27oz Fragrance Oil Refill by Aroma Retail

27oz Fragrance Oil Refill for the Scent Machine – Professional is the best solution for whole-home fragrance
coverage, Stand Alone or HVAC connected.

4oz Fragrance Oil Refill

This fragrance oil is specifically formulated for use with the Home Unit 101 Aroma Diffusion Machine.

While all Aroma Retail’s fragrance oil refills may work in other companies diffusers and certainly should not hurt any other diffusion devices that take essential fragrance oils, our products will always work most effectively and efficiently in our Scent Machine – Home Unit 101.

Aroma Retail’s 4oz Fragrance Oil Refill is hand-poured with CA Proposition 65 compliant ingredients and wrapped in absorbent packaging to prevent spills and facilitate transfer pours.

Sample Blotter

Use this sample blotter to get a sniff of the fragrance to confirm that it is the right one, or to just explore our unique fragrances.

This 4-inch blotter comes in a heat-sealed mylar packet and will last a year unopened.


Blotter Packs

This is a pack of 6 sample blotters of our most popular and recommended fragrances within the selected  category. These scents are not similar to each other. They each have their own unique blends.


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