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August 5th, 2018
Scent Machines vs Plug Ins
Why use scent machines?  Do plug-ins and other scented products really work for whole-home coverage?
Scent machines like Aroma Retail’s Scent Machine – Home Unit 101 use cold atomization to diffuse fragrance oil.  This causes the fragrance oil to float throughout the space for whole-home coverage that is consistent and lasting.  Also, with the Home Unit 101, the scent throughout the space is just as noticeable when the scent machine is diffusing its last drop of fragrance oil as it is when you first start with a full cartridge, unlike a plug-in that has a noticeable decline in fragrance.  Speaking of scent cartridges, Aroma Retail’s Home Unit 101 aroma diffusion machine has a much larger cartridge than what you will find in a plugin.
Plug-ins have hot zones, where you can smell the fragrance when you are near them, but the scent trails off as soon as you walk away from them.  Another problem with plug-ins is that they become less noticeable as time goes on, by more than 50% per week.  You are going to need many plug-ins and replace them often, to cover a space that scent machines easily covers.  With Aroma Retail’s scent machine, you can cover your whole home with one diffuser.
Other scented products are great for very specific solutions other than whole-home coverage.  For example, reed diffusers are great for consistent coverage in a bathroom or for creating a small zone of fragrance on a desk.  Room sprays are great for giving an entryway a quick spritz right before guests arrive or keeping in the bathroom or car for when it needs a quick freshen-up.  Candles are great for creating ambiance in low lighting with medium zone coverage while they are burning.  Scent machines do all this with wider coverage and without declining fragrance.
The bottom line… if you are looking for whole-home consistent coverage with a luxurious scent, go with a scent machine like Aroma Retail’s Scent Machine – Home Unit 101.
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