That New Book Smell

As a child do you remember opening a brand new book and smelling it? The smell of the paper and printed ink, that new book aroma stimulating your senses. You could feel the book beckoning you to open and explore its secrets.

So school is back, and all the parents and children have been busy getting all of the school supplies. Do you remember that special fragrance that hit you when you opened a new book? I do! Every time I experienced that scent of paper, ink, and glue I am immediately transported to that tiny bookstore back in Romania, where I used to go to as a child to get my school supplies.

Different people seem to like different fragrances when it comes to the smell of a book. There are those people who like the scent of old books and there are others who like the aroma of a new book being opened for the first time. The aroma that emanates from books is caused by a number of chemical reactions – not just the sweet smell of great prose, but the opportunity to enjoy the glorious sensuality of books!

Old books have a sweet smelling scent with notes of vanilla flowers and almonds, which is caused by the breakdown of chemical compounds in the paper, while the fragrance of a new book smells like they do because of the various chemicals used when they are manufactured.

The scent of new books can be attributed to three factors: the paper itself (it smells good because of the chemicals used to manufacture it), the ink used to print the book, and the adhesives used in the process of book-binding.  if you love that scent try our Book Store Fragrance

That New Book Smell

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