Orange Blossom Neroli - Aromachology

Orange Blossom Neroli Fragrance Oil
Typically found in perfumes and colognes, Neroli is effortlessly bright, citrusy and green with subtle undertones of honey and orange. Blended perfectly with white florals, including Orange Blossoms.Orange Blossom Neroli fragrance oil is a delightfully light floral, citrus scent with unisex appeal.

Cologne Accord, Lemon, Orange, Honey, Orange blossom, Jasmine, Musk, Green notes
Aromachology is the study of the effects of scents on human behavior, feelings, and emotions. Fragrances can evoke specific memories, promote a desired mood, or create a certain energy. Smells have an unique and exceptional ability to trigger memories, as the olfactory processing system is very close to the hippocampus – the memory hub of the brain.

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