Why Home Scenting is Important

At Aroma Retail, we elevate the home scenting experience with unique, sophisticated fragrance blends and collections reminiscent of luxury resorts and our favorite places. But why should you care about what your home, office, or other personal spaces smell like? We take a deep dive to answer your questions and even make suggestions for every room in the house.

The Scent-Memory Connection

Scent plays a huge role in how we experience a place or remember a moment in time. Scientists believe that this is because our brain's fragrance processing centers are located close to the areas that process feelings, emotions, and memories. So, your home's scent profile can be just as important as the art, paint colors, and furniture you choose to create a welcoming, comfortable environment.

The Perfect Scent For Every Room

While it’s fine to choose a single scent to fill your whole home, you can also use fragrance diffusion to create a specific ambiance from room to room. Happy, social citrus in the dining area, calming subtle florals in the living areas, rich, buttery baking things in the kitchen, fresh, clean smells for the bathroom, and relaxing or sultry fragrances in the bedroom, for example.

Harrahs’ Mandarin Zest
Lavender Garden
Warm Bread Bakery
Thomas Pink’s Fresh Linen
Cromwell’s Allure Noire

Making Home The Place To Be

By curating your home scenting lineup, you can make your space perfect for action in the morning, mood-boosting productivity all day, and relaxation at night. Fragrance is a multitasker, in what has become a multi-use space. More and more of us work from home, workout at home, and entertain in our homes. The right scenting solutions evolve with your changing needs.

Set The Scene For Nostalgia

You can switch up this essential part of your home decor seasonally and really set the scene for memory-making year-round. Sunny scents for summer, pumpkin and spice for fall, peppermint and pine for winter, lush greenery and light florals for spring - at Aroma Retail, we have the selection you’re looking for.

Flower Shop by Aroma Retail
Social House Bright Sunshine
The Great Pumpkin
Candy Cane Christmas

Is Your Home Guest-Friendly?

Just as the right perfume leaves a lasting impression, so does your home fragrance. People remember and associate your home with what they smell there, no matter how clean or elegant your decor is. Pets, garlic, cleaning products, and more can take away from the welcoming space you’re trying to create. It’s the home accessory you can’t do without. So, make sure you’re choosing high-quality for your visitors, and for yourself.

Aroma Unit 101 Diffusion Machine - For Consistent, Effortless Range
Reed Diffusors - Great For Guests Rooms, Bathrooms & Offices
Soy Wax Candles - Scent & Cozy Up A Room, A Bath, Or A Dinner Party
Fine Mist Room Sprays - Instant Gratification Anywhere You Want It

Order Up A Little More Ambiance, Today

Singles, active families, and empty-nesters can all utilize the power of fragrance to set the mood that suits your needs. Your home’s new scent story is waiting for you at Aroma Retail. Browse our luxury collection and place your order today.

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