.

Make Father’s Day Memories With Scent

These unique home fragrances are just the beginning of our home scenting options that are sure to impress dad this year. Choose a new signature scent for his office, relaxing space, or workshop, and you can be sure he’ll think of you and your care whenever he enters.

Fragrant Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Love & Use

But will dad actually use your Father’s Day scent? Sure! Make it easy to take the car from a game of pickup with the guys to escorting business clients to dinner with room sprays. Keep the game room ready for his weekly poker or pool group with our simple to set up reed diffuser. Or, make his study even cozier with a candle or two.

If dad works from home, you can make sure the home office always stays client ready with our Aroma 101 Diffusion Machine.

When You Just Can’t Choose

You can make the decision even simpler and give dad options with our Mix & Match Gift Set. He’ll get our popular 9 oz soy wax candle, 4 oz fine mist room spray, and 7 oz bottle of diffusion oil with a set of reeds. Choose three different dad-friendly scents or make all three gifts the same scent. We send it to you already packaged in a green mesh gift bag.

Order Your Fragrant Father’s Day Gifts Today

Don’t wait and get stuck buying just anything for the dads in your life this year. Our fragrance selection makes pairing the perfect scent with the ideal diffusion solution for your father, easy. Place your order with Aroma Retail today.

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At Aroma Retail, we have the perfect summer scent for your warm-weather months. Social House Bright Sunshine is a summertime superstar. Diffuse this lovely home fragrance wherever you go from June to September this year, and you’ll add a little more sunshine to both your days and your nights.

Smells Like Sunshine

What does a sunny summer day smell like? Fresh, green things. Bright fields of flowers. Plump, juicy fruits. Invigorating, energizing, and good, deep warmth. Social House Bright Sunshine is like a perfect picnic, a poolside barbecue, or a seaside celebration.

A Beautiful Summertime Blend

Our clothes, our diets, and our days all seem a little more colorful in summer. Don’t forget to accent your home too, with our perfect summer scent - Social House Bright Sunshine. This unique, luxury resort home fragrance blend is sure to transport you.

Fruit in our salads, fruit in our drinks. Of course the ideal home scent for warm weather has to have delightful top notes of summer fruit. Experience zesty citrus in grapefruit, Meyer lemon, and Brazilian Orange, bright peach and pineapple, and the sweet depth of cassis.

A summer without flowers? Unheard of! Beautiful blooms are everywhere in summertime, overflowing from what were once just buds during spring. Bright colors and perfumes call to bumblebees and hummingbirds, and often to us. Social House Bright Sunshine combines rose, jasmine, refreshing Muguet, fruity ylang-ylang, and herby thyme.

The best part of summer, though, is that relaxing feeling. An intoxicating warmth that lulls us to want to leave it all behind. So, our perfect summer fragrance for the home is grounded in soothing, woody, warm, and spicy base notes of patchouli, sandalwood, sheer amber, exotic musk, and vanilla.

So Many Reasons To Diffuse

Parties, staycations, summer break - there are so many reasons we look forward to summertime. Social House Bright Sunshine gives you yet another reason. Entertain out-of-town guests in style, brighten up your workspace, or just spoil yourself by switching up your home’s ambiance for this lighthearted season.

Our Diffusion Options For Social House

Fill your home with bright, fruity florals, or take a little sunshine wherever you go. At Aroma Retail, we have the diffusion solution to support your summer plans. From whole-home to home gym to easy, on-the-go options, we have you covered.

The Scent Machine – Home Unit 101 - For Whole Home Coverage
Hand-Poured, Soy Wax Candles - Portable Ambiance
Reed Diffusers - Simple, One-Room Fragrance
Room Sprays - They Go Wherever You Do!

Get Your Home Ready For Summer

Order Social House Bright Sunshine and brighten up your home today. At Aroma Retail, we look forward to helping you make your summer days and nights a little lighter this year with the perfect high-quality home scent from our luxury Resort Fragrances collection.

