Aromastrology Scents For Gemini
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Aromastrology Scents For Gemini

School is out and so is the sun! As Summer approaches, we focus on Aromastrology scents for Gemini. With the help of the stars, we learn more about ourselves and those around us. Keep scrolling to find out which sandalwood fragrances for Gemini you can use to Scent Your Space.

See below for more specifications for this Air Sign and its main note. Have a look at how the Aromastrology Wheel is illustrated in a new way that groups the types of signs together. Moreover, see our Chinese Aromastrology for the Year of the Tiger.

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If you need help making a decision, consult with a Gemini. They observe all options to consider the best possible result and the worst possible outcome. Without placing a real right or wrong on the situation, there is understanding. Gemini also loves to share news and facts, sometimes gossip.

Main note / ingredient: Sandalwood

Main compatibility: Sagittarius

Synergy with: Taurus and Leo

Aromastrology Scent For Gemini: Lemon Ginger, Desert Breeze, Sun Dried Linen, The Great Pumpkin, Happiness

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Scents For Gemini

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Lemon Ginger

With an essence of style and sophistication, this fragrance enhances productivity in the most subtle way.

Desert Breeze

A beautiful arrangement of flowers, citruses, and vanilla makes up this Las Vegas favorite.

Sun Dried Linen

Want your sheets and clothes to smell fresh out of the dryer? Use this aroma for a clean room feel.

The Great Pumpkin

A year-round favorite that speaks loudest during cold weather.


If happy laughter had a scent, this would be it. Picture three scoops of vanilla ice cream slowly melting in a mug of coconut milk and hazelnut drizzle.

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