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Aromastrology Scents For Aquarius

Aromastrology Scents For Aquarius

It's Aquarius Season! Looking at the stars, we focus on Aromastrology scents for Aquarius that will help explain some unanswered questions. Now that we're more than halfway through January, we have a better idea on which resolutions, people, and routines are here to stay...and which aren't.

Continue below for the visuals for this Air Sign and more specifications for Aquarius. Furthermore, the Aromastrology Wheel is illustrated in a new way that groups the types of signs together. For related reading, see how you can sharpen yourself in the upcoming year with these quick tips.

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Known as being highly resourceful and knowledgeable, they are sharply focused on growth and betterment of those around them. Aquarius does not flinch at providing information and teaching when the opportunity arises. Although they understand people, relationships, and situations slower, there is a quicker emphasis to see the big picture.

Main note / ingredient: Cedarwood

Main compatibility: Leo

Synergy with: Cancer and Sagittarius

Aromastrology Scents for Aquarius: Green Fig, Cedar Seduction, Cedar Citrus, Wine Vineyard, Energy

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Energy by Aroma Retail - Scents for Aquarius

Awaken, radiate, and revitalize with the most motivational scent in the world.

Wine Vineyard by Aroma Retail - Scents for Aquarius

Reminiscent of a Summer stroll through countryside vineyards.

Four Seasons Whistler's Cedar Seduction - Scents for Aquarius

Picture yourself taking a weekend trip to a cabin in the woods with the weather finally cooling down.

Vdara's Green Fig - Scents for Aquarius

Beautiful green freshness, accomplished with a complex blend of year-round elements.