The Scent Machine - Home Unit 101 - The Whole Home Fragrance Difference
Home Unit 101 Aroma Diffusion Machine

Zen Temple, Hot Apple Pie, Luxury Spa, Flower Shop. What impression does your home make every time you open that front door? It can seem impossible to get the homey smell you’re going for into every nook and cranny. That’s where our Scent Machine - Home Unit 101 comes in. We can’t wait for you to experience the whole-home fragrance difference. You’ll wonder where this little machine with such big results has been all your life.

Where Other Home Scent Solutions Fall Short

Room sprays, candles, reed diffusers, wax melts, and even scented oil plug-ins. You’ve tried them all right? The problem is, a candle in the guest room can only be enjoyed in that specific room. As bigger homes and vaulted ceilings become the norm, you have more space for different smells to mingle. It might seem like your home never quite smells fresh.

Don’t settle for a one-room solution when what you need is a whole home scent solution. Why spend your valuable time replacing plug-ins, cleaning out wax melt warmers, replacing bulbs, or finding a safe place for that lighter? We have a better, more convenient answer to making your home smell good.

Consistent Results. Small Profile.

Forget troubleshooting and trial and error. The Scent Machine - Home Unit 101 is the best way to fragrance any home up to 2,000 square feet. You get consistent diffusion of your favorite home scents all in a convenient package:

Home, Work & Play

Home Unit 101 Aroma Diffusion MachinesWhether it’s the playroom, the home office, the finished basement or a dedicated man cave, we all have a room we’d rather not spend much time in. Maybe they smell, or maybe they just don’t have a very inviting vibe. Let our Scent Machine - Home Unit 101 change that stinky game room into just another room in the place you love to call home.


Additional Spaces & Bigger Homes

Some of us have homes larger than 2,000 square feet or separate living, work or recreation spaces. Extending the coverage area of your favorite scent is so easy. Just add another lightweight, low-profile, easy-to-use Aroma Diffusion Machine. This is especially convenient if you work from home and see clients there.

An additional Scent Machine - Home Unit 101 can make bringing a piece of home to the office just as simple. Imagine greeting customers or waiting room guests with the same fragrances you enjoy at home.

So Many Options

But how can I bring that Luxury Spa or Coffee Shop smell home? We carry home fragrance oils for the Scent Machine - Home Unit 101 to suit a wide range of discerning tastes. Best of all, with this powerful, professional-grade atomizer, your favorite scents are diffused throughout your entire house for up to 6 weeks without needing replacement.

Home Unit 101 Aroma Diffusion Home Fragrance That Doesn’t Fall Short

At Aroma Retail, we make the same fragrance tech used by spas, hotels, boutiques, and more available to you through the Scent Machine - Home Unit 101. From that sweet French pastry shop you visited on your honeymoon to a relaxing day at the hotel spa to holiday scents ready for months of memory-making, we have a fragrance you’ll love.

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