How to Pick the Perfect Scent for Your Home
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How to Pick the Perfect Scent for Your Home

by Laura Barry of Better Homes and Gardens (bhg.com)

Scent is one of the strongest triggers for memories. All it takes is a smell to remind you of baked goods from your grandmother’s kitchen or the aroma of your mother’s mouth-watering Sunday roast. So it comes as no surprise that many of us are low-key obsessed with making our homes smell fresh, vibrant, delicious and delightful. Scented candles are without a doubt one of the more popular methods, but essential oils and incense are making a comeback, too.

But, how do you pick the perfect scent for your home? After all, it’ll probably stay with you forever – in your memories!

Kristen Walker from home fragrance brand tells us her top tips for picking the perfect scent.

What fragrance works best for a living room?

“When choosing a fragrance for a busy area look to sweet and fruity scents. Not only do these scents gently fill the room with uplifting summery notes, but they will also create a refreshed and comfortable atmosphere. As these spaces are typically larger, consider a fragrance diffuser for a longer lasting scent.”

What fragrances work best for relaxation, such as in a bedroom?

“The bedroom and other quiet areas of the home are supposed to be relaxing and a place to switch off. The perfect match for these spaces are sensual and soothing fragrances. Notes of musk and floral are a great combination to create a calm ambiance.”

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