My Machine Won’t Start

Here are the three most common reasons the Scent Machine won’t come on:

  1. The clock must be set based on the 24-hour cycle. For example, if it is 4:30pm, then the clock should read 16:30.
  2. The Event times for the machine to run should be programmed to run at the present time. For example, if it is 16:30, the Event “on” time must be earlier (like 0:900) and the Event “off” time must be later (like 18:00).
  3. An Event is programmed to go around the clock, which causes the machine not to run at all. For example, if the Event “on” time is set for 22:00 and the Event “off” time is set for 08:00, then the machine will not run. To set the machine to run from 10pm to 8am, you would have to use two events as follows: Event 1 = 22:00 to 23:59; Event 2 = 00:01 to 08:00.

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