Aromachology Collection

Aromachology is the scientific study of the influence of scents on human behavior. Specifically, aromachology investigates the effects of fragrances on actions and emotions, including the activation of both conscious and unconscious memories.

Lemongrass: Limited Edition Summer Exclusive

Lemony green scents that uplift your mood, energize your focus, and help hide you from mosquitoes.
  • Lemongrass & Aloe
  • Lemongrass & Bronzed Neroli
  • Lemongrass & Lime


Bright, crisp scents that spark creativity and stimulate productivity.
  • Mandarin Zest
  • Pink Grapefruit
    Resorts Collection
  • Lemon Ginger
    Nobu Hotel


Bold, fresh scents that encourage recharging and refreshing the mind and spirit.
  • Vitality and Vigor
  • Confidence
  • Aqua-Tots Mango Coconut


Rich, intoxicating scents that inspire confidence, boldness, and adventure.
  • Autumn Bonfire
  • Great Pumpkin
  • Black Tea & Fig
    Resorts Collection


Sweet, fragrant scents that restore harmony as they provide a sense of calm and relaxation.
  • Santal Homage
  • Orange Blossom Neroli
  • Flower Shop


Deep, earthy scents that promote clarity of vision and grounding to reality.
  • Serenity Now
  • Sage & Sea Minerals
  • Meditation


Robust, invigorating scents that increase perseverance and determination.
  • Lakeside
  • Conquer
    by Aroma Retail
  • Cedar Seduction
    Four Seasons Whistler