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The Canna-Less Collection by Aroma Retail is a new line of innovative Cannabis odor control technology. By transforming that distinctive weed malodor into a unique aroma at a molecular level, we quickly and effectively neutralize it. Utilizing cutting-edge science and all-natural ingredients, we successfully change the ganja smell instead of using dangerous, artificial chemicals to cover it. We have curated three remarkable nullifying fragrances that are available in pure-grade neutralizing fragrance oils, neutralizing sprays, and neutralizing fabric sprays, Canna-Less is the smart marijuana abatement solution for any home or business. Nature has an answer for everything. So do we.

The Products

Single 4oz bottle of CANNA-LESS
Marijuana Abatement Fragrance
Single 10-ounce glass of CANNA-LESS Marijuana Abatement Fragrance.
Single Reed Diffuser set with CANNA-LESS Marijuana Abatement Fragrance.
Single 16oz bottle of CANNA-LESS Marijuana Abatement Fragrance
Set of 3 Wax Melts available  in any combination of our fragrances.
Sample all 3 scents of CANNA-LESS Marijuana Abatement Fragrance.
Fragrance oil in a 4oz bottle, which fills the Scent Machine - Home Unit 101.
Fragrance oil in a 8oz bottle, which fills any of our Scent Machines.
Fragrance oil in a 27oz bottle, which fills the Scent Machine - Professional.
HVAC-connected or freestanding for whole-area coverage up to 15,000 square feet.
For home, lobby, reception area, gift shop, etc., up to 2,000 square feet of open space.
Runs on its own rechargeable battery, and is ideal for use in an office, restroom, bedroom, car, hotel, etc.
  • Matchajuana
    Canna-less Collection
  • Peach by The Gram
    Canna-less Collection
  • Reefresh
    Canna-less Collection

The Science

Nature has an answer for everything, including how to get rid of the skunky smell of marijuana.

The scent molecule that is responsible for the skunky smell of marijuana is Prenylthiol, otherwise known as 3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol, and has the molecular formula C5H10S. That is 5 carbon atoms, 10 hydrogen atoms, and one sulfur atom. Sulfur is only stinky when it is in certain compounds, like Prenylthiol.

To find a safe, natural fragrance neutralizer, we searched for desirable scent molecules that would be attracted to that radical sulfur atom, but still smell wonderful after combining with it.

A safe, natural solution cannot include synthetic toxins or volatile organic compounds like those found in mass market products.

An effective solution that really works needs to change the way it smells after it has neutralized the smell of marijuana. This is the only way to know for sure that an odor is being neutralized, rather than just being masked with a more powerful odor. Current solutions on the market are only doing that, masking it. This is why something like a powerful minty scent still smells the same when the marijuana smell is present, and just smells like two odors competing with each other.

We found those rare scent molecules that neutralize the skunky smell of marijuana in three natural occurrences, and we continue to look for more. For more information click here

The Guarantee

All of our cannabis fragrance neutralizers are 100% organic hypoallergenic, Green Certified, Pet Safe, and free of synthetic toxins or volatile organic compounds.

The Reviews

When taking a study break, I’ll spray my dorm before lighting one. My roommates always complimented the nice peach smell (Peach By The Gram) and that’s my little secret. No trace of stanky weed!

I didn’t believe it at first but here’s the short answer: this stuff works. I get nervous before gigs and weed helps loosen up. Other brands use cedar oil and it just covers the smell. This one removes it with science.

MUST HAVE! I was curious and tried the Matchajuana scent. A bit more expensive than others, but worth it. The 100% does what it’s supposed to, will be buying again. Convenient size too, I keep mine in the car. 

I rent out units in a high rise, and the ‘smell’ from the neighbors has been accumulating. The first brand I tried didn’t really abolish much, so I gave Canna-Less a shot. Sure enough, it removed the lingering weed scent plus whatever the previous brand left behind.


The scent molecule that is responsible for the skunky scent of cannabis is Prenythiol. It is made up of 5 carbon atoms, 10 hydrogen atoms, and one radical sulfur atom. Sulfur is only stinky when it is in certain compounds, like Prenylthiol.
We found rare scent molecules that are attracted to the radical sulfur atom found in cannabis. When these rare scent molecules combine with the radical sulfur atom it completely transforms the chemical composition into a new, desirable aroma, thereby naturally and scientifically neutralizing the smell of cannabis.
Masking odors: To cover up a bad odor with a more powerful odor.
Neutralizing odors: To completely eliminate an odor and change the way it smells.
Unlike our competitors, Canna-Less neutralizes odors instead of masking them.
Yes. Canna-Less products were scientifically designed to neutralize cannabis odors, but our unique fragrances smell wonderful whether cannabis is present or not.
Our products are made in the USA, sourced globally.
Yes. Canna-Less is 100% safe, even for use around pets. Our fragrances follow California Proposition 65-compliance (highest level of strictness preventing use of harmful chemicals) and DO NOT contain phthalates, allergens, synthetics, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) nor other ingredients on their prohibited list.

Start with 3 to 5 sprays, then apply more as needed. Don’t forget that the TIME of application matters more than the AMOUNT of application. Make sure you spray enough to scent the room or your clothes before smoking. Over-spraying will not provide better results.

Room Spray: Has a smaller droplet size to suspend in the air. Best for everyday carry or quick room refreshments.
Linen Spray: Has a larger droplet size to seep into fabrics. Ideal for keeping your car, clothes, and furniture smelling fresh for longer periods of time.
Both products are effective and safe to use on any and all surfaces!