Aromastrology Scents For Cancer

Aromastrology Scents For Cancer

Thinking about leaving your comfort zone? Do it. You can always go back if things aren't right. Pack your day bags and head to the beach for some needed peace as we focus on Aromastrology scents for Cancer. With the help of the stars, we learn more about ourselves and those around us. Keep scrolling to find out which violet fragrances for Cancer you can use to Scent Your Space.

See below for more specifications for this Water Sign and its main note. Have a look at how the Aromastrology Wheel is illustrated in a new way that groups the types of signs together. Moreover, see our Chinese Aromastrology for the Year of the Tiger.

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Past Aromastrology

Home is where the heart is for this sign. Cancer is known to hold onto things that make them comfortable – whether harmful or helpful. Able to be particularly decisive, they are providers and nurture those around them. They’ll find and make the time for things and people important to them.

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Scents For Cancer


A natural summer seashore where the fresh salt air of the sea meets coastal vegetation of wild greens with light floral and citrusy notes, along with a hint of un-ripened coconut.


The essence of peaceful seclusion, full of wild grasses, soothing citruses, and vivid flowers.

Black Orchid

Playful and optimistic. There's something in here for everyone to admire.


Raise your inner awareness and open your mind to better manage your mental health and day-to-day energy.

White Cashmere

Dream in amenity. This soft, luxurious aroma embodies the art of skillful relaxation no matter where you are.

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