Aromastrology Scents For Taurus
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Aromastrology Scents For Taurus

Earth tones and Earth signs are trending! Spring is in full swing, and here we focus on Aromastrology scents for Taurus. With the help of the stars, we grasp more about ourselves and those around us. Keep scrolling to find out which signature fragrances for Taurus you can use to Scent Your Space.

See below for more specifications for this Earth Sign. Have a look at how the Aromastrology Wheel is illustrated in a new way that groups the types of signs together. Moreover, see our Chinese Aromastrology for the Year of the Tiger.

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It’s hard to miss this inventive spirit. A strong sense of beauty and reliability will always keep a Taurus at the top of mind and close to the vest. They are relentless in their efforts to inspire others and they value dedication above all. Stay loyal to a Taurus and they will always be loyal to you.

Main note / ingredient: Amber

Main compatibility: Cancer

Synergy with: Leo and Gemini

Aromastrology Scent For Taurus: The Empire, Country Club, Ginger Flower, Luxury Spa, Zen Temple

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Scents For Taurus

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The Empire

An amorous blend of flowers dipped in sweet citruses, with a dash of cedar to give it personality. This is a BEST SELLER of 2021.

aromastrology scents for taurus

Country Club

Warm and invigorating, enjoy this throwback to a classic American country club.

aromastrology scents for taurus

Ginger Flower

Create a signature scent with this inspiring and vivacious aroma. Let your guests know that they're in the presence of luxury.

aromastrology scents for taurus

Luxury Spa

Freshen the air using the most popular combination of notes used by world-class spas.

aromastrology scents for taurus

Zen Temple

Feel empowered and guide your spirit to a new level of serenity.

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