Set of 4 Glass Candles

Each candle is hand poured in a 10-ounce glass apothecary jar with a glass lid. All-natural soy wax.
Hand-poured with CA Proposition 65 compliant ingredients.
*24 hours extra lead time, because we pour these and allow them to cure overnight before shipping them.

Due to the nature of this product that is made fresh when ordered, we cannot accept returns on candles.

“My favorite thing about our candles is how they burn down. Our soy blend is just the right amount of hardness to allow for a coating to remain on the walls of the glass to give a nice soft glow and increase the fragrance throw from having more scented surface area, then it all melts down when the flame approaches the bottom of the candle so not a drop is wasted. It took some work to get this delicate balance.”
– Jim Reding, CEO


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