The Benefits Of The Sandalwood Scent

There’s so much more to sandalwood than you might think. At Aroma Retail, we carry a large selection of sandalwood scent based fragrance oils. Let us show you how this aromatherapy superstar can benefit you.

A Holy Tree?

Sandalwood essential oils are made from the 40 to 80-year old mature roots of the Santalum tree. It is considered holy and used in religious ceremonies, births, and weddings of many Eastern nations.

Traditional Chinese and Indian medicine both take advantage of the beneficial properties of this essential oil. For example, in Ayurveda, sandalwood is believed to stimulate the seventh Chakra, improving feelings of trust, enthusiasm, energy, and self-esteem.


Physical Benefits

The physical benefits of the sandalwood scent are both grounding and uplifting. It’s used to promote better sleep, and improve focus and memory. Need a a little ambiance for your next date night? Sandalwood is considered to be a natural aphrodisiac.

If it’s cold season at work or school, diffuse this oil to purify the air. Breathing in this scent can also relieve the uncomfortable feelings of nausea.

Mental Benefits

When you’re having a bad day or feeling like there’s just too much to do, sandalwood can increase your feeling of calm. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Turn on your diffuser and combat stress, anxiety, and depression.

Because sandalwood is a good therapeutic choice for promoting wellbeing, peace, and harmony, it’s also perfect for meditation and visualization.

How To Incorporate Sandalwood Into Your Every Day

Scent and memory are so closely connected. So, surrounding yourself with fragrances that boost your mood at home, can help you find that peace again when you are away. Simply bring along a room spray or scented candle containing one of our sandalwood blends.

Some key times to use sandalwood-influenced scents.

Our Luxury Selection

At Aroma Retail, we offer our sandalwood containing scents in both 4 oz and 27 oz sized fragrance oils. These oils are designed exclusively to work with our line of home and professional diffusion machines.

You can also purchase any of these scents as handcrafted soy candles, reed diffuser sets, and convenient room sprays.

Why settle for plain old essential oil, when you have options like this? Remember walking into the lobby of your favorite resort vacation destination with our collection of products influenced by the world’s best-loved hotels. Or plant a seed for daydreams with the scent of a Wine Vineyard or Luxury Spa.

Buy Home Fragrances That Contain Sandalwood

Sandalwood benefits both the mind and the body. Spread a little more wellbeing around all of your favorite spaces with home fragrance oils from Aroma Retail. Place your new order or stock up on favorites today.

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