Scent Machines For Business
Scent Machines For Business

Scent Machines for business are the answer to all your needs and goals to give your space a seamless
and pleasant fragrance. These Scent Machines are ideal for commercial buildings, hotels, bars,
hospitals, gyms, and other business spaces.

Studies actually show that using fragrance in a business space enhances the overall image of said
business. It also stimulates purchases and increases customer engagement. The sense of smell affects us
70% more than all of our other senses.

Features of Scent Machines For Business
Many surveys link stronger customer attraction and buying potential to companies using Scent
Machines in their business spaces. Customers and guests are also more likely to spend more time in a
space filled with a unique blend of scents, rather than in one without any scenting solution.

The best features of Scent Machines by Aroma Retail are:

  1. Technology: our fragrance delivery systems feature advanced diffusion technology, which help convert
    fragrance oils into a fine fragrance mist.
  2. Connectivity: our machines can be directly connected to air conditioners, wall mounted, or used free-
    standing. The commercial systems are flexible and can be used for a specific location or the entire
    building; they can be programed and installed in different locations and workspaces.
  3. Safety: Aroma Retail Scent Machines provide flame-free fragrance and are safe to use consistently for
    hours on end. They distribute a fine mist for the entire workspace for the desired period of time.
  4. Design: our scent machines are uniquely designed with premium features to boost employees’ and
    customers’ experience, offering the best solutions for any business space.
  5. Low-maintenance: our professional machines have many advanced features at low-maintenance costs
    (no maintenance required beyond fragrance changes). This allows you to scent your spaces and enjoy a
    hassle-free system. Set it up, fill it with fragrance oil and enjoy!
  6. Programable: our adjustable Aroma Diffusion Machines can be programmed to operate at a certain times of day,
    and release fragrance into any size or space. These systems offer an efficient and solid technology
    allowing coverage of even larger business spaces.
  7. Residue-free: our Home Unit 101 diffuses a consistent, residue-free fragrance directly into your space, thanks to its powerful diffusion device and the high-quality, reliable fragrance oils.
  8. Impact Mood: Mood Collection scents help enhance moods and provide your customers with the desired ambiance. You can use our hassle-free Scent Machines to influence and elevate the mood and environment of your business space.

Benefits of Scent Machines For Business

The Scent Machines for business have many benefits, which include:

Aroma Retail provides fragrance oils in many scents. Fill the Scent Machines with the fragrance oil of
your choice and enjoy your favorite fragrance in your office or your entire business space for several

These Scent Machines for Business are also useful for offices, schools, medical care, hospitality
businesses, care homes, pet cares, gyms, and many more. Whether small or large, you can diffuse your fragrance in any space with Aroma Retail’s Scent Machines to make your surroundings comfortable, stress-free, and enjoyable. Always use the appropriate Aroma Retail fragrance oil for fragrance replenishment.


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