Summer Scents from Aroma Retail - It’s almost time for the June solstice, the longest day of the year and the official start of summer. At Aroma Retail, we want to help you make the most of this year's sunny days, starting with the sunniest of all. Why not use what’s left of may to surround yourself with everything you love about summertime?
Let’s get your home solstice ready with some of the easiest, breeziest summer scents.

Lighter Summer Scents For Brighter Days

With spring in the air, we’ve already lightened up our wardrobes, and now it’s time to brighten up our favorite spaces with summer’s airy florals. You don’t have to be a plant person to surround yourself with fragrant blooms. Lighten up Las Vegas resort-style. We carry a full line of the same exclusive scents the hotels use, many featuring bright, beautiful floral notes.

Social House Bright Sunshine - Jasmine, Rose & Ylang Ylang
Aria at City Center’s Asian Garden - Jasmine, Lily of the Valley & Tuberose
Luxor’s Asian Garden - Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Tuberose & Gardenia
Wynn’s Asian Lily - Lemon Verbena, Sheer Rose Petals & Sea Lotus
Linq’s Linq A - Jasmine, Violet & Rose

That’s Hot!

Not only are days about to get brighter, they are also getting warmer. As much as we want to, we usually can’t spend each and every hot day sipping drinks poolside or seaside. Whether you’re at home, at work, or at play, you can still feel refreshed. Cool down with some of our zesty fresh scents. Try out Bellagio’s Blue Ice with both florals and accents of cucumber, sweet melon, grapefruit, and green apple.

Savor Every Second

Get ready for longer days with a laid-back, lasting aroma. Take your favorite summer scents and pair it with long-lasting, large space diffusion power. Our Aroma Unit 101 diffusion machine can get your whole home warm weather ready just in time for this year’s solstice and beyond.

Spritz Around The Sunshine

If you like switching things up on the regular and a little instant gratification, try a set of our fun. sunny room sprays. Why choose just one fragrance when you can have a bouquet of bright scents to choose from any time. Florals in the front room. Citrus in the kitchen. Our fine mist sprays make changing your mind simple.

Diffuse That Fruit

A little more lasting summer in every room in the house? Sure! Just set-up a reed diffuser with a citrus-inspired scent and then sit back and enjoy.

Venetian’s Arancia - Orange, Lemon & Apple Blossom
London Marriott Grosvenor Square’s The Leaf Spring - Juicy Orange, Mandarin, Fresh Lemon & Orange Blossom
Langham Hotels’ Ginger Flower - Ginger, Citrus & Green Petals
Nobu Hotel’s Lemon Ginger - Grapefruit, Lemon, Pink Pepper & Mint Leaves

What Summer Scents Will You Choose?

If you’re finding it hard to pick between our solstice-ready scents and diffusion options, at Aroma Retail, we have the solution. Pick a trio of scents and scenting solutions with our Mix and Match Gift Set. Place your order today and be prepared for the brightest season of the year.

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Summer Staycation Scents - Make this year’s summer vacation plans pandemic-proof with a scent-inspired staycation starring luxury home fragrances from Aroma Retail. Getting ready for summertime usually involves road trips and reservations. And although this year is turning out differently for a lot of us, there is definitely a brighter side. Now you can bring your favorite getaway or bucket list vacay home. Let’s show you how.

A Day At The Beach - Summer Staycation Scents

If your ideal summer day includes a little surf, a little sand, and a whole lot of sun, try out a beach-inspired scent-sation. Island hopping in your slippers? You bet. When it’s time to get tropical, throw a little ice in the blender, get the drink umbrellas ready, and take a scented staycay to Margaritaville or one of these resorts:

Mirage's Tropical Coco Mango
Golden Nugget’s Coconut Breeze
Mirage’s Mirage Coconut
Mandalay Bay’s Coconut Spice

The French Riviera - Summer Staycation Scents

If you’ve set your sights on a destination a little further abroad, European luxury might not be as far as you think. Cross the Atlantic without leaving the comfort of your own home, dealing with language barriers, or trying to figure out currency exchanges. Sip your favorite tea while dreaming of English strolls and a little bit of French Riviera elegance.

