Energize Your Home Gym with Aroma Retail
Energize Your Home Gym

You can enhance and energize your home gym experience with very little investment with help from your friends at Aroma Retail. Spending more time indoors has a lot of us looking for ways to improve our minds and our bodies, including a daily workout.

Energize Your Home Gym with Aroma Retail

You can switch on the energy in your home gym with budget-friendly fragrance options. We offer home scenting solutions that can turn your exercise area into a space you love spending time in. Our high-quality candles, portable reed diffusers, and instant-gratification room sprays are all available in the scent of your choice from any one of our home fragrance collections.
We recommend scents that emphasize fresh greens, bright melon, invigorating citrus, ginger, or peppermint.

Nobu Hotel's Lemon Ginger - Top notes include grapefruit, lemon, pink pepper, and mint leaves.
Social House' Bright Sunshine - Top notes include grapefruit, peach, pineapple, cassis, Meyer lemon, and juicy Brazilian orange.
Mandarin Oriental’s Green Bamboo - Top notes include green bamboo, bergamot, and cucumber.
Venetian's Arancia - Top notes include lemon, orange, pear, apple blossom, and ginger flower.

Bringing The Gym Home

It’s easy to feel motivated when you walk into your local gym and find yourself surrounded by trainers, specialized equipment, and other people working out. When the gym is closed, how can you bring a little of that motivation home? Other than scenting to energize your home gym, here are a few tips that won’t break the bank.

Jump Rope
Try Body Weight Exercises
Get A Good Pair Of Headphones
Don’t Forget The Gloves
Fragrance Is Your Friend

Skip The Treadmill

Get creative with your cardio. Working up a sweat and ramping up your heart rate doesn’t have to mean purchasing a pricey exercise bike or financing a fancy treadmill. Believe it or not, it can be as easy as skipping rope. Best of all, whether you prefer weighted, tangle-free, or a speed skipping rope, there’s sure to be a variation that fits your fitness goals.

The Real “Free” Weights

Your most efficient piece of home gym equipment could actually be you. Bodyweight exercises like push-ups, planks, squats, lunges, and more all rely on your own weight to work muscle and build strength.

Motivate Yourself With Music

You might not be able to tune into the ear-blasting beats of your favorite spin class right now, but you can make a workout playlist that’s just as inspiring. Compliment this with a pair of affordable, exercise-friendly Bluetooth earbuds for a wireless, fuss-free experience that won’t bug the neighbors.

No Pain. No Gain?

Not necessarily. Reduce the calluses and blisters with a comfortable pair of workout gloves. Whether you’re lifting weights or doing handstands, protecting your hands can be both easy and inexpensive.

Scenting Every Room In Your Home

Now that you have energize your home gym with Aroma Retail, we would love helping you create a home environment that meets all of your needs, including getting in a good, affordable workout without leaving the house. We invite you to explore and choose from our wide variety of luxury home fragrances and scenting solutions. Place your order today!

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