Scent Machine - Professional


The Scent Machine – Professional is the best solution for full coverage in any space with optional ventilation connection included with every machine. When deciding between the Scent Machine – Home Unit 101 and this one, keep in mind that the Scent Machine – Professional can be set to be even lower than the Scent Machine – Home Unit 101 but will have a much MUCH larger capacity in case you need intense coverage. Here is a comparison chart to help with your choice:

The rate of fragrance oil usage will vary depending on your settings. 27 ounces of fragrance oil could last up to a year in a small space at very low settings, or you could need to use a bottle per month in those larger spaces with heavy intensity. You can also program it like you would a thermostat, where it runs at different intensities and at different times of the day to further conserve oil. Here are some examples of that, where the Work/Pause Setting is the amount of seconds that the machine diffuses fragrance oil, followed by the amount of seconds that it rests between diffusions, with your machine running 12 hours constantly per day every day:

For ventilation applications where your air conditioning fan does not run all the time, which is the case in most residential settings, be sure to get the Air Switch Kit. This Kit connects to the Professional Scenting Machine and tells it when your air conditioner is running or not, so that you will not be pumping fragrance into your air conditioning system when there is no air flow.
Air Switch Kit

For a limited time, get your first bottle of Fragrance Oil at half price with each Professional Scenting Machine you purchase.

For the set up and maintenance details, check out the User Guide here.