London Marriott Grosvenor Square's The Leaf Spring
Farina Fragrance Museum

Sun-Drenched Linen - Summer Staycation Scents

Some of us just want a few laid back days of quaint country summer breezes and sunshine drying our clothes on the line. If sweet tea, picnics, and gingham are what you look forward to each summer, we’ve got your sun-drenched linen vibes right here.

Mohegan Sun Pocono Downs’ Sun Dried Linen
Thomas Pink’s Fresh Linen

A Garden Stroll -Summer Staycation Scents

Spring blooms have opened and it’s time to start savoring the fruits of the season. Nothing says summer like colorful petals in a fragrant growing garden. From the ground up, fresh fruit and flowers are everywhere. Melons, citrus, and bright summer blooms minus all the watering, weeding, or buzzing bees? We can do that too.

Ritz Carlton's Waterfall
Venetian's Arancia
Lavender Garden
Flower Shop

Lush, Green Forest Hikes - Summer Staycation Scents

Whether it’s on a camping trip or meditative retreat, what’s more refreshing on a hot summer’s day than a hike in the woods? You can almost hear things growing all around you. Get ready to recharge with a stay-at-home version of these moments of zen.

Eucalyptus Forest
Mandarin Oriental's Green Bamboo
Park Hyatt Aviara's Kai Jasmine
Zen Temple

Keep It Cool This Summer

Surround your tub with natural, soy-wax candles, mist sunshine everywhere you want to with room sprays, reed diffuse a little, or machine-diffuse a lot. Our natural, hand-poured, soy wax candles are a repeat customer favorite, but if you aren’t in the mood for lighting a flame other than the BBQ during the hot summer months, we have a diffusion solution for you.

Order Your Fragrance Getaway Today

Don’t fret those canceled airline tickets or hotel closures. Pick the summer getaway of your dreams, and then bring it home. Place your Aroma Retail order today.

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Looking for perfect gifts for the Libras in your life? At Aroma Retail, we have ideas and options that these sweet, smart, energetic personalities are sure to love. Skip the gift card kiosk this year and explore our thoughtful suggestions based on your BFF's natural disposition like our scented reed diffusers, scented room sprays, or scented candles.

The Libra Personality

Libras are born between September 23 and October 22. They are down to earth air signs influenced by the artistic and imaginative qualities of Venus. Balance is crucial to keeping a Libra happy. So, structure, fairness, order, and self-care are all equally important to those born under this sign.

It’s no wonder their representative symbol is a set of scales.

Other Libra Characteristics:

Why We Love Them

Our Libra friends, co-workers, and family members are excellent communicators, compromisers, and peacemakers. They are affectionate and charming without being too silly. They love to listen to your problems and give helpful advice. Order from chaos could be their daily mantra.


Treat your perfectionist pals to gifts that promote tidiness and order. But remember, Libras are also lovers of beautiful things. They enjoy shopping, socializing, problem-solving, home decor, and high-quality self-care items.

Birthday, anniversary, graduation, housewarming, Christmas, wedding, and other types of gifting are all so much simpler when you focus on the things that make a Libra really happy.

Best Scents For Balance

Home fragrance solutions are always a safe bet for air sign recipients? For Libras, scents that promote wellness and balance are best. Some examples include fragrance oils containing rose, orange blossom, or saffron. These selections fight both anxiety and the blues while promoting good sleep and enhancing the mood.

Clean or freshen the air elegantly. Take meditation time up a notch. Provide a backdrop for entertaining with scented reed diffusers, scented room sprays, or scented candles.

Here are just a few of our high-quality, Libra-friendly options:


Home Fragrance Gifts For Air Signs

Our home scents are available to diffuse in a variety of beautiful, convenient forms. We carry candles, reed diffusers, home sprays, and diffusion machines. There’s a solution for every room in the house. Your Libra is sure to enjoy the luxurious smells, the clean, uncluttered look, and the high quality of Aroma Retail products.

Spoil Your Lovely Libra

We invite you to browse through the Aroma Retail selection of home fragrance gifts like scented reed diffusers, scented room sprays, or scented candles. for the Libras in your life. We take great pride in offering you superior aromatherapy solutions that are both attractive and effective. Place your order today.

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