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Reed diffusers are so popular for a reason. They’re a consistent favorite in model homes, exclusive boutiques, and spas. But why? At Aroma Retail, we love giving you power over the ambiance and influence of your environments through the power of scent. Reed diffusion makes changing up your home fragrance and maintaining it long-term virtually hassle-free.

What Is A Reed Diffuser

A reed diffuser usually consists of some type of decorative jar or vessel to hold a moderate amount of fragrance oil. Bamboo sticks or rattan reeds diffuse this oil into the surrounding areas. Some diffuser setups involve simply opening the bottle and placing in the provided reeds. Other options supply your oil in a separate bottle. So, you have to pour the desired amount of oil into your vessel, add the reeds, and refill as needed.

Flip the reeds once a week to ensure consistent scent.

Benefits Of This Type Of Scent Diffusion

Diffusion machines, candles, and sprays are also great ways to scent your home. So, why choose a reed diffuser? Here are just a few good reasons, including safety, convenience, and reliability.

Where To Use

Reed diffusers are small in profile and sleek in design. So, they easily find a home. You may want to set them up away from small children and pets. Other than that, any area that could use a little elevation in ambiance is a great place to put your reed diffuser.

When To Use

Aromatherapy can be used anytime to make an impression, set the mood, freshen up a space, or promote your physical and mental well-being. Set up a reed oil diffuser when you move into a new place and want it to smell more like “you.” Keep guest rooms and bathrooms smelling fresh without needing to babysit a candle.

Oil diffusers are also great for when you’re going on vacation and want to return to a pleasant smelling house.

Our High-Quality Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers from Aroma Retail come in sets of three 7 oz square glass bottles with replaceable corks. So, you can move them easily without having to worry about those little drips or spills. There are no markings aside from a subtle label indicating the scent on one side, and a warning label on the underside of the diffuser. You also receive a set of reeds for each bottle.

With three diffusers, you can get the same benefits in three different rooms or always have an extra on hand. When it’s time for a refill, you can purchase just our fragrance oils in either a 4 oz or 27 oz size.

Elegance, Simplicity & Reliability From Aroma Retail

Explore our vast selection of luxury home fragrances today. If you’re not sure where to start, we invite you to check out our featured fragrances and fragrance test. Discover our recommendation for a new signature scent.

Place your order today and see how easy reed diffusion can be when you chose Aroma Retail.


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