Yay!! It's The Smelly Van
Smelly van

The Smelly Van joined the Aroma Retail team last fall. The product of my husband's creative mind, the Smelly Van, has really changed our work lives for the better.

We used to abuse our regular car, hauling boxes, supplies, and orders all over Las Vegas.  Sometimes, we had to make multiple trips, as everything would not fit in the car. Now, we can fit everything; no more extra trips, no more complaints from our car :-); the smelly van is a great addition to Aroma Retail's team

She is not only a great utility vehicle, but she is also really cute. We made her up really nice 🙂 She sports daisy license plates that spell "Smell" and amazing designs all over her sides. People smile every time we're on the road and even take pictures of her. I'll never forget being outside IKEA waiting for our order to be brought out when all of a sudden a group of customers surround the van and start taking pictures. Now that was a really good feeling 🙂 Another time, I was driving her, and when I got to the stop light I heard a commotion in the car beside me. It was a car full of girls screaming: "Yay!! It's the Smelly Van!" They really made my day!

My husband and I love driving her around; she is the perfect combination of comfort, utility, and fun! The perfect moving advertisement, that gets attention, takes us places and it is a lot of fun to drive! Lately, she has been the subject of an April Smelly Van Hunt! So if you see her around Las Vegas or Southern California make sure to take a photo of her and share it with us all on social media.

Also, tag your post with #aromaretail  and I'll make sure to find you and send you a smelly surprise 🙂

that will make you stop and say:

YAY!! It's the Smelly Van!       

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