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Increases Customer and Employee Satisfaction with a Franchise Location that Smells Unique and Memorable!

Why all Franchises Should Scent.  Your guests and employees are going to smell your space—it’s unavoidable. If you’re not managing how it smells, something else is.

Common malodors that are solved by scenting Franchises include the following:
  • Furniture and flooring odor
  • Product odor
  • Restroom odor
  • Food odor
  • Garbage odor
  • Body odor
  • Cigarette smoke

These types of malodors are why all franchises should scent, as they cannot be resolved with cleaning solutions alone without smelling like an institution, which is where Aroma Retail helps franchises present a great smelling space.

Successful franchises manage the way they smell for many reasons:
  • Increased revenue from customers by creating a better first impression with more productive and memorable visits because your space is a great smelling place to be.
  • Increased productivity from employees because everyone is more comfortable with a better mood in a great smelling space.
  • Increased productivity from employees and therapists because everyone has a better mood and is more comfortable in a great smelling spa.
  • Without scenting, your design and décor are incomplete and just don’t feel right.
The franchise model is unique because the “corporate headquarters” is the franchisor, and the “stores” are franchisees.  Franchisees are much different from store managers because the franchisees own their businesses.  Like any business owner, they live and die by their own profit and loss.
Here are the main reasons why we are the best scenting company for franchisors and their franchisees:
  • We never require contracts – Franchise managers can require their franchisees to do certain things to maintain the brand; they should never have to ask their franchisees to sign unnecessary contracts for something as simple as making their spaces smell nice.
  • Our customer care is awesome – Google it and see for yourself.  Our customers love us because we earn their business with every order.  It makes franchise managers’ lives easier when their franchisees are happy with the vendors that have been recommended to them.  When franchisees are compelled to use a certain vendor by their franchise manager, the service needs to be top notch and the vendor needs to be responsive to each franchisee.  We make life easier for the franchise manager by taking great care of each franchise owner.
  • We do not pester our prospects or customers – We follow the franchise’s rules of contact very carefully, and we never apply undue pressure on the franchisees.  In fact, we never pressure any of our customers to buy when they’re not ready.
  • our reporting process is tailored to each customer – We make franchise managers’ lives easier by reporting exactly what they need and ask for so that they can know that their franchisees are well taken care of.
  • All of our product information and pricing is online for everyone to see. 
  • We do aggressive discounts for franchises so that every franchisee gets the same benefits from the volume account.
Facts to consider about the impact of Scenting and Why all Franchises Should Scent:
  • Décor is not the first thing guests notice when they walk through your door – it’s the smell.
  • People are 100% more likely to remember what they smell vs what they see, hear or touch.
  • Research indicates a 40% improvement in mood when exposed to a pleasing scent.
  • In a study conducted by Samsung, shoppers underestimated the amount of time they spent shopping by 25% and visited 3x more sections when exposed to aromas.
  • Nike participants were willing to pay 10 -15% more for a pair of shoes in a scented area compared to identical shoes in a non-scented area.
  • At Manhattan’s Sloan-Kettering Hospital, the use of scent was shown to help reduce stress-related to claustrophobia 63% during MRIs.
  • The amount of money gambled in the scented slot machine areas of participating Las Vegas casinos was 45% greater than the dollars spent gambling in the unscented areas.
  • A large call center company surveyed its employees and found that scenting resulted in increased cognition and rejuvenation.
  • A national health club chain’s guests reported feeling more sustained natural highs from their workouts in scented facilities as opposed to unscented facilities.
  • People recall smells with a 65% accuracy after a year, while the visual recall of photos drops to about 50% after only three months.
  • Our sense of smell is the first to develop of all our senses. Even before we are born, our sense of smell is fully developed and functioning. It is our most primitive of senses, which is why we have such a visceral reaction to the scent.



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