Pet-Safe Home Scenting
Pet Safe Home Scenting

Aroma Retail Loves Pets, That's Why We Specialize in Pet-Safe Home Scenting!

We love our pets! They are cute, wonderful, hilarious, and always give unconditional love.  They really make our house or apartment a home, bringing companionship, joy, fun, and love into our lives. They also make a home a little dirtier, a little smellier, and they tend to eat and/or lick everything they can. So scenting products that will keep our dogs and cats safe, while also effectively addressing the malodor of the space they live in is critical.

Some manufacturers use chemicals in their products that put out toxins that are potentially harmful to our pets. With that in mind, at Aroma Retail we formulated our custom fragrance solutions to be compliant to standards mandated by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), CARB (California Air Resources Board), and IFRA (International Fragrance Association). Our fragrances contain no phthalates, and no high VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), and use California Proposition 65 compliant ingredients.

Our pet-safe, non-toxic scenting products will freshen up malodors, while keeping your best friends happy and healthy. Our fragrances harness the power of all natural, organic, plant-based compound of the essential oils, in a safe and natural diffusing base that is hypoallergenic to eliminate funky smells from carpets, furniture, and more. NO more VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), no more phthalates, no more allergens! Yay!!! Well, unless you are allergic to your beloved pets 🙂 We can't help with your allergy to dander and pet hair...sorry:-(

Have a scentsational smelly day from us and all our furry babies!!!

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