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Professional Scenting Machine


For very large spaces as a free-standing diffuser or connected to your ventilation system, get whole-home coverage in up to 15,000 square feet.

Use the same fragrance oils and diffusion technology that the pros use in hotels, hospitals, stores, offices!

Compare this machine to commercial machines priced at over $2,000, and you get your first bottle of fragrance oil at HALF PRICE with each machine you buy..


To order just the machine without oil, click “ADD TO CART”.

To include your first bottle of fragrance oil for half price ($119.98 instead of $239.95), check the box below, select the fragrance, then click “ADD TO CART”.

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The Professional Scenting Machine is the best solution for large areas and optional ventilation connection. Be careful in deciding between the Home Unit 101 Aroma Diffusion Machine and this one, as this Professional Scenting Machine might be much more powerful than what is needed in a typical home. Here is a comparison chart to help with that:


For residential ventilation systems where the air conditioning fan is not on all the time (this is usually the case), use the Air Switch Kit to ensure that the machine is not pumping fragrance oil into your system when the air is not moving. This machine includes the wiring to connect an air switch or other device to interrupt power to the fragrance oil pump, but the Air Switch Kit is sold separately.

The rate of fragrance oil usage will vary depending on your settings. 27 ounces of fragrance oil should last two to three months at average intensity running every day for 12 hours per day.

For a limited time, get your first bottle of Fragrance Oil at half price with each Professional Scenting Machine you purchase.

For the set up and maintenance details, check out the User Guide here.

Already have a Professional Scenting Machine? Get more fragrance oil here.

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