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Owner and President, Cristina Reding, speaking about advantages of hiring early and developing seasonal employees to stay for years to come.

A Message From the C.E.O.

I love LOVE my job, and I think you will, too.  Here's why Aroma Retail is the best work family to be part of:

Everyone is critically important.  We all have a specific job, and we all know how our individual contributions make the organization's accomplishments possible.

We are grateful.  I am beyond grateful for each one of my employees, my partners and I are grateful for each other, and we work hard every day to earn the gratitude of our employees.

Opportunity is plentiful.  We more than double in size every year.  There's only 20 of us now, but we have a gigantic organizational chart that we have created to illustrate where we're going, and there are a lot of empty boxes on that chart.

Compensation and benefits are awesome.  We don't mess around with wage rates and increases.  If you deserve it, you get it.  Our health benefits program is world-class and the company pays 80% of the premium.  Our 401K program is very successful with options ranging from conservative to aggressive, with combinations for any type of retirement planning, and the company matches up to 5% of your paycheck.  You can earn 2 weeks of paid time off every year, and major holidays are paid days off.

Aroma Cafe has an amazing menu.  We have a fully stocked kitchen and everything is provided by the company.  What would you like?  A sausage breakfast sandwich?  A bowl of mac n cheese?  Noodles?  Towering deli sandwich?  Popcorn?  Let us know and we'll make sure we never run out.

That's right, I said "family."  You matter, you are appreciated, you are needed, and your uniqueness is celebrated.  I promise we will never forget your birthday, your work anniversary, and your dreams.

I should also mention that the mission is pretty cool: to make the world a better smelling place for everyone.
If you are sincerely interested in being part of something great, and giving it your all, I would love to meet you.

Jim Reding, C.E.O.

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