Aromastrology Scents For Aries
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Aromastrology Scents For Aries

Take charge, Aries! As the seasons change, we now focus on Aromastrology scents for Aries. With the help of the stars, we grasp more about ourselves and those around us. Keep scrolling to find out which signature fragrances for Aries you can use to Scent Your Space.

See below for more specifications for this Fire Sign. Have a look at how the Aromastrology Wheel is illustrated in a new way that groups the types of signs together. Moreover, see our Chinese Aromastrology for the Year of the Tiger.

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The charm and focus of an Aries is unforgettable. Similarly, they take charge and position themselves as leaders, and even in situations that are unfavorable, others look to them for guidance and direction. In like manner, Aries is a true wordsmith, alluring those around them with flair in their diction. It is quite difficult to this sign derailed, and if you do, it won't be for long.

Main note / ingredient: Lily

Main compatibility: Libra

Synergy with: Scorpio and Capricorn

Aromastrology Scents for Aries: Asian Lily, Lavender Garden, Asian Garden, Sun and Sand, Pacific Breeze

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Scents For Aries

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Asian Lily

Sweet and airy, this aroma is made alluring by fresh greens and flowers.

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Lavender Garden

Inspired by an English lavender garden, this beautiful place is brought together with citruses, flowers, and herbs.

Asian Garden

An intricate arrangement of garden favorites meets vanilla. This is our best selling scent for good reason.

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Sun and Sand

Best for warm weather in the Spring and Summer, flowers and citrus make up this original aroma. Can you smell the sunblock?

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Pacific Breeze

A timeless aquatic and fresh scent, composed of fruit, flowers, and musk. This will place you on a balcony overlooking the sun-kissed ocean.